In red text it says NON-TOXIC, CONFORMS TO ASTM D-4236 SAFE FOR CHILDREN 3 YEARS AND ABOVE. Gerbil food mix and vegetables are part of your pet’s natural diet, and these will help to wear down a gerbil’s teeth. Give you gerbils a heavy ceramic or glass dish with a couple of inches of chinchilla dust in it. How a pet rat and a stray vermin rat would react if they meet each other. All others are unsafe), Man Made Wood (chipboard, plywood, block board, etc. Gerbils love to dig. The downside is that it doesn't dry instantly. Even a small brown paper lunch bag will provide hiding, play, and shredding possibilities! I dont think id do it.. just buy a new house for under ten dollars. Twin Squeaks also has a wonderful suggestion—just take old file folders, lay them flat, and cut them into smaller sections, then roll up tightly and hold for a bit. Not all gerbils like wheels though, so don't be concerned about gerbils who don't use them. Page 1 of 2: 1: 2 : Tweet LinkBack: Thread Tools: post #1 of 17 Old 11-24-2009, 03:46 AM Thread Starter.

Its Elsoon LS60W White Craft Glue. Plastic toys and tubes are best offered only when you are there to keep an eye on things. Please Login or Register. I have used a hot glue gun for some decorations a few years ago, and so far there have been no effects on the fish. The unsafe wood for gerbils should be avoided. Gerbils have a habit of sticking their heads into things to explore, so make sure any toys (especially those with holes cut in them) don't have spaces in which your gerbils could get their heads stuck. In the US and many other countries, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) uses Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations; CFR 175 subsection 105 is Adhesives and subsection 300 is Resinous and polymeric coatings. Shredding the paper into strips and leaving it around the cage is the best way to give toilet paper to your gerbil. You can also try PVC pipe sections from the plumbing section of the hardware store, as PVC tends to be a little more resistant to chewing than plastic tubes made for rodents. Any untreated wood (vegetable dyed is okay) items make great chew toys too. We also recommend giving your gerbil … Some people have expressed concern about the types of glue used in these—and now colorful safe (and a bit more sturdy and long-lasting) cardboard tubes are made for pets to play with. but i still cant find it...theres no button there. I've used non-toxic wood glue such as elmer's to hold together homemade huts. But I think I remember reading on here that non-toxic school glue is ok. Is Pritt glue non-toxic? We are new about gerbils, but we are enjoying doing some toys for Yarvis (our gerbil). Thanks this is the same glue as a pritt stick just liquidised into a tube, I thought it was ok but thanks very much to the people that replied.

Household items, like toilet rolls, cardboard egg boxes, and corrugated cardboard, are also good options. Their teeth are always growing. Gerbils love to chew. Gerbils have the habit of clearing things out of the way so that they have a quick safe route straight to their underground den in an emergency – like they would in nature. But to do some famcy stuff need to glue boxes or wood, I use stick pritt, but is no the Best glue, so, is safe to use hot silicon or another stuff to glue? Your gerbils will most likely love rolling and digging around in the dust, and in the process get their fur cleaned and conditioned. They create all sorts of bridges, houses, tunnels and castles out of them using non-toxic kids glue. click the new thread button on the right hand side of the guest board. I have used a hot glue gun for some decorations a few years ago, and so far there have been no effects on the fish. Check to see if the glue for the glue gun is non-toxic? You will not be charged extra by purchasing through these links. You can also buy wooden ladders (check the bird section if they aren't in the small pet section), see-saws, and other wooden accessories. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. The bar code number is 8 888681 070602 So does safe for children mean safe for hamsters? Plastic, if ingested, will make your gerbil … ). You can also find ceramic tubes (check the aquarium section), and these have the advantage of being virtually indestructible. To keep them happy and healthy you simply need to provide them with a home that meets their physical and mental needs. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed.

I am going to get an account in December for when I turn 13. Its Elsoon LS60W White Craft Glue For Cardboard,Fabric and Wood etc. A cardboard tube from a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll is one of a gerbil's favorite things. #1 ForestWomble , Feb 18, 2014 Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. This is a complete list of safe wood for gerbils. It should be safe I use it for my gerbil creations. I gather that there are PVA glues designed for kids to use; I remember these from primary school days, and we used to ingest them pretty freely, as children inevitably will, without apparent ill-effect! I have been wondering the same thing. Using fruit wood, hazel or willow you can make all sorts of house, tunnels, hanging treats, balls and bridges using … Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Try to make at least a part of their cage very deep with substrate. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Reply.

Just a little tip though, it doesn't adhere well to polished surfaces - or PVC hence the silicone to hold things better. I just need to know if it is safe to use the sticks and glue since they probably will chew it. Gerbils will climb on just about anything, such as wooden houses. I'd call the company to find out if it is safe. share. What do you use? Chewing is a natural behavior that helps wear down their teeth. Welcome Guest. Gerbils can be great little pets for you and your family. I would avoid "plastic" type things such as hot glue, or similar, as well as the usual "super" glues. The glue also contains no solvents, preventing the glue from contaminating the food in future use. If it's toxic to humans, it's DEF toxic to hamsters LOL :). You certainly can give your gerbils toilet paper. © Copyright 2020 Exotic Animal Supplies • Proudly Powered by WordPress. When I put together my split tank I used non-toxic hot glue. Make sure your gerbils aren't able to splinter off sharp pieces of plastic or other materials and swallow them. Wooden hides and houses (untreated wood) make good choices, though small cardboard boxes will be a hit, too. Some people have expressed concern about the types of glue used in these—and now colorful safe (and a bit more sturdy and long-lasting) cardboard tubes are made for pets to play with. Many gerbils enjoy running on wheels. I think your safest bet is a storebought hideaway. A little is supposed to be safe, but if they eat it, no. Learn how to create a happy, healthy home for your pet. Also make sure they are just shredding cardboard, rather than eating it. Its Ideal of home,office or school use. You can buy them or make your own out of untreated wood scraps. The Spruce Pets uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience and for our, Steps for Introducing Gerbils to Each Other, The 12 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Dog in 2020. Please Login or Register. Get your answers by asking now. I need help!!! Cookies help us deliver our Services. You can also put ceramic tubes (check the fish section) under the substrate for burrows. (the sticks come in packets they never had a Popsicle on it). They actually need to chew, because they are rodents. Only for Administrators, Global Moderators and Moderators! Chinchilla Supplies, Cages, and Accessories, Homemade DIY Cardboard Maze for Small Pets, Everything You Need for a Pet Rabbit – New Owner Checklist, Plant a Guinea Pig Garden: Food You Can Grow for Your Pet Cavy, Birch (white, grey, broadleaf, silver, common are safe. A cardboard tube from a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll is one of a gerbil's favorite things. You can’t train a gerbil not to chew.

Paw Talk - Pet Forums > Rodents > Gerbil & Hamster Discussion > Safe wood and glue for hamsters? Of course, if they eat more than a little of it (as in chew on the glue a LOT), then I would take it out.