Please note: The Spotify green logo should only be used on a black or white background, for any other background you should use a monochrome logo.

As the website was redesigned the new font that they used is the LL Circular. You can use them in commercial and non-commercial work. The Spotify font logo is inspired by the Gotham Medium typeface. ), Paste this link in the appropiate area of the video description.>. Free vector icon. (Answered), Cool video game fonts to use for designing game related projects, These condensed fonts were made to impress (Check them out), The Juventus logo history and why it always looked good, Why Website Design Matters for Your eCommerce Store, 5 Sites That Let You Design Your Own Footwear, accessiBe Review: How Agencies Can Design ADA-Compliant Sites for Their Clients, 11 Advertisement Design Tips That Will Help You Make an Impression, Fall background images to use in your projects, How to add fonts to Inkscape (Quick and easy guide), What font does Supreme use? Because Circular also got some popularity we need to consider some options for it as well. uses this font and it was verified ✔️by our designers. In order to understand the typography world better, we need to understand some basics first. Please, indicate what problem has been found. Google said that Tobias Schneider @vanschneider works/worked at Spotify as an art director so maybe he knows? Try these options for your print, The Fortnite font or what font does Fortnite use? Spotify is a company launched in 2006 in Sweden. This cover has been designed using resources from, Online video platforms (Youtube, Vimeo, etc. Create professional logos . Organize your collections by projects, add, remove, edit, and rename icons. Create your logo design based on best fonts, by using our easy to use logo and font tool, logo, font, logo font, font logo.

Proxima Nova is still used on the Spotify site, and the Mac app still uses Lucida Grande and Helvetica.

If you've got a logo, then just submit it and we will make sure to push it on the list.

You can upload an image of the text to a site like WhatTheFont or tweet at a Spotify designer and ask them. Spotify Font. The font used for Spotify logo is very similar to Avenir Heavy, which is a geometric sans serif font designed by Adrian Frutiger and published by Linotype. Spotify logo font collection of 10 free cliparts and images with a transparent background. Need help? How to attribute for other media?

Oops! No affiliate links. You have to like its bold capital letters that look powerful and solid.