Medical Hubs will request that DCFS provide all pertinent medical records and case information. It accepts the electronic transmission of the DCFS Medical Hub Referral Form and returns appointment status alerts and completed examination forms to DCFS via an email notification. An appointment for similar service already made at the Hub, Cancelled (will indicate if initiated by caregiver, Hub, DCFS or Other), Rescheduled (will indicate if initiated by caregiver, Hub, DCFS or Other), To Be Rescheduled (will indicate if initiated by caregiver, Hub, DCFS or other). ValleyCare Olive View-UCLA Medical Center 14445 Olive View Dr. Sylmar, CA 91342.

On the Medical Hub Referral Form, in the “Specify reason for DCFS current and prior involvement” field, note that this is an inter-county transfer case.

Additional services include program planning, admission to and discharge from state hospitals, court-ordered evaluations and consultation to other agencies. | Terms of Use Children with special medication conditions (i.e. Medical Hub. Experience/step-in/explore the new MTB world.

Inform the Medical Hub personnel if any other relative/person besides the main caregiver (whose name appears on the DCFS 4158 or the DCFS 179) must take the child to the medical appointment. E-mHub notifications of the following “negative” appointment statutes are also sent via email to the currently assigned CSW and SCSW: CSWs are to follow up with parent/primary caregiver or out-of-home caregiver within three (3) calendar days on no show notifications to ensure that the forensic evaluation or Initial Medical Examination, or other medical appointment is rescheduled. Completed examination forms may be accessed through the link in the email notification by using the SITE User ID (employee number) and Password (current password used by employee). If any information has changed since the time of the original referral, a new form should be submitted. Infants/children under three (3) or a High Risk child. -

The reasons for return are: When a Medical Hub Referral is returned to DCFS, the referral is removed from the Medical Hub’s referral queue and the Medical Hub staff will no longer work on the referral.

Los Angeles County.

Welfare and Institutions Code (WIC) Section 324.5 – States that whenever allegations of physical or sexual abuse of a child come to the attention of DCFS, and the child is taken in to protective custody, DCFS must, as soon as practically possible, consult with a medical practitioner who is trained in detecting and treating child abuse injuries and child neglect, to determine whether a physical examination of the child is needed. The CHDP Health Periodicity Schedule should be adhered to when implementing health examinations of the child. (For newly-detained children, the initial medical examination must be provided at a Medical Hub). It is also the first periodic medical exam that must occur when a child is initially placed under DCFS supervision. | Contact Hubbiz “Valid reason” may include authorities have reasonable evidence that a parent is abusive, cannot provide love and support to the child, or will in some significant way interfere with the examination. Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles is a non-public entity but is operational to provide services to DCFS-supervised children. The Initial Medical Examination is routine and preventative. If the Receipt notification is not received, the submission was not successfully sent. When referring child to a Medical Hub for an exam, if the child has been served prior at a Hub-affiliated Emergency Room where the question of child abuse was raised, the child should be referred to that Hub whenever possible.

0070-529.10, Assessing Allegations of Physical AbuseNon-accidental bodily injury that has been or is being willfully inflicted on a child. This may include old injuries that may not be clinically obvious, and initiation of appropriate treatment; Evidence collection, including evidence of sexual assault, sexually transmitted diseases, and photo documentation of all injuries, including sexual assault injuries; Interpretation of physical findings regarding the likelihood that they are the result of abuse or neglect; Forensic interview, if needed. Medical Hubs are available to provide forensic evaluations for children who are not detained. When requesting a forensic evaluation for a child, complete and submit the Medical Hub Referral Form through E-mHub/Rightfax to the Medical Hub that is in closest proximity to the caregiver’s home. Established in 1994, Olive View Investment is located at 14500 Olive View Dr in Sylmar, CA - Los Angeles County and is a business listed in the categories Unfurnished Apartments, Apartments & Buildings, Apartments & Rental Apartments, Operators and Apartments Unfurnished. If a child has severe or life threatening injuries, he/she should be brought to an emergency care facility or trauma center and then be referred to the Hub after his/her injuries have been stabilized. Consult with PHN, as necessary, for completion of the Medical Hub Referral form. Follow procedural the steps beginning with.

Sylmar, WIC Section 16010(c) – States that within thirty (30) days of initial placement of a child into foster care, DCFS must provide the caretaker with the child’s current health and education summary.

Document all contacts with the caregiver, Hub staff, the SLS, PHN, DMH co-located staff, and the Educational Liaison (if applicable) in the Contact Notebook. Hubs are also available to assess the need for a child to receive subspecialty services.

Determine whether a referral to co-located DMH staff is needed. | Twitter It is a joint effort between DHS and DCFS. Prior to the forensic evaluation, the CSW must consult with a medical provider who has specialized training in detecting, and treatment of, child abuse injuries and child neglect (Specialist).

Follow up on any health concerns indicated with appropriate parties.

In such a case, an immediate (same day or next day) appointment will be scheduled and the CSW will be requested to accompany the child. | Terms of Use Fax the completed DCFS 561(a) to the Foster Family Agency (FFA) or group home representative within five (5) business days of receipt. Any child for whom a detention decision is being made based on a current physical finding, but an examination or consultation by a trained forensic examiner has not occurred. If a physical exam is needed, DCFS must ensure the examination takes place within seventy-two (72) hours of the time the child was taken into protective custody. Forensic interviews are not conducted at all Hubs. Timeframe for Submitting Initial Medical Examination Requests.

Inform the social worker or group home representative of the time-frame in which the child is to be seen. Include all documentation related to the first exam and state why it is urgent to obtain a second opinion. If the child is subsequently placed in out-of-home care in Los Angeles County, the child should be taken for an Initial Medical Exam at a Medical Hub. Danika asked curiously, "Is it ok to just take them?" OLIVE THE DENTAL HUB in Tri Nagar, Delhi. Instruct the caregiver to contact the Medical Hub closest to his/her home, within the designated timeframe for the submission of the Medical Hub Referral Form, or the estimated timeframe when the Referral will be submitted to the Medical Hub. Complete and submit the Medical Hub Referral Form through E-mHub/Rightfax within three (3) calendar days of the child’s initial placement. Provide him/her with the instructions/requirements for making an appointment and utilizing the Medical Hub closest to the child’s placement. DCFS and DPH PHNs and PHN Supervisors have access to E-mHub screens pertaining to the health care of children served at the Hubs. Romans 11:24) wast grafted in among them, and wast made partaker with them of the root and the fatness of the olive tree, boast not against the branches.

Within thirty (30) days of being assigned an. The Initial Medical Examination must be conducted according to the following timelines: High Risk Children and Children 0 - 3 years of Age, Allegations of Physical or Sexual AbuseThe victimization of a child by sexual activities, including, but not limited to, those activities defined in Penal Code Section 11165.1(a)(b)(c).