You will now be tasked with heading to the Little Wonders Educational Facility, so turn left from the corpse, and head through either of the doors here.

1. Directly behind this corpse is Weapon Upgrade Station #11/12. Take a left as soon as you reach the top of the stairs to find the third pheromone sample directly ahead of you on a desk.

I killed 2 of the 3 Big Daddys and rescued the Little Sisters; I visited a Gatherers' Garden and bought upgrades 3.

community members have thanked the author. Use it to change your voice to that of a Big Daddy's. Once inside, you should notice a splicer, a Big Daddy, and a Little Sister. You will now be tasked with looting a dead Big Daddy to find the Suit Control System, so loot the glowing Big Daddy corpse in the far left corner of the room. Point Prometheus.

BioShock's 12th level, following Apollo Square. I found her. Head to the right towards Optimized Eugenics, and kill the splicer with the hacked security bot.

This is yet another tonic that is a more effective version of its predecessor. Kill the Big Daddy, and deal with the Little Sister. Favorite BioShock game from the collection? Head to the back of the room to enter Candidate Induction. This subreddit is dedicated to the BioShock game series. Immediately upon entering, there is a generator-like object on the right side of this room.

Prometheus, in Greek mythology, was a Titan known for his wily intelligence, who stole fire from Zeus, giving it to mortals, later being punished by torture for it. My best guess is that it glitched somewhere during the level and it might fix itself, it might not. Equip whichever Big Daddy helmet you want.

BioShock (Xbox 360) Point Prometheus. When you entered Candidate Induction, chances are that you noticed Tonic #50/53: Alarm Expert 2 on the file cabinet on the far left side of the room.

Once again, there are two entrances, but this time, I chose the entrance on the left.

Melt the ice with Incinerate, and on the table to your right will be Audio Diary #118/122: Cheap Son Of A Bitch. Save her with . On top of it is Audio Diary #117/122: Marketing Gold. If you head down into the central room of Candidate Conversion, you will find two turrets on either side to hack.

The ammo itself is difficult to come by, but results are more than satisfactory.

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This would be the door on the right side of the room if you turn around from the previous Audio Diary. This level holds a library and museum which may have once covered the whole level. on the desk in front of the one containing the sample.

Fontaine will happily greet you in Point Prometheus by destroying the environment around you. You'll notice a splicer hacking two security bots, and while these bots will attack you at first, they will quickly deactivate, and you are free to hack them yourself. Head up the stairs to your right to enter another room.

What am I missing? After you are allowed to go through the second door, there will be a security camera directly in front of you, so hack it. After the war broke out, however, most of the level was converted into a processing center, where the little girls of Rapture are made into Little Sisters and conditioned to trust the Big Daddies and nobody else.

To the left of the turret is a Gatherer's Garden.

Upon entering, I would recommend that you crouch, because there will be two windows and two turrets looking to shoot them out. I explored Point Prometheus collecting Big Daddy suit parts and pheromones, and having my voice altered 2. Now take a left, and head all the way down this hallway. Exit the Bathysphere when he's finished showing off his strength, and head through the doors ahead of you.

From where you entered this location, if you head straight ahead, it is the first door on your left. There are turrets on either side of this room upon entering, so hack both of them. I went into the right entrance. Save her with .

Somewhere there’s a little sister crying over an empty space that use to have a big daddy’s body. Help us fix it by posting in its.

Directly to the right of the entrance to Optimized Eugenics is a door covered in ice. Point Prometheus. Buy Tonic #51/53: Human Inferno 2. There is a Power to the People machine in the Atrium right at the begining of the game, behind the dead Big Daddy, and another one at the Optimized Eugenics part of the level, at the upper most point of the map.