He's a smooth talker who isn't likely to be the one inside the prison bars. Spring Star� Chief Medicine Water Jimmy Stewart Rising Sun�

Chief Black Beaver Rainbow Flower� Fool Bull� Princess Squirrel� Raider Related story from us:The tangled story of Pat Garrett, the Old West lawman who kept getting into trouble. Radiant Rainbow�

Morning Star� It’s the short form of the very popular name John which means ‘God is merciful’ and comes from Hebrew. Little Owl� Today popular cowboys such as Cody Ohl, Cody Wright, Cody Teel and Cody Hancock boosted the continued western name. This old English name is a contemporary to the Greek name Galenos and has its root in the Greek word ‘galene’ meaning peaceful. The U.S. Calvary hired him as a scout and interpreter during the Apache Wars. E-mail Quanah Parker There's something really charming about this next one. [ Read: Baby Boy Names That Mean Prince ]. Hunting Wolf�

Fisher drew his guns but was shot 13 times and killed. Chief Bowlegs Johnny Mack Brown Chief Swift Bird

Scout Two Leggings Chief Horse Chief We can bet a boy named Garrett will love horses and spend his days outdoors. Screaming Scorpion� We've talked a lot about the Old West and the legends that have us still loving the cowboy lifestyle. Of course, it also works great as an ode to a sports icon, thanks to Hank Aaron.

The novel "Shane" was written in 1949 by Jack Schaefer, and it's still on top reading lists for teens today. Flying Butterfly�

He was in trouble from the age of 16 for stealing horses and was in and out of prison. There are legendary Petes in all walks of life, from Pete Rose to Pete Sampras to Pete Townsend. Reese Bennett (Laredo) Princess Butterfly� Chief Sitting Bull Little Turtle� Chief Blackfish Chief Many Treaties Tall Oak� Portrait of American gunman Billy the Kid (1859–1881). Winter Hawk Silver Tim McCoy Chief Pocahontas The name is a perfect choice for any parent who loves the nickname trend for a full name, and it could pay homage to a number of last names in the family, including Buckley or Buckelew. Red Armed Panther� Southern Paw� Whip Wilson The group called themselves “the Regulators,” but soon it gained its own reputation for violence, and its members were branded as outlaws. | Indian Chiefs |

It’s a name which has always been on the wish-list of parents. In fact, it just needs two letters to take our minds to the range, where the deer and the antelope play. He was buried on his ranch, and later his remains were moved to Pioneer Cemetery in Uvalde, Texas. Sources: SheKnows, Huffington Post, MomJunction, Nameberry. Shamrock This is the name of a Roman physician, who was known for his contributions to the fields of anatomy and medication in the second century BC.

Big Princess� Dark Hawk

Little Grizzly Bear�

Ben Hur This name is the short form of the name Peter, derived from the Greek word Petros which means stone. They returned to California around 1911 and settled in Los Angeles, where they became a popular fixture in Hollywood as Earp served as a technical adviser for Old West films. Little Mischief� The state of Arizona reminds one of … Shining Daisy� Adam Cartwright Running Late�

Big Thunder�

Happy Hedgehog�, Hawkeye� Annie Oakley. Some of his most renowned films include "Stagecoach," "The Searchers," "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance," and "The Grapes of Wrath.". Little Fish� Don Quixote de la Mancha Thompson was shot in the head and died instantly. Diving Dolphin� Apache In 1858, he became a constable in Monticello Township, and several years later he joined the Russell, Waddell & Majors Freight Company, the owners of the Pony Express. Lightening Bolt� Wade might be a person who finds trouble, but it's usually because he is standing up for what is right and being a loyal friend. Purple Pond Later in the same month, he killed a man in an argument in Limestone County, and two weeks later shot a man who attempted to rob him. Ryder was definitely originally meant for a horse lover.

Jesse James Crazy Legs� One of them is definitely guns. The names Wesley and Weston have been coming back, but the more uncommon and individualist West works better for a cowpoke who loves riding the range. Sly Snake� Legal Eagle� Buffalo Bill. Ringo

Note 2:  The Younger gang included Clell Miller, Arthur McCoy, This name gets inspired from a French name Baraud which has its roots in the German name Bernwald. Menu | He was buried in Alleyton Cemetery in Colorado County, Texas. Will Rogers Running Bull� Afraid of The Bear Browse through team names to find funny team terms and cool team names. Chad Cooper Happy Cloud� This name denotes the location of your origin which is Grantham in Lincolnshire. Flying Stork Tom Tyler This name has its origin from a surname which means path and is usually used to denote the name living in proximity of a road or lane. Brave Fox� George Armstrong Custer Black Jack Great Eagle� It's time for another place name on our list. Chief Chato These days, people might think of Ryder as a motorcycle name, but it also works great for a cowboy who loves to be in the saddle. Snake-eyes.

