If two phone lines from the wall are plugged into your telus modem then it is bonded.

Any settings to check? 43Mbps on wire, 35 on wireless. The Fibre guys (support) is the only one who can help me and he doesn't have access to anything from before. So, I guess I can answer my own question now about what you can get with Internet 75 on copper. Right now you are being charged when you go over.

Measure your download and upload Internet speeds with TELUS's Internet speed test. If it is just one phone line then it is not bonded VDSL. It's possible one of your bonded pairs isn't working. When you log in to the modem, click Status at the top. In their words -- "It is normal".

Normally the connections are set up so that Optik should not impact internet. for 24 months, then $95/month. TELUS & Koodo Mobility customers – save an extra $10/mo when you add Internet. Based on a national average, TELUS is ranked #1 by PCMag as Canada’s fastest major internet provider. To help us improve this website, we'd love to hear your feedback. Get TELUS high speed internet for your home today! and tried speed test(TELUS website speed test) on both wire and wireless. Just got off the phone with Telus.

On a copper internet 75 plan, the upload speeds will be around 15Mbps. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. You need bonded line to get 150 Mbps. TELUS & Koodo Mobility customers – save an extra $10/mo when you add Internet. Restart Troubleshooting.

Making multiple posts on the same topic just scatters your description of the issue, and prevents comprehensive suggestions for correction. You get 75 only when not having Optik TV on, and the more channels you use, the slower it gets. or should I contact TELUS? The future is friendly. I'm on bonded (2 lines) also but my area only supports 25mbps per line so since I have Optik, my max internet speed is 25.

They told me that my problem was that I was turning the TV on, and that slows down the internet. After 30 days, if you cancel your internet service, the fee will be. Order online for a $50 bill credit . and I was this is rediculous, even netflix advertises 5M and I have a number of devices and we were getting by with 50 until you cut us down to 1.8-1.9 and I have no idea what those guys did, but It's something to do with the sales person who changed our plan that day.

It results in quite a significant hit due to Optik TV bandwidth use. Chances are they will need to schedule a technician to locate and repair the issue. TV Did they run a second phone line? Bundle services together and get extra savings with each one you add. I don't know how this all ended up for you, but on April 11 my wife was told for only $10 more a month you can have unlimited data. One line is for internet (25mbps > speedtest: 29 down, 7 up) and one is for Optik only so internet is not impacted when TV is on. Compare all of our Internet plans and choose the one that works for you and your family. I'm testing with a computer hard wired with Ethernet.

Also check at the back of modem where phone line is plughed into modem if you have two phine lines plugged in you should see two green lights below phoe sockets on the modem.

The new modem is actually not that much faster in downloading with a 3 ping, 69.7 down, and 20.9 up.

I'm not sure if the results will improve or not but I'd trust this method to test your Internet connection rather than using a web browser. There's a speed test tool built into the T3200M as shown in the image below. The 30-day satisfaction guarantee does not apply. Discount applied after your order is processed. You can book an installation appointment during checkout, You may find time slots within the next few days, but expect 1 – 2 weeks, For internet alone, installation takes 1 – 2 hours. On the brighter side, I tested a laptop running on wireless and got the full 75 Mbps with no TV on. She said yes, and they changed something in their computer and brought the over 50M I used to get on my copper lines to 1.9.