If the worst case areas can be isolated and improved/stabilized then that will save someone money vs a thicker section. Have enthusiasm in writing for the professional exam like FE, PE. The raw testing data may also be exported into a format called XML. This spreadsheet was based on the Terzaghi, Mayerhoff & Hanzen Equations for determing the soil bearing capacity.

b. CBR value of sub base course. thanks, DCP formola culculation of site Data to how can we take result, Pls I went to know the way we calculate DOC Already a Member?

To down load the excel sheet for the above calculation click here. © 2007-2020 MoreVision Ltd. All Rights Reserved. End how the boss.how to get some eqiment to buy, number blows versus depth of rod per inches to determire the percentage of strength of soil, so say for instance you do 5 blows and measure in goes down 2.25 inches you do a set of 5 more blows and measure it goes down 3.5 inches you do another set of 5 blows and measure and it goes down 1.5 inches what % of strength is this determine psi strength of 150 ? Please download now. This can be strict in some areas since the DOTs don't want to be running reparing shoddy work. Follow the below mentioned step by step procedure to calculate CBR value using DCPT result. If you want you can use any other equations. CALCULATION OF CBR FROM LOAD PENETRATION CURVE Plot the load penetration curve in natural scale, load on Y - axis and penetration on X – axis as shown in Fig: 2.9.2. Calculation of CBR Value from DCPT Result. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. California Department of Transportation invented CBR test before World War II . Therefore: CBR = (3,250 ÷ 223,000) X 1,000 or CBR = 14.57. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Privacy Policy. ISBN: NA then 10 blows to a depth of 152 mm. Thanks I’m very lucky to get this member, Good day Sir, hope everything is fine. I´m having some trouble to calculate DCP penetration rate and estimated CBR. Already a member? WHAT PRECAUTIONS TO FOLLOW DURING FLOOR CONSTRUCTION? Click Here to join Eng-Tips and talk with other members! For practical reason your design should end up with one pavement design. Identify the slope change of the penetration curve. These files may be viewed with a web browser (. In the example given above the initial reading is 9.5. Averaging would usually not be feasible, unless a knowledge person would direct the undercut and other fixes as subgrade is exposed. After then go to the excel sheet named CBR and input the value in the yellow boxes. the amount of penetration (in mm) of the cone is generally reported in terms of the average penetration per blow, DCPI60 (mm/blow).

This can be strict in some areas since the DOTs don't want to be running reparing shoddy work. After that, a graph of Load (KN) vs . by mobile, EU +44 113 8152220 If the owner wants to accept the maintenance issues related to a lower CBR then that is thier decision. All Generally CBR test is done to determine the penetration of road sub-base or embankment or ISG layer. Then , you will have all other calculations completed and plots of Load(KN) VS.

log CBR = 2.20 - 0.71 (log DCP)1 5 (1) where DCP is the ratio between the depth of penetration in millimeters and the number of blows required to achieve such penetration, and CBR is the material's CBR in percent, cor­ responding to the depth of DCP penetration. It's usually not practical to change pavement details in the usual project. So, there were 14.57 births for every 1,000 people in the city. Publisher:Allaboutfreebooks.com