Chief Two Strikes Clyde Chief Tin-Tin-Meet-Sa Chief First to Fly Red Fish� Gambler Robert Clay Allison was born to Jeremiah Scotland Allison, a Texas cattle rancher and Presbyterian minister, and Mariah Ruth Brown Allison on September 2, 1841, in Tennessee. We found one that comes from the Old Testament that is also great for little cowboys. And the music tells the tales. It definitely has the masculine edge to it, and it has the connotation of cool and collected. One syllable names are definitely hot these days, and we love how they pack a punch in a small amount of time. It is a short form of Zebedee or Zebediah which means a part of God. Little Cobra� William S. Hart Little Wing� Knight Lone Ranger Little Fox� Those are all places where the cowboys roam, so we think that Pete is definitely a great name for any parent looking for a cowboy name for their little rascal. Chief Little Big Man

Running Deer� Pawnee Killer

Mountain Lion� Pardner


Old Charlie

Chief Thunder Chief Swift Eagle� Levi was also the name of the apostle Matthew in the New Testament before he took on a new moniker with his new life with Jesus. Chief Rabbit's Skin Little Wolf� This name reminds us of Oscar-winning director Quentin Tarantino. It's a one-syllable name that gives a positive impression from the very start. This is a series of charts that uses … People come to visit for the casinos, but they stay because its a great Nevada town close to the mountains and Lake Tahoe. | Site For this next name, we're going to something that might work for cowboys in Ireland as much as in the West. Lilee Williams is a writer, wife and mom of two crazy kids who change her outlook on life every day. Joker Walking Buffalo

Wild Runner� Hardin drifted around, leaving a trail of bodies behind him.

Purple Cloud�

Squash Blossom Wanduta� Tom "Bear River" Smith

Ace Stoudenmire had a reputation for being tough and short-tempered when he was drinking. Leaping Lizard� Chief Two Moons

Hickock was acquitted of all charges, having claimed self-defense. Josh Randall

Chief Iron Dog Andy Devine ("Jingles") Audie Murphy, Afraid of Hawk Indian Feather�

Snoring Bear� Gunslingers | Marshall Dillon Dancing Butterfly� Little Lion� Ben Hur Indian It's a great name that immediately makes you think of the plains. Karana� The people on this list are from different countries, but what they all have in common is that they're all renowned cowboys. Wind in Golden Hair� Chief Lone Eagle Vic (died at LBH) Tigger Jeremy Renner plays the character of Hawk-Eye in the famed movie Avengers. Chief The Swan

Miller spent time as a town marshal in Pecos and married Sallie Clements in 1891. Bob Steele He started a school for local children, including his own. Conquering Bear Princess Star� Tagg Oakley. The name may seem a bit off since we now use the word guy in common vernacular, but just think about it. White Cloud It may be Hank Williams Jr. that gives us the impression, but it's a great name for a cowboy. There are a lot of cowboys that could inspire great baby names.

Bass himself was shot, but he escaped and was found lying in a field west of Round Rock. Big Trout� Shane is a twist on the more common Sean that means "God is gracious." J. W. 'Joe' Cody Sitting Buck� Bill Cody Chief Spotted Crow Ouray Hairy Bear� The dad from "King of the Hill" is another Hank that makes us laugh, and we even loved the grumpy octopus with the name in "Finding Dory." In January of 1874, Allison and fellow outlaw Chunk Colbert enjoyed a race on their horses and afterward went to dinner at the Clifton House in Colfax County.

Purple Dawn� Chief Pony That Walks

Big Moth� Chubb Blueskin Standing Bear Little Mouse� This name originates from two different Welsh words: ‘tref’ which means village and ‘mawr’ which means large; thus the meaning big community. Wild Bill Elliot Chief Bear's Head | Cowboy Morgan Earp was a good guy, and we have no doubt that a little cowboy with that name will be too.

Mighty Mouse� While it was the third most popular name in 2016 for boys, its nickname Liam was actually No. Chief Big Hawk Little Buck� Paint Josh Chief He Dog

A lot of us only know about cowboys because of what we have seen depicted in movies, but there is also a classic novel that has probably shaped our perceptions more than John Wayne ever did. Chief Big Eagle Red Dog� Little Bear� Gunslingers | Running Antelope� Doit

After more killings over the next three years, Hardin was captured by the Texas Rangers and sentenced to 25 years at Texas State Prison in Huntsville.