Zeggeye also criticized Ethiopian Airlines for not acting after the Lion Air crash in Indonesia, also a 737 MAX, that took place months earlier. A memorial ceremony on Sunday for the anniversary of the Flight 302 crash. From 05:40:42 to 05:43:11 (about two and a half minutes), the stabilizer position gradually moved in the AND direction from 2.3 units to 2.1 units. The crew performed runaway stabilizer checklist and put the stab trim cutout switch to cutout position and confirmed that the manual trim operation was not working. As the investigation continues, revisions and changes may occur before the final report is published. Families held victims' photos or flags representing their 35 nationalities. According to the CVR data and the control column forces recorded in DFDR, captain was the pilot flying. Although several factors have been cited in the two crashes, malfunctions related to automated software known as MCAS were listed as key in both accidents. After autopilot engagement, there were small amplitude roll oscillations accompanied by lateral acceleration, rudder oscillations and slight heading changes; these oscillations also continued after the autopilot disengaged. Boeing delivered this particular plane, tail number ET-AVJ, to Ethiopian Airlines in November. She lost her 38-year-old brother Xavier, a teacher at the French School in Nairobi. ATC approved. At 05:39:57, the Captain advised again the First-Officer to request to maintain runway heading and that they are having flight control problems. Four seconds later, the recorded Left AOA Heat parameter changed state. Yeshiwas Zeggeye was president of Arline Pilot’s Association of Ethiopia at the time of the crash. From this point for most of the flight, the Nl Reference remained about 94% and the throttles did not move. Asked about recent comments by Boeing’s new chief executive, David L. Calhoun, suggesting that pilots in Ethiopia and Indonesia had far less experience than those in the United States, Mr. Zeggeye said, “We have this joke that we usually say, ‘If a plane crash does not kill you, the report will kill you.’ It’s always easy to blame the pilots.”. Ethiopian Airlines will deliver their first report on the crash of Flight 302 later today with hopes that more will be learnt about what caused the incident. Families of the 157 victims on board Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 …

The March 10 crash occurred shortly after takeoff from Addis Ababa en route to Nairobi in neighboring Kenya. The two crashes thrust Boeing into the biggest crisis in its history, leading to the ouster of its chief executive, Dennis A. Muilenburg, and drawing government scrutiny over the design, development and certification of the 737 Max.

It remained  active  until the  end of the recording. Many wore black. The data indicates that aft force was applied to both columns simultaneously several times throughout the remainder of the recording. Despite following Boeing's safety procedures, they were unable to regain control of the aircraft, investigators found, and the plane crashed into the ground, killing everyone on board. At 05:40:50, the Captain instructed the First Officer to advise ATC that they would like to maintain 14,000 ft and they have flight control problem. Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau Preliminary Report March, 2019 9 of 33 1 FACTUAL INFORMATION 1.1 HISTORY OF FLIGHT On March 10, 2019, at about 05:44 UTC1, Ethiopian Airlines flight 302, a Boeing 737-8 (MAX), The Aircraft pitch attitude remained about the same as the back pressure on the column increased. Rescuers work at the scene of an Ethiopian Airlines flight crash near Bishoftu, Ethiopia, last month. At 05:40:35, the First-Officer called out "stab trim cut-out" two times. In addition, the records were reviewed for the 1A check conducted in early February. The funds are not part of any compensation the aircraft maker might have to pay to those who are suing the company for damages. On March 10, 2019, Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 (ET302), also a B737-8 MAX, crashed shortly after takeoff in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Investigation Report – ET 409 Page 9 2.3.1 Airline systemic issues 68 Crew qualification and pairing 68 ET Operational Procedures 68 Training in Ethiopian Airline 69 ET Safety Policy 70 2.3.2 ATC 70 Surviving relatives have asked for Boeing not to be involved in the anniversary memorials and have filed lawsuits against the company to seek compensation. The Indonesian report cited a number of factors, including aircraft design, the flight crew’s response and a lack of documentation on the plane’s flight and maintenance history. Updated 2047 GMT (0447 HKT) April 4, 2019. Families of the 157 victims on board Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 are holding memorials in Addis Ababa Monday before traveling Tuesday to the crash site, about 45 kilometers outside the capital, for a private ceremony. Relatives and friends of victims are still waiting for answers and remain critical of how the aftermath of the crash was handled. At 05:41:54, the First-Officer replied that it is not working. The First Officer called out Master Caution Anti-Ice on CVR. After the crash, concerns surfaced that the plane’s captain had not practiced on a flight simulator for the 737 Max 8 — even though the airline had installed a simulator two months before the crash. At 05:40:20, approximately five seconds after the end of the ANU stabilizer motion, a second instance of automatic AND stabilizer trim occurred and the stabilizer moved down and reached 0.4 units. It also determined that Boeing’s MCAS, or Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, which aggressively pushed down the nose of the plane, was “vulnerable to undesired activation.”. Ethiopian Airlines CEO: 'It looks like MCAS was activated', Preliminary Report B737 800MAX Ethiopia (PDF), Preliminary Report B737 800MAX Ethiopia (Text). “That whole area of certification and modification of existing aircraft requires a total overhaul,” Mr. Mwaniki said. The Maintenance Log Book (MLB) was reviewed in detail for the last 39 flights from 26 February 2019 until 09 March 2019 (previous flight to the accident flight). At 05:41:46, the Captain asked the First-Officer if the trim is functional. On March 10, 2019, at 05:38 UTC, Ethiopian Airlines flight 302, Boeing 737-8(MAX), ET-AVJ, took off from Addis Ababa Bole Int. Wreckage is piled at the crash scene of an Ethiopian Airlines flight crash near Bishoftu, Ethiopia. Aviation engineer and vice president of ET302 Solidarity Justice Matthieu Willm says Boeing needs to explain why the 737 MAX aircraft were allowed to continue flying. Last week, a preliminary report by the U.S. House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure said that production pressures and a “culture of concealment” at Boeing had contributed to both plane crashes. Ethiopian Report on 737 Max Crash Blames Boeing.

“What’s quite interesting up to this point is that the company did not have a consultation with pilots and cabin crews at all after the crash. At 05:40:56, the First-Officer requested ATC to maintain 14,000 ft and reported that they are having flight control problem. An Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 sits grounded at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. “I would say that we have created a community between all families — the French families on one side and the other global families on the other side. At 05:42:43, the selected heading was changed to 262 degrees. The report also found a conflict of interest with regard to oversight, highlighting instances in which Boeing employees responsible for representing the F.A.A.’s interest “failed to take appropriate actions” to safeguard passengers on commercial flights.

At 05:42:54, both pilots called out "left alpha vane".

At 05:39:50, the selected heading started to change from 072 to 197 degrees and at the same time the Captain asked the First-Officer to request to maintain runway heading.

The Journal says the pilots’ actions are still being evaluated by investigators but could raise questions about past assertions from Boeing and US regulators on how to disengage the anti-stall system. At 05:39:01 and about 630 ft radio altitude, a second autopilot warning is recorded. The report shows how the two pilots battled the Boeing 737 Max 8's automated flight control systems almost from the start of the flight. At 05:38:43 and about 50 ft radio altitude, the flight director roll mode changed to LNAV. Yeshiwas Zeggeye, the former head of the Ethiopian Airline Pilots Association, also criticized what he described as an inadequate response by the airline after the Lion Air crash, in October 2018.