It's Diggs' last big hurrah as Lafayette before he switches roles in Act II, and a memorable last solo for the character.

"My Shot" is an "I Want" song not just for Hamilton, but for his friends Laurens, Lafayette and Mulligan as well, laying out how they believe the revolution will fulfil each of their personal wishes.

I can think of better, less risky, ways of using that Twitter account, ’If he’d really abused her, the police would’ve arrested him’, When Orthodox domestic abuse victims do call the police and don’t get the help they need, community support is all the more important – and may be less forthcoming, Alone in a pandemic: Immigrants in Israel need to see loved ones. The incomprehensible love note I received from the social media giant made about as much sense as saying ’It ain’t over till it’s over’, Following US elections, the task will be to unify a fragmented society and regain the ability to rise above the differences for the common welfare, Absentee ballot: Living the US election from Israel, All politicians may lie and lay blame for their own failings, but the past 4 years have not been ’business as usual’; they’ve taken a real toll, even at a distance, What my concussion means for Israeli democracy, My attacker was emboldened by society’s tolerance for endemic violence against women and motivated by the PM’s divisive cult of personality, Where is the patriotic decency of the Senate Republicans? Aside from being a delightful exchange of disses, "Cabinet Battle #1" is a key moment in the show because Hamilton runs into a situation where arguing - one of the things he excels at - isn't enough for him to get his own way. “We thought we were amazing. The final battle of the war marks Hamilton's first turn in command, something that he embraces with aplomb.

To defend his title as fastest rapper on Broadway, Tony Award nominee Daveed Diggs went on The Tonight Show May 9 to display his skills for … What's particularly effective about "Quiet Uptown" is how the simplicity of the lyrics show that Alexander Hamilton is a broken man. The song veers between ominous bass notes and pretty little trills, drawing humor out of the contrast between two men arranging a fight to the death while also having to adhere to the strange formalities of letter-writing. “We wanted to try to create somebody who really honestly believes all those things. Related: What Lin-Manuel Miranda Has Done Since Hamilton. “Of a debt owed and when we did ‘Yorktown’ that night I was crying. “Our theater teacher was a great, great teacher, and he definitely changed my life, but he used to write these awful plays. But his actions in office are often legit, and they deserve a fair review, especially for those who are still deciding, This political realignment addresses decades of prejudice that have oppressed Arab citizens and undermined the inner fabric of Jewish society, First 2 volunteers injected with Israeli virus vaccine, kicking off human trials, School is back in session for grades 1-4 as lockdown eased; synagogues reopen, Pandemic of loneliness, anxiety: Crisis hotline says suicide calls have doubled, Defying restrictions, thousands hold funeral for Druze leader who died of COVID, Health Ministry Coronavirus homepage (English), Nonprofits use tech to match study partners on hows, whys of Shabbat unplugging, Here, let me cast that ballot for you: What the press is saying on November 3, Prez dispenser: What the press is saying on November 2, Let’s talk about me: What the press is saying on November 1, WATCH: Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove, ‘US Judaism needs to be Netflix, not Blockbuster’, WATCH: Star of ‘Tehran’ Liraz Charhi on dangers of collaborating with Iranians, WATCH: ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, ‘Jew-hatred links all forms of US extremism’, LISTEN: Medieval Jewish ghost stories, heaven, hell, and a lot of punishment, LISTEN: Everything is kosher and nothing is unorthodox in sex, says therapist, The quirky, improbable, infuriating and uplifting, Despite COVID, art prevails on Tel Aviv streets, Two options for cheap and free flicks in November, Gaza woman’s disinfect-o-mat aims to kick COVID to the curb, JNF official: Don’t trash used masks, use them to grow plants, Oscar Isaac in talks to play Marvel rabbi’s son-turned superhero, Moon may have more water than previously thought – researchers, Trump mocks Biden for calling him ‘George’, Paul Auster to discuss his dream of America with Israelis, Cologne tram decorated to celebrate 1,700 years of German Jewish life, Philadelphia Jewish museum to honor David Copperfield, Houdini, Nokia to build moon’s first 4G cell network for NASA program, Coronavirus hospitalizations surge as pandemic shadows US election, Health Ministry to oppose reopening stores next week as virus cases climb, Under Haredi pressure, ministers halve fine hike for schools defying virus rules, Separation between grandparents, grandchildren spurred Israeli vaccine volunteer, Virus czar: For every confirmed COVID patient, 10 more may have virus, Violent clash at hospital as family tries to get to woman who died of COVID, Huge US voter turnout expected despite virus, political rancor, Israel virus cases up, positive test rate falls; jail says 65 prisoners infected, Wrapping up campaigns, Trump claims vote rigged while Biden pushes for victory, Knesset vote on higher fines for virus violations stalled amid Haredi opposition, Ministers told virus transmission rate climbing, public resisting testing, COVID-19 antibodies vanish fast.