I found Ashes of Love to also follow this basic set-up (the novel was different from TMOPB but the drama adds extra parts and end up following this basic pattern). These hot celebs are celebrating their birthdays in November: Lee... Ayden Sng: From an erhu player to an actor. Love & Destiny is a bit underrated.

That’s not to say the chemistry is not good between Jiu Chen and Ling Xi.

But rather than that, Ten Miles doesnt have much re-watch value to me. It’s so frustrating that the drama we love doesn’t deserve its attention! THEY ARE ALL GREAT!!!! How was it like working with each other again in this campaign? She fell for Si Yin, not knowing she is a girl.

The series has also attracted large number of foreign fans, which was said to mark a new renaissance for Chinese television. She saved A Li from danger, and using it as an excuse, moves into Xi Wu Palace to become Ye Hua's maid.

The gift link for this subscriber-only article has expired. The eldest son of Heavenly Father, and the undefeatable God of War. I know this Chinese drama was aired in 2017, seen as old news as of 2018 or as they say 过时 (outdated). I would give Mark Chou’s excellent portrayal of the crown prince of the celestial tribe big applause.

Due to her crimes, she was cursed with the fate of never being able to bear a healthy child. You are forever in our hearts. We had good rapport during the campaign shoot since we have worked together before and it’s also a brand that we both love. Ultimately I find Jiu Chen a more convincing character, he’s must less of the ‘perfect man’ because he never really changes himself for Ling Xi, he only becomes more of himself.

4. Mo Yuan's sixteenth disciple.

I was born in Vietnam too, actually, and watched dramas in Vietnamese sometimes if the engsub isn’t good.

The character of the crown prince is almost a cliche, following a long line of impassive men who are passionate in love, who include the fourth prince in Scarlet Heart (2011) and the lawyer in My Sunshine (2015). You don’t have to be flashy with a head-to-toe red outfit; sometimes it’s the simple details that actually makes your look personal. I’m just a very new blogger who started blogging less than 6 months ago.

I’d like to be straight to the point. He is known for his playboy and gossipy tendencies, but he is also Ye Hua's confidante and helped him greatly with his relationship problems. The image of a god of war which is supposed to be deep, calm and thoughtful can’t be beautifully translated in Chang Chen acting. However, in terms of creating the mood for the drama, it does an equally-well job as TMOPB. What are your thoughts about this H&M collection? In a fit of shock and horror at seeing her original face, Xuan Nü strikes her eyes, blinding herself.

Must have missed the notifcation email somewhere. She falls in love with Sang Ji, who was originally Bai Qian's fiancé, and leaves Qing Qiu with him, causing the Fox Tribe to hold a grudge against her.

Thanks for coming back to comment I really appreciate it. Mo Yuan's second disciple.

This is one of the drama's clever tricks.

Fourth son of the Fox King, Bai Qian's elder brother. Because no more BaiQian scene in the future.