Not giving full weight or measure to the customer; to sell things with short weight or measure.

Do you know the 7 destructive sins in Islam? How to sell presets | 44. To misbehave with blood-relatives; not doing good to them. 21. To hoard food-stuff, i.e., not selling it even when there is shortage in market - waiting for the prices to go higher. What is required in the case of orphans is to treat them kindly, protect their wealth, make it grow and handle it with proper care. ), Goodness to Parents is the Expiation of Sins, Satisfaction of Parents is Satisfaction of Allah (S.w.T. To kill someone unjustly, i.e. Allah Almighty says: {Verily! stream 42. Bear in mind that what you view in this world is either good or bad, clear or vague, a lust followed by sorrow or sins followed by gloom. To hide (i.e. 7. 9. �I2u"��d�R�D� �A8��!�d�H)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�J������u>_� }���L�;��Y���@��u����Lj�$G���Z�18� �b@�0T]@�³��D�#@��� �A�09�Jj�S��8�B"�=&�Hp��d��Q DlLs�p��2���a��@�L��k�����hA �#B){^^�8:��H��7{�����%tk~�bٜ{6���YS�-!�5��Sw��7�� s��v6KF�R��~����� ���_�j�:��2�J�{�,����S���W�����z�g�����Uխ���o��G�.uNch�ı�o�ʮ�w�������>��+���> ����a��qo�[���Ǧ���ȸ ���׵��/{��������5Z�Y�Z�ŀ��65���7�Z�����2YXs�t6������YSw����b��M�z��8(��_g��s[��3���w9�ZG��na����� ���C�h����s����o������k���=ߢ� H�[՘�]mUYK��vS�{�CX�i�e>��{>����� Ҩ��O�����}��@֒�ép��� ���/�4J�LZXEn0D}���� ���+�.��;#x� �L�C>����h7��cAa'�6���Maα�UK�ֻһ�g�[� G���W��"Y:�t��_⠈t=� �e��zֲ�^�empq�;�����6����S� ��냪��XӠ������k� �N��n�]�S�e5��X������}Ic�[�^ڞ�� �g�;�n�ESy�6[C(c�����߱��m���?O��9 �,�ޚ�H;���i7%�v��� f��i��_}��h^GB9 )’s Might, Thankfulness for Capability (or Means) is also Necessary, Hidden Shirk in the Praise of the Creature, Hazrat Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) and the Thankful Beggar, Authorities Whose Obedience is Commanded by Allah (S.w.T. ), All the good qualities of the creatures are from the Creator (Allah (S.w.T.


Homosexuality (whether between males or females).

To eat meat etc., of a dead animal, or of one not slaughtered according to the rules of sharia. 45. ), A Faqih Should Only be For Allah (S.w.T. To have no fear of Allah; to think that Allah would not punish him for his sins. )’s punishment), Heedlessness to Allah (S.w.T. 1 0 obj (That is: Music is that sound which irreligious people accept as music). To abuse, insult or disgrace a mu'min in any other way. How to sell ebooks. He has also described fifty different types of Greater Sins. Follow us: facebook; twitter;;; Type. To create enmity and mischief between the believers by conveying one's words to the other. 25. 39. A Short Biography of Ayatullah Dastaghaib Shirazi, The Importance of Abstaining From the Prohibited, Ill-Gotten Wealth Burns Down The Acts of Worship, Not Giving the Rights of the People: A Barrier for the Acceptance of Good Deeds, Good Deeds are Accepted Only if Accompanied by Piety (Abstinence From the Prohibited Things), Sin is a Barrier to the Acceptance of Invocation (Du’a), Good Actions Could Be Blown Away Like Dust, A Large Number of Pious People Will Enter Paradise, Abstaining From the Greater Sins Cause the Lesser Sins to be Overlooked, The Gates of Paradise are Open for the Pious, Intercession Should not Prompt one to Commit Sins, I am Concerned About You Regarding Barzakh, No Intercession for Those Who Regard Salāt Unimportant, Excessive Sins Destroy the Faith (Belief), The Blackened Heart is Immune to Advice and Counsel, Intercession Should Neither Raise False Hope, Nor be a Cause to be Arrogant, The Fear and Dread of Sins is Still Necessary, The True Shias are Those Who Follow (Obey) the Imams (a.s.), Conversation of ‘Ali (a.s.) With Some Shias, Wilāyat of ‘Ali (a.s.) is a Strong Fort of Allah (S.w.T. “ 70 MAJOR SINS IN ISLAM” Some of the major or al-Kaba’ir sins in Islam are as follows: 01. Unrecognized Email or Password, please try again.

Many of the above mentioned sins are also crimes punishable under Islamic penal code. Rejection or denial of what Allah has revealed to the Prophet (s.a.w.a). The major sins are those acts which have been forbidden by Allah in the Quran and by His Messenger (SAW) in the Sunnah (practise of the Prophet), and which have been made clear by the actions of of the first righteous generation of Muslims, the Companions of the Prophet (SAW). © Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project 1995-2020.

A validation e-mail has been sent to your e-mail address. ), Allah (S.w.T.) 4 0 obj The Book of Major Sins in Islam (PDF) By Islamic Digital Publishing . This kind of polytheism turns its doer out of the folds of Islam and makes him an infidel. 5. 24. and the Holy Prophet (S), The Sinner is Deprived of Religious Faith, The Belly of the Usurer Shall Be Filled With Fire, The Evil Effects of Adultery in this World and the Hereafter, The stench of the Fornicator will be a nuisance for the people on the Day of Judgement, When Adultery is Proved According to Shari’a, A Homosexual Shall be Counted Among the People of Lut (a.s.), Sleeping Together of Two People of the Same Sex, The Mother, Sister and Daughter of the Sodomist, Penalty for Qažaf : Rejection of Testimony and its Invalidation, Those Who Commits Qažaf are not Believers, Expiation of the Sin on the Day of Judgement, Qažaf and the Responsibility of Other Muslims, The Association of the Kuffar With Adultery, Traditions that Denounce Abusive Language, One Who Utters Abuses Will Himself be Humiliated, Effect of Alcohol on the Blood Circulation, Effect of Alcohol on the Respiratory Organs, Alcoholism According to the Traditions of Ahl ul-Bayt (a.s.), Do not Give your Daughter in Marriage to a Drunkard, Gambling and Wine Cause Avarice and Enmity, Gambling Causes Voluptuousness and Sensuality, Betting With Articles Not Normally Used For Gambling, A House Where Music is Played for Forty Days.