And finally, we’re checking out a handy piece of kit for anyone that is planning on buying, or already owns Benchmade 3300 Infidel or 3350 Mini Infidel OTF knives…. This knife is also powered by a spring which will eject the blade from the handle.

There must be a solution to avoid all this effort? It also features a Black Bead Blast Blade, which is renowned for its strength and cutting power. Here we have this Benchmade Fixed Infidel 133, which is actually a fixed knife design – not an OTF one. Thanks for checking this OTF knives review out, and we wish you luck in finding a good pocket knife to fit your purposes.

Plus, we’ll give you some of the best OTF budget options too. For a small price, you’ll have a very compact, tough, and reliable knife to contend with here. Now that we’ve gone through a good variety of the Best OTF Knives on the market. Also, this is a very lightweight knife due to the handle being made with an aluminum glass breaker design. 7 iPhone Settings You Need To Turn Off Now - Duration: 6:33. The blade is covered in a black-oxide coating, which gives it a slick appearance and, more importantly, makes it incredibly durable. If "stock" isn't your thing no worries... you can build your own custom OTF knife with a few button clicks. OTF knives or Out-The-Front knives are truly unique in their function.

This essentially refers to their specially formed folding process to keep the knife hidden away in the handle when not in use. Lastly, there’s also a more budget OTF automatic opening knife, which is the…. What Is Damascus Steel: Solving The Mystery Of This Legendary Metal, “DONT TREAD ON ME”: The Gadsden Flag History And Symbolism, How To Survive A Flood: Over 30 Survival Tips To Stay Alive, Food Preservation: 20 Ways To Make Your Food Last Longer, How To Hunt Deer During Rut Season – Hunting 101, 24 Animal Tracking Tips To Become A Better Tracker.

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You may be worried that this is a fixed knife design and, therefore, could be too bulky for your needs.

An OTF knife works when you press a button located on the side of the knife.

All rights reserved. They are all mostly a handy tool for outdoor type activities such as hunting, camping, or hiking, for example. Furthermore, you know you’re getting a quality knife since Venom has a great reputation for knife making. Plus, the grip has a great texture to it allowing you to get a strong and firm grip.

Goes the distance, and looks good doing it! This is great if you use your knife often and want a more comfortable grip than your average knife handle. Therefore we assume this clip will be very strong and should last a very long time too. The blade is made from a very strong and durable 4034 stainless steel and opens out to a length of 5.3 inches.

Additionally, the titanium is  .050 – .055 inches in thickness if you are interested. Speaking of budget knives, we have our recommendation for the…, We decided to choose one favorite out of the bunch, which gives you the best value for money at a low-end price.

Plus, the design is ambidextrous – so right or left-handed uses won’t have a problem using this knife to its full potential. When that happens, the blade will deploy from the top of the handle. We think with the overall length being 9.21 inches and the weight only 5.11 ounces – you shouldn’t have too many problems carrying this blade wherever you go. Provided Griffin can continue to provide its customers with the ability to trade under the C6 REMIT carve-out, it will carry on running its OTF from London.

And Venom, the company that makes this knife, do have a good reputation overall. The double-edged, Pandora black matte combat finished blade should be able to cut through many of the usual things you would need to cut – out camping, hiking, trekking, or whatever other outdoor activity you choose to do.

The opening will function the same way as a standard switchblade knife. When your happy with your knife, simply add it to cart and checkout. OTF knives, Out the Front knives, or Switchblades. It also uses Blackout hardware for the knife handle – which gives you a strong grasp of this OTF knife. As well, you wouldn’t want the knife to pop out in your pocket accidentally. This is the first pocket knife we’ve looked at that actually has grooves in the G10 handle for your fingers to fit into. If you are searching for an OTF knife that stays sharp and can cut through almost everything you lay your hands on – this MTN knife is made with super-strong D2 tool steel. Moving onto our next OTF knife, we have the Viper 3 featuring a Bead Blast Blade that is serrated. It also features a coated finish, and there is a large amount of edge retention built into the knife to keep the double-edged blade sharpener for longer. Now we’re looking at another front assisted opening OTF knife in the form of the BTI Tools Schrade Viper 3. Safety should always be an issue when it comes to knives, so we are pleased that they have incorporated a side safety to ensure that only adults can really use the knife. Plus, for safety reasons, there’s also a blade locking mechanism in place.

So our favorite affordable OTF knife choice is again, the…. This makes just one less thing you have to worry about when you have multiple things to consider when camping or in the great outdoors. This means you’ll be most likely to cut through standard steel with this thing.

It’s that strong that it can even cut through conventional steel! Another great feature is the spear point blade they’ve added – allowing you to pierce through some of the toughest materials. Additionally, the blade is double-edged, so you can make use of both sides.

Now we would like to help you out even further by giving you some nifty advice on which knife you should choose to suit your needs the most…, So we viewed a few OTF knives that an assisted or automated the release or opening of the knife. So you can be assured by the confidence of the makers that this knife will last the test of time. And you also get a pocket clip added to the design to ensure the knife stays, all the time, safely in your pocket until you need to unclip and use it. When you want to open out the knife, it has a SpeedSafe assisted system along with a flipper that will open the knife up automatically after you’ve given it a little pull to start with. by Nick Oetken - Last updated August 28, 2020. Finally, we’d like to announce our two overall favorite pocket knives on our review list. The blade itself is made with a high-grade stainless for long-lasting reliability as well. Plus, it’s extremely lightweight – making it a very portable choice. There’s a huge difference between your average clip and this one. This knife is a type of automatic knife where the blade is resting inside of the handle and will jump out once the button is pressed forward. One of the stand out features has to be the usually incredibly low price you can purchase this knife for.

When closed, the springs will hold the blade in place until you are able to press the button to release the tension in the springs themselves.

The handle is made from very lightweight yet strong aluminum, making your knife lightweight but still durable for reliable use over the years to come.

We would argue getting enough grip on your blade is nearly just as important as the quality of the knife blade itself. We couldn’t help but notice “The Joker” and “Why So Serious” written on the blade itself. The Griffin OTF - 3 Inch Blade is the most popular knife for hunting or EDC (Every Day Carry). If you are planning on using your knife over long periods, surely you want to have a grip that won’t ruin your hands? It might have a slight disadvantage because it doesn’t pop out; however, it makes up for that with pure rugged strength.

The blade is a short 3.475 inches, which enables you to get good leverage with hard applications as well. With belt clip this knife easily stays in your pocket and is at the tips of your fingers at a moments notice. WATCH VIDEO LEARN MORE.

You will also find that at the end of this knife is a glass breaker. Next on the agenda is another knife from Venom, and this one is the Venom 2TR Assisted Combat Knife. Whatever you prefer to call ‘em, we’ve got ‘em. This OTF knife’s opening mechanism is super smooth, and you just have to nudge it a little for it to predictably spring out and a decent pace.

This is another double-edged OTF knife design that can be used for numerous applications.

Moving swiftly on, we’d like to introduce to our next knife, which is the MTN Forged Knives Recon. To retract the blade, unlock it, and then you have to manually push down the blade with the slider – fairly easily. It comes with a black stainless steel construction with a gap running down the center of the blade. Finally, the full length of the assisted out-of-the-front knife when the blade is fully extended is 9.4 inches, and the total weight is a mere 9.17 ounces.