Although Chuck and Blair spend the episode striving for different ends which will eventually alienate each other (Blair to become the face of Anne Archibald's charity, Girls Inc, and Chuck to increase the revenue of The Empire by returning to his bad boy persona, the defining feature of his brand), Blair makes the decision to attend Chuck's Saints and Sinners party in order to confront him. Klaus is my favorite. Chuck is very sleazy, self centered, and has a horny sense of humor.

Russell Thorpe asks Chuck to kick Lily off the board of Bass Industries to prove his loyalties to him. Chuck goes to her hotel and leaves a message, then proceeds to wait around for her outside. He also admits that he misses her terribly. Blair wakes up, having lost the baby, but Chuck is in a coma due to massive blood loss. He is also good friends with Serena van der Woodsen and Dan Humphrey. Unknown In "Rhodes to Perdition," when Serena calls Max, the ex of her con-artist faux cousin, audiences are able to catch a glimpse of the cell phone which is set to the home screen and not an ongoing call. Perhaps you need to see the view from up here.

During a blackout at a party, Chuck asks for Blair to sleep with him just one time but she refuses, even though Chuck notices she doesn't stop holding his hand. Some time later, at the Van Der Woodsen apartment, Blair is preparing to spend the summer with Louis in Monaco, but is civil when she says goodbye to Chuck. A few years later when she heard Elizabeth had died, she came back.

Heartbroken, Chuck leaves New York for a while. So he pretends to like Nate to get himself closer to his son. MotherChucker: The big secret everyone no one saw coming is finally out: Diana (Elizabeth Hurley) is Chuck's real mother! Which is to… do… something… I don’t know, that part is still fuzzy. However, Chuck later gives Blair her dream prom when he voted for her as prom queen 150 times, and proves to himself that he in fact can make her happier than Nate can. Jack has Chuck removed from the Empire's penthouse, and Chuck and Blair scheme to come up with a way to get the Empire back. He also becomes a brother figure to Eric, something that Serena isn't very happy about. So who is she referencing when she tells Jack that he will meet “us” there? And it makes perfect sense for why Diana would be on “the first plane” back to New York. Chuck confronts Blair, who believes he was the one who sent the tape.

Last we saw Diana, she was in the back of a limo or town car answering a phone call from Chuck’s uncle, Jack, who told her “There’s been an accident.” A wrinkle-chinned Diana deadpanned: “How bad?”. His hair is always perfectly styled, his skin has a natural tan, and he is always well dressed, often wearing stylish, colorful, well-tailored suits. He also paid a photographer to take pictures of Blair at the premiere so that she would get her confidence back. And if you were to look closely enough, you'd notice some things don't always add up throughout the show, like the revelation of, without acknowledgment. But when Chuck was born, Bart instantly loved him and couldn't give him up and asked Elizabeth to marry him.

again! He asks if Jack lied because he was covering for the one person who could have given it to him: Elizabeth.

She puts in all her chips and says that she's all in, and asks Chuck if he is too, gazing at him intently. Chuck believes her and him and Blair prepare to leave. In the episode "The Unblairable Lightness of Being", Chuck is desperately trying to get Blair back and apologises to her. Jenny, tired of being treated terribly by Blair, tells him that Chuck and Blair slept together. After being hurt so much, Chuck is unable to admit his feelings and leaves Blair alone on the street. A classically trained actor, Laura Harring has appeared in such films as Mulholland Drive, which was recently voted The Best Film of the 21st Century, The King, and Love in the Time of Cholera, opposite Javier Bardem. Bart sent her money every year to keep her away but she says he didn't have to, that she would have stayed away for free. Is it her and  — gasp! We learn in the first episode of Season 6 that Chuck and Blair spend couple of nights in Monte Carlo together.

Elizabeth is his mother. Can’t you see it now? Blair tells Serena that Chuck was so hurt when Elizabeth originally sent him away that if he doesn't want to hear her story, he shouldn't have to. This makes Blair run away. All day he is very agitated with everyone, especially Blair who wants to comfort him and thinks he should visit his father's grave. What we know for sure is that Serena's dad attended an Ivy League school.

Bart paid Diana Payne to pretend to be his mother.

He is also very witty and quick to verbally spar, showing that he is quite intelligent. She reveals to Chuck that she left when he was born, because she was nineteen and had no intentions of marrying Bart. Once there, he sees a woman bringing yellow roses to the grave, coincidentally Elizabeth's favorite flowers. He invites Dan to the photoshoot as well in an attempt to humiliate him in front of Blair. Blair accepts, but we see she isn't quite happy in her decision. Bart Bass bought Lady Alexander and many other expensive horses from the man named Sheikh Hassan. First Appearance: Account active Blair starts to spend more and more time with Chuck, which makes Dan jealous.

