"But the fact Labor lost the election could actually work in Sky’s favour now," he says. Paul Dimattina Another frightening,aggressive small business person,boy are they nasty! Feel for Paul Dimattina -the expression of his face says what we are thinking ( the productive members of Victoria). Inside the News Corp tribe: how powerful editors shape the news. Ah yes, Paul Dimattina the world renowned epidemiologist and public health expert, so glad we have his opinion! Sure, you can fit their daytime audience into a minivan but that’s missing the point. We’re over the lines, we’re over the lies, we’re over the fearmongering, we’re over the division he’s trying to cause in society here in Victoria, and that’s what he’s doing. All articles from Australia found by Glonaabot with the #Dan-Paul Dimattina-Daniel Andrews tag. YourSay – Contact Sky News. English will be replaced at the Gold Coast Bulletin by Rachel Hancock, deputy editor of the Courier-Mail. @SkyNewsAust @DanielAndrewsMP Are we all meant to get infected so Paul Dimattina can make a dollar?

“There’s got to be some more common sense to what they’re doing to let us open and open properly, not just for an arbitrary number of 20.

Last year, Sky aired an interview with far-right extremist Blair Cottrell, causing some sponsors to withdraw their advertising. Lady Lovely Lumps Yes, this Paul Dimattina who by the way couldn’t give a flying fuck about ppl working in hospitality, even assaults them.

Australian News Channel welcomes feedback from our viewers. Premier Andrews said all week Melburnians could expect an easing of restrictions, but on Sunday pointed to over 1,000 tests which are still in the lab from a cluster in Melbourne’s north as to why there needed to be a “cautious pause”. In the first quarter of this year, its average audience was up six percent and its prime-time share grew by 18 per cent. "Through no fault of his own, he's paying a price for being aligned with what's now seen as a conservative station. “I leave with enormous respect for all our journalists, photographers and editors who are not only dedicated to their craft but are absolutely devoted to causing as much drama as possible with the publication of each and every scoop.”, Available for everyone, funded by readers. @SkyNewsAust @DanielAndrewsMP Retired AFL great and noted epidemiologist, Paul Dimattina . No wonder politicians have made time for Sky despite some daytime programs averaging fewer than 15,000 viewers. "With David at Sky, a lot of people in Canberra accepted that daytimes are pretty straight and they were happy to go on and be interviewed," says media analyst Peter Cox.

"The more conservative Sky becomes, the less interested Labor and the Greens are in speaking to our viewers. @RitaPanahi Anyone who describes Paul Dimattina as an AFL great would just as accurately describe you, Rita, as a literary genius. With pay, it's all about repeat and catch-up viewings across the week.". The largest site that summarizes news videos from around the world in an easy-to-understand manner. “There’s got to be some more common sense to what they’re doing to let us open and open properly, not just for an arbitrary number of 20. @SkyNewsAust @DanielAndrewsMP I think you mean the LNP hack they roll out every week?

Warning - assets failed to load. Michael Lallo is a senior culture writer at The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. In addition, it has the most experienced and opinionated commentators and presenters who fearlessly debate the big issues that get Australia talking.”. Foxtel's subscriber base climbed to 3.1 million by the of April, up from 2.9 million in December. "There's no doubt the numbers are up," says one Sky veteran. Not reporting the news but creating it eh, @RonniSalt. "David is one of the top journalists in Canberra and he brings credibility and respectability to the station.".