My fuel pump has only 20,000KM on it, it was brand new OEM. Yesterday when I filled the tank up with new gas, immediately after I filled it I noticed underneath a small gas leak. Chrysler Sebring Cars & Trucks, Nov 13, 2010 |

document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) If a fuel level increase is detected Get a shop manual and find a wiring diagram and start looking for the line that supplies power to the fuel pump. It was likely a pinhole sized leak coming from the area of the filler neck or another breather hose that runs alonside the filler neck.

Once it's running, the car is fine, smooth, and with no acceleration issues. However, there are also situations where the gas cap fits on the fuel tank just fine – but won't come off. I look forward to using your services in the future. Terraforming Mars using a combination of aerogel and GM microbes?

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rev 2020.11.4.37952, The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us. Some response. . LEARN MORE. I highly doubt it would clog that quickly. 2. Consequently, you may be entitled to a free warranty repair of this thermostat issue, which issue by the way is not particularly unusual and so the dealer... Get a fair & transparent quote instantly before booking. 2007 Hummer H3 SUV? There may be a breather tube that has become nipped causing the "vacuum". When this is the situation, it creates extra pressure and friction, making the cap extremely tight which can make it very difficult to remove. - Provide details, support with references or personal experience. I recently had the gas cap changed (told there was a vacuum issue) at inspection. Test runs after the medium leak

fuel injectors/carburetors atomize fuel into little microscopic bubbles…kinda like a water sprinkler…so its surface area increases greatly allowing it to vaporize instantly and thus burn in the combustion chamber. I recently had the gas cap changed (told there was a vacuum issue) at inspection. could be a broken or loose or dissconnected hose in the evap system anywhere between the gas tank and the evap can. Because of the hassle of the job, I left that breather pipe out, so that hose from the gas tank is just dangling. The second duty is to maintain a constant pressure inside the fuel cell.

gas gives off vapors. I don't think it's dirty gas, I only drove about 5 minutes after I installed the new filter before it failed. Next morning, started fine. If you don't see any action on the bottom or internal parts of the gas cap, the lock was the culprit. Always look for the simplest things first.

I think there may be another issue going on which is causing the over vacuum condition, which causes the gas cap to be very hard to undo. It's quite intermittent.

A maxima pro said to me it doesn't matter if that vent hose is open coming out the tank, the car will run fine. when you smell gas when trying to start it means your flooding the engine. The gas cap needs to be checked.Either its loose or its faulty.The pressure is getting leaked so the p0455 error code for EVAP is showing up.The error is related to gas cap.

Look underneath the cap to determine if the locking bracket moves inward.

But if you have a situation where the gas cap is too tight, spinning freely or you simply can't remove it, you might want to contact a professional mechanic for assistance. put a new gas cap on. the_same_mountainbike. How to Troubleshoot a Parking Brake or Emergency Brake That Won't Engage, How to Troubleshoot a Car That Makes a Loud Screeching Sound When it Starts, Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Fuel Filler Cap, A mechanical defect in the gas tank filler neck. When the key is inserted and turned, a set of "locks" that secure the cap to the threads on the filler housing will be released, causing the gas cap to easily be removed. This is about the 10th fuse I've blown in the last 24 hrs.

This is done to If the valve is stuck, it can cause excessive pressure to build up inside the fuel cell and make it difficult to remove. The PCM records the fuel level when the ignition key is turned off and

The gas cap would cause a P0441 or 445 evap code, but not an EGR code. Does the gas cap have suction when you unscrew it? 2003 Chrysler Town & Country, Jul 31, 2014 | Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Oh and Colt, I checked the fuel pump resistance with the DMM, across the 2 terminals like the manual says, and it's at spec. In the information below, we'll answer all three questions and provide some resources that will help you determine why that small plastic piece isn't cooperating. Generate an ε-machine graph from transition probability matrices.

Last fall I replaced all fuel and brake pipes. put gas in a vacuum, and apply spark…will not burn. put gas in a vacuum, and apply spark…will not burn. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. The email address entered is already associated to an account.

This pressure is what allows fuel to flow to the fuel pump, and eventually to power your vehicle. 1999 Ford Taurus, Dec 13, 2010 | away” I should say that the 14ft.

the gas cap will allow vapors to expand to a certain point and then vent…if the gasket it worn or the check valve( yes a simple gas cap has several features you wouldnt normally think of)…is stuck, then the vapor cannot escape….simple as that. 2006 Chevrolet Malibu, Dec 21, 2017 | Gas caps stick and won't come off when the gas cap is broken, there's a mechanical defect in the gas tank filler neck, or gas cap is locked. Ambient Temperature between 4°C and 32°C 1963 Impala Wont Start After Spark Plugs, Distrpitor Wires Replaced, Can I Tow My Tent Camper Behind A Rental Moving Truck, 1992 Chevy C1500 350 5.7ltr Will Not Turn On Any Accessories Or Try To Turn Over, What Can I Do, Can A Catalytic Converter Cause A Car To Loose Power, Service Engine Soon Light On In ’02 Lancer Catalytic Converter, They Say That My Cars Catalytic Converter Is Bad But Is It, Does My 1982 Camaro Need Catalytic Converters To Pass Inspection. How can I trick programs to believe that a recorded video is what is captured from my MacBook Pro camera in realtime? If the gas tank filler housing is damaged, it will need to be replaced by a professional mechanic. Inspect the EVAP system for cuts/holes in tubes/hoses (you may hear a vacuum noise or smell fuel), repair if necessary. Step 2: Inspect the lock on a locking gas cap. put a new gas cap on. just changed the spark plugs and new air filter with an oil change. Do you fill the tank with the engine running? © When this occurs, it may damage the threads. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. The fuel pump will pump fuel until the vacuum overrides the pumping action of the fuel pump. In 5 years these capless systems will be leaking! No,gas cap only to seal fuel vapor from venting to the atmosphere,maintain a small pressure for EVAP system functioning,should not cause stalling or no stat.

Thank you Kenneth for all the valuable information and helping me out with my locked gas cap. then again when the ignition key is turn back on. Posted by Changed cap, fuel pump and relay in fuse box (actually switched with a/c relay-they are the same part). Besides testing the resistance of the actual pump, is there another test I can do on the pump to see if it is dying? Fuel vapors are routed by hoses to a charcoal canister for storage.

Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. The evap system removes the gas fumes to keep them from getting into the atmosphere. Evap error and I have suction when I remove the gas cap. It's always a good idea to have a professional mechanic remove the broken gas cap in order to reduce the potential of damaging other components on the fuel cell.