When they arrive at the Lincoln Hawk concert, Georgina has already left with Dan, who has since broken up with Serena after she lied to him. Blair says that if he doesn't love her, he has to let her go, and begins to cry. He knew that she was too proud to admit being at NYU was a mistake, and wanted her to be in a school where she belonged. Chuck was the only one who knew about Nate and Serena's one-night stand, one of the reasons for her leaving town for the year. When she still doesn't answer, we see that Chuck get's little bit jeolous.

Putting their heads together, they figure out that Dr. William van der Woodsen, Serena and Eric's father, and Dr. Holland Campbell have been working together to make Lily believe that she has cancer in order for him to get closer to Lily; the antibiotics mimic the symptoms of the cancer she is supposed to have. Unfortunately, Sheikh is already dead but his daughter is there with the one of the horses. Chuck pulls away shortly and asks Blair is she is sure, knowing she may just be feeling vulnerable from her breakup with Nate. Who else would Jack meet if not the both of them? This causes the two friends to make up and for Chuck to confess his love for Blair. Naturally, they turned to the omnipresent Gossip Girl for a lead. Blair calls to Georgina and asks her to look for Arthur, Chuck's limo driver. Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. Elizabeth reveals that it doesn't matter how long it takes, she will stay in New York because she wants to know Chuck and goes to leave. We know that for sure, but what we don’t know is the relation she has to Chuck and the rest of our Gossip gang. He calls her a "train wreck" and she storms out angrily, seeking out her on-and-off love interest Carter Baizen. I know it's very difficult for you to understand, but-" -Elizabeth, "Jack is incapable of love! Well, she’s a sex-crazed, diabolical, Ivy-hating, 5’8″ international woman of mystery! When season three returns, Chuck and Blair are very happy and very much in love. Two little girls spots them and they call the police. In the thirteenth Gossip Girl novel, I Will Always Love You (2009), it is revealed that Chuck went off to Deep Springs College in California and returned a changed man and to have dated main character Blair Waldorf in Oxford, England for a year. Posts with the byline as “NoWhiteNoise Team” are articles written in collaboration by the entire staff here at NoWhiteNoise. He’ll never guess it’s her!

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Laura Harring. your theories make no sense. Later, while visiting his father's grave he see's a mystery woman lying yellow roses, his father's favourite flower, on his grave. Bart encourages Chuck to win Blair back and gives him the engagement ring that Chuck was about to give to Blair in season 3. trick obviously didn't... Whisper-Talkers Tourney Day 8: TVD’s Klaus versus True Blood’s Eric. Serena goes to see Elizabeth and tells her that no matter what Chuck says, there is no child who doesn't want to know their parent. He often blames himself for his mother's death even though it isn't his fault, he has a tendency to not completely trust people and always has to aim better than he can achieve. It’s different, I’ll tell you that.) Chuck lost his heart to Blair Waldorf but who did he lose his virginity to? His mother arrives and suggests that Blair isn't coming - he needs to give up. In order to break up Serena and Nate, Chuck enlists the help of Jenny, who has been after Nate ever since her breakup with Damien. Chuck tells her to drop him off at Constance and then take the limo to the consulate. On Chuck is trying to find a way to boost his hotel's ratings and decided to open the club. and is escorted away for there. In reality, she had made a deal with him; she gets to make the toast, and he gets to kiss Chuck Bass. This begins their secret love affair. Later, Chuck comes to Blair's and gives her a costume for the club's opening (a flapper dress for the event's 20s era, Prohibition-theme), and they briefly make up. He is married to Blair Waldorf, the love of his life and is best friends with Nate Archibald. Chuck tells her that he cannot be her friend now as much as he wishes he could. At the end of the episode 1, Amira tells Chuck that Bart was willing to pay her 10 million dollars to leave the country because she knows something about Bart's past. So who is she!? He tells Dan that Blair had a life changing kiss and that he needs to know who it was with. He goes to see Chuck to sympathize with him about Blair's betrayal, but Blair appears and both of them tell him that they don't believe the blast, telling him that they had suspicions that someone would try to take advantage of their truce. since. It is revealed that the pair had been sabotaging Carter to protect her. It is revealed that Chuck lost his virginity to Georgina in the sixth grade and he's been "running from the crazy bitch ever since." Later Blair tells him that now that she knows she's ready, she realizes that Chuck is not. and starts a war with Gossip Girl!