It never fails me. For some reason, this rumour has never quite been refuted but it was a nonsense. Born and raised in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, and a UCLA Theater Arts and Filmmaking graduate, Russell Mael is one half of the influential American rock and pop duo 'Sparks' with brother Ron Mael.Originally known as Halfnelson the band changed their name to Sparks (a play on the Marx Brothers) after the 1971 release of their first album. | 

...and the rest is history. Rock Singers. … Played himself in "The Big T.N.T. First Name Russell #34. Hafnelson became Sparks and recorded two albums on Albert Grossman's Bearsville records.

Born and raised in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, and a UCLA Theater Arts and Filmmaking graduate, Russell Mael is one half of the influential American rock and pop duo 'Sparks' with brother Ron Mael. Russell Mael, on the other hand, seems to have a brain and a heart and probably doesn't need to piss people off on a daily basis to feel he's achieved something. Russell Mael is a American Singer-songwriter, producer, recording engineer, director, who was born on 5 October, 1948 in Santa Monica. But The Mael brothers received their main musical education through rock'n'roll. Ron Mael : "We detested folk music because it was cerebral and sedate and we had no time for that, but Gene Clark & the Byrds were OK because they had electric guitars and English hairstyles...".

In the sixties, everyone in California wanted to be British anyway... but it's hard to look good in Mod gear when it's 400 degrees outside ! They weren't the kind of records you usually bought as educational tools for your child !". I liked British bands and I kind of admired Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones but Ron's earliest listening influences were The Kinks with Ray Davies, The Move and above all the early Who...", Ron Mael : "In the early '60s I was absolutly mad about The Who. On the "A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing" demo Russell Mael penned two songs, sang all the songs - except one, sung by Earle Mankey - and most of the bass lines on the tape were by him. Morrissey and both Mael brothers have been friends since the 80's. and going to movies at least twice a week at an early age. Russell Mael was in Theater Arts and Filmmaking but he also used to compose songs : the track "Big Bands" from the very first Sparks Lp, was in a early incarnation, a ditty called "Summer Days" which Russell Mael wrote and performed on tape for a school film project. 71 Year Olds. All Rights Reserved. Follow their careers. - read more... At the end of 1973, figuring that Sparks' british-style music and lyrics would be more appreciated overseas than in the United States, Ron Mael and his brother phoned the guy who had looked after them while they toured Europe in 1972. About: Russell Mael. Pacific Palisades - Santa Monica in the early fifties, XAVIER LORENTE-DARRACQ / GRAPHIK DESIGNS - FRANCE. I don't tend to look at myself through the rear-view mirror where dates are concerned. So the Maels were definitely more in spiritual kinship with the British bands. How long will the footprints on the moon last? Publicity Listings Then Ron Mael loved surf music and an atmospheric instrumental like "Pipeline" by the Chantays thinking these kind of tune was the perfect background music for surf, sun, and picking up sun-bleached blondes. The Maels and Earle Mankey formed Halfnelson - sometimes spelled Half-Nelson. He was bound to be disappointed in Morrissey some day. (Morrissey, not to alarm you or anything, but Ron is looking at you funny.) Official Sites. Ronald David Mael is born August 12, 1948, in Culver City, California. Russell Mael Is A Member Of . What Is All The Braille Pokemon emerald And Ruby?

At the time Ronald Mael was entering college and becoming involved with Cinema and Graphic Arts at UCLA. How will my inability to eat during the first trimester affect my baby? Driving down the motorway to reach Galloway Street (the former Mael residence), you passed a striking pink stucco ranch house which any starry eyed tourist from Spokane will tell you, was Marilyn Monroe died in. We were in various bands, not at the same time, and we finally just joined forces..." An animated, energetic front man with a distinctive falsetto voice, his persona is contrasted by that of his brother Ron, the deadpan keyboard player and main songwriter. Rock Singer.

In 1966, the Mael brothers appeared few seconds in "The Big T.N.T Show" a movie directed by Larry Peerce... but they were in the audience. The British Invasion : Young Ron & Russell loved the rash of teenage bands that sprang up across the States in the mid-60s, copying the Rolling Stones in the hope of getting girlfriends. What is the timing order of an 1985 Plymouth horizon? Russell Mael Popularity .

Show" in 1966.

He's the elder of the brothers. It's appealing. The Urban Renewal Project started around 1967, made up of Russell's friend guitarist Fred Frank, and his wife Ronna who played drums.

Ronnie Mael and his brother Russell spent their childhood modeling young men's apparel for mail-order catalogue (everybody's still searching for the pics !) This monicker was from a term for a certain wrestling hold. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? |  Known for their constant reinvention Sparks have had an impact on generations of musicians. First Name Russell. Ron & Russ Mael moved to England where their parents were living, and Sparks relocated in the UK but without the Mankey brothers and Harley Feinstein.

But during our first gigs Russell dressed in a sailor suit was wheeled on stage in a little ocean liner made of papier-maché, waving hello to the crowd of four or even five people.