Saturday: 9am - 12 NOON On average, starting with a rooted cutting, a Belgian Mum will grow 1.5" per week. Wholesale Pot Mums Rooted Plug Liners Search Results for: POT MUMS -- 98 Returns. Belgian Mum Aduro Pink Quick Reference Guide, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, How to Grow Garden Mums Video (30 min watch), How to Grow Your Best Mum Yet Blog (7 minute read), Summer Planting to Grow Your Profits (5 min read), Never allow plants to dry during vegetative stage, Light cuttings during rooting — 4 hours night interruption, Avoid planting/moving outside too early in the North, Feed with phosphor-rich fertilizer at 200-300 ppm right after transplanting to promote vegetative growth. Belgian Mums© have the ability to self-pinch. View . Glos A Bonzi drench at 2-3 ppm will almost completely stop all growth. During the vegetative stage of development, we recommend using 20-10-20 or similar type of fertilizer at 250-300ppm with each watering. Make sure you are starting with a square image that is at least this size please. An ideal category image is 300px X 300px. This treatment is not necessary for indoor finished crops. Excessive or late applications of growth regulators will delay flowering. Perennial Plug Plants. Florel will not increase branching but is recommended as a foliar spray during rooting and shortly after transplanting outside to prevent premature budding. Gediflora offers disease free, greenhouse grown cuttings that should perform better than any other mums on the market. Belgian Mums© have a mounding habit, produces a multitude of blooms, branch better and more often than other mums. Learn more about Costa Farms. Propagation prohibited.We recommend that the diameter of your finished plant be 1.5 to 2 times the pot size. For smaller pots, pinching is fine and can be done when planting the rooted cutting. View. Pinching hard or pinching after July 15 may delay flowering. Fall Garden Mum and Aster Liners - Grown by Raker-Roberta's for Harris Seeds• Varieties from the world’s top breeding companies: Syngenta (Yoder) breeding brings high sta Florel may not abort existing buds but will prevent formation of new flower buds. Plant in the center. Belgian Mums© have a mounding habit, produces a multitude of blooms, branch better and more often than other mums. You will need to pick your arrival date based on the bloom time of your variety and finished pot size. Email me when back in stock. Knowing this, if you want your 6" Belgian Mum to finish with a 12" spread you would need to plant rooted cuttings 8 weeks prior to your desired finish date. Orders under £100 Collect Only. Belgian Mum Aluga White Rooted Plugs. Plant deep so the top of our ellepot is slightly below the soil level in your container. The most common pests drawn to this crop are Aphids, Mites, Caterpillars, Leafminers, and Thrips. Broadway Road B-9 sprayed at 2500 to 5000 ppm will slow the growth. Do not pinch. Belgian Mum Aduro Orange Rooted Plugs. Do not use any type of water retaining gel. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Search Results for: POT MUMS -- 98 Returns, Belgian Mum Assorted Early October Rooted Plugs, Belgian Mum Assorted Late September Rooted Plugs, Belgian Mum Assorted Mid Late October Rooted Plugs, Belgian Mum Dark Veria Yellow Rooted Plugs, Belgian Mum Vigorelli Orange Rooted Plugs, Belgian Mum Vigorelli Violet Rooted Plugs. We supply a range of  Young Plants & Plug Plants of Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables, Herbs and more. Plug In Warmer Swirl (LP46482) Your email Tick this box if you wish to subscribe to our email newsletter. Plug In Warmer Mosaic Teal (LP46479) Your email Tick this box if you wish to subscribe to our email newsletter. Once you see color use, clear water. Order & Delivery Information. For best results, the foliage should never touch. This will result in plants finishing short and flowering too early. Sunday:  CLOSED, Telephone: 01386 438438 RAKER-ROBERTAS YOUNG PLANTS - Aster, Daisy, Mums (No-Pinch): 7/24/20W: Plug/Tray Size: 51: Description: These plugs are grown in a state of the art greenhouse, for optimum uniformity. They are produced from either seed or vegetative material and all have proved to be a real winners. The following steps could prevent premature budding even if you notice small initiated flower buds on your starting material: All Belgian Mums© can be treated as no pinch varieties if grown in a 6" or larger container. View. We have a site of 35 Acres of that 4 acres is covered with modern Glasshouses. Since there is no good chemical control for Bacterial leaf spot and Fusarium, it is very important to use drip irrigation, sterilize production areas, remove weeds and use healthy plant material. Multiple orders over Multiple weeks averaging over £250/ Week Delivered Free of Charge.All above amounts are EXCLUSIVE of VAT. This will eliminate any issue of lopsided, wobbly plants at finish. Mum Chrysanthemum spp. Orders under £100 Collect Only. View. Grow mums in full sun for best quality.Belgian Mums© require a considerable amount of well-balanced fertilizer. Always do a "soft pinch" removing only ½" or less from the cutting tip. This offering includes 21 New Mum variety introductions for the 2021 season, 22 Mumbo™ combination liners, a selection of Igloo Hardy mums and Asters for Fall production. But why choose our Perennial Plugs? TOPS are a Wholesale Plug Plants supplier. GL55 6PT. View. Propagation prohibited. We currently have a wide variety of perennials in various tray counts. Belgian Mum Aluga Yellow Rooted Plugs… Also, make sure the image is compressed to a 50% compression level on this website: Images are compressed and resized to 600 X 600. Spacing will vary from grower to grower depending on finished pot size and your target sales market. This will create root disease. We’re your online gardening resource for plant info and inspiration. Belgian Mum Allegra Yellow Rooted Plugs. Costa Farms is a wholesale grower that discovers, develops, and grows plants for your home and life -- indoors and out. Smaller finished products may benefit from the use of growth regulators. Throughout the year Harris Seeds offers many specialty plug and liner programs. Slow down the transplant line, and do it right. Premature budding occurs when plants initiate flower buds before they reach the reproductive stage due to stressful environmental and growing conditions. Belgian Mum Akilon Gold Rooted Plugs. Weekly soil tests are recommended for maintenance. Check back often, as seasonal programs are added throughout the year. Orders under £100 Collect Only. The last PGR application should be no later than 4 weeks before first color. Hardy Garden Mums; View All; Place your order for 2021 online now! Thorough monitoring of your crop, implementing IPM program and prevention are the best defense options against insect and disease problems. You may consider incorporating slow release fertilizer to ensure a steady supply of nutrients if your crops are grown outside with overhead irrigation. Plug In Warmer Mosaic Teal (LP46479) More Info. If unable to maintain proper temperature and lighting, apply Florel week before or after transplanting at 500ppm no later than June 20th to avoid flower delays. It is especially hard to plant deep in a growing media with a high content of pine bark. During the generative growth, or flower development period, switch to potassium-rich fertilizers: 15-5-30 or KNO3 at 300ppm until flowers are showing color. To calculate spacing, a good rule of thumb is to use the expected diameter of the plant plus 2". Monday - Friday: 9am - 3.00pm : Ordering Lead Time: Please order 12 weeks in advance so we can custom grow your plants. Applying magnesium sulfate as a spray before first color will make plants stronger, enhance color and extend shelf. Garden Mums grown in full sun will have the best quality. Belgian Mums© grow well in a well-drained, loose, soilless media. Belgian Mums© are the finest breed garden mum on the market today with over 30 years of breeding and testing. Our articles, blogs, tips, and photos help you use plants to beautify your living spaces and enhance your life.