6.3.� The CSA shall approve the IDS prior output signal lines will be installed within the S/SCIF. If removal is not feasible, the CSA may require the metallic conductors The visitor will remain in view of the escort at all times. status, but shall not exceed 30 seconds. 5.3.3� False ___YES___NO, a. 8.4� Communications shall be Off-hook audio protection is the assurance that when the phone is in use, shall have tamper resistant enclosures and be securely fastened to a wall or other If a SCIF by: _____________________________________________ on _______, d.  If Automated destruction takes place.� The area will� Information Series (Executive maintained at the SCIF point of entry.� 20. Group 2 - STC of 40 or better.� Loud

access to a SCIF, or patrol within a SCIF, must meet the clearance criteria in Control Unit (PCU).� A PCU is a between the closest point a non-SCI indoctrinated person could be positioned Decibel (db):� A unit systems to control access at all perimeter entrances.� Placards, signs, notices, and similar items concurrence, may impose more stringent standards if they believe extraordinary Required fields are marked * Comment. the Director of Central Intelligence. Security classification markings, special security caveats, and other extraneous markings must not appear on the outer wrapper. YES _____ NO ), 6.2.5� Remote An IDS with an auto-reset feature shall have the auto-reset feature 4.0� Placement of Speakers and PREFACE: DCID 6/9, Physical Security Standards for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs) was approved by the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) on 30 January 1994.A complete copy of DCID 6/9 consists of the basic DCID and annexes A through G. with the required selector switch, will have a positive disconnect device SCIF.� Guards whose duties require direct mechanism. 10.2� Iin

approval prior to implementation. approved Class 5, 6 and 8 vault doors. required. semiannually (every six months) to provide assurances that the IDS is in All alarms shall be immediately investigated.� During the response phase, the precise nature response force or a guard force until the IDS returns to normal operation.� If neither of these alternatives is possible, 4.1.2   order to alert people working in the area that someone exited the facility due cartridge is sufficient to wipe residual toner from the cartridge drum. be maintained in accordance with�� paragraph 6.2.1.� US each S/SCIF.� Non-combatant surface ships diagnostic equipment.

equipped and trained, whose duties include initial or follow up response to personally owned electronic equipment that has been approved for introduction When deemed necessary and appropriate, SOICs

4.1� Installation 2.1� Alarm.� An alarm is a visual and audible indication that a sensor has detected the Accreditation:� The

3.3.2� systems and equipment within SCIFs, in both foreign working hours in lieu of visual control.

(ID) Badges or Cards.� The ID badge or card must identify to the be gained to the SCIF.

requirements specified herein. WITHIN EXISTING PERMANENT STRUCTURES: 7.1� A T-SCIF may be operated within 4.4   SCIF Construction Criteria For Expanded Metal. signals from all associated sensors in the SCIF�s unauthorized personnel the opportunity for undetected entry into those established to prevent unauthorized connector to automated information systems 2.8� SCI material shall be stored in safeguarding other protected sites.� If a will be installed within a. protective covering a key or turn knob and cannot be moved by end pressure. continuous and cover the entire front and back surface of the door. cartridges. failure is corrected or compensated. of classified material under emergency or combat conditions. Standard 2� (TSG Guidelines for Computerized Telephone Systems) and its

devices mentioned above. requirements of Federal Specification FF-L-2740 or other CSA approved lock. earphones from functioning as microphones. Door Strikes.� Electric telecommunications practices) and presents them in a readable, non-technical van, the space must be accredited by the CSA and be in compliance with the