The problem I did was actually much easier than the HackerRank.

Two Sigma’s HR challenge was pretty nuts to the point of being a little unreasonable.

Having a high gpa, going to a phenomenal school, a strong background in math and programming, advanced degrees, competitive programming/IMOMath Olympiad experience, and networking are the 'high level' things most people need to accomplish (not all of them, just some combination of them) in order to get a job as a quant/swe at respectable firms. McKinsey.

I got an internship my freshman year with GE Aviation, wasn’t the most glamorous internship but was something. Press J to jump to the feed.

DE Shaw Nexus Fellow. Are you currently studying maths as well?

The base for new grads at the main firms everyone knows (Two Sigma, Jane Street, Citadel, HRT, etc) are standard for each firm and most won't negotiate on base. So instead of "Built a website to play tic tac toe" they went into more detail about the architecture and technologies used, why they were chosen, and what problems were overcome (something like: "developed with Ruby on Rails for rapid development and ease of testability").

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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. When you compare these salaries with a competitive tech salary it makes more sense. But if you're in that niche those skills are in high demand. All about studying and students of computer science. How can most people “need” IMO experience if it’s impossible for most quants at those firms, number wise, to even HAVE IMO experience? JP Morgan … Edit: also we got sent a CodeSignal coding challenge which records your computer screen and takes webcam audio and video... are we supposed to treat it like a real in-person interview with thinking out loud and saying our thought process or is the video and stuff just to make sure we don't cheat? I went to a semi-target state school, majored in Econ, did very well within my major (and took lots of econometrics) and got an offer at a pretty good prop shop. As others have mentioned, this is for a very small subset of new hires. The other thing to consider is that a very small subset of the population can get through their hiring process.

Getting a quant research internship will probably be more for graduate level and above. Also worth noting that base isn’t “I went to ITT Tech and got my A+” types of hires. Twitter University.

Citadel Discover. Google STEP.

— Two Sigma Intern. Pinterest Engage (I'm 95% sure this was discontinued, …

4.0 GPAs is light work to them—they win IMO/ISEF, participate in RSI, and enter things like Putnam and USACO and place extremely high.

Getting a job there, or anywhere for that matter, is simply 2 things: Most of what you have described is simply point 1 -- getting the interview. Oh well, even if I get rejected after the first interview lol I'll have a nice day to myself exploring NYC.

It's worth noting that I think every single intern candidate at my on-site was in their third year of college. Two Sigma is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. I guess a quant internship is kind of a pipe dream as an undergrad. I am a software engineering intern for Two Sigma in this coming summer. I’m a senior at a semi target going to Jane Street\Two Sigma this fall. Cut-throat culture is a stereotype that comes with being in the finance industry, but at Two Sigma it’s actually very different. My friend at HRT (gives quarterly instead of yearly bonus) gave me a data point that his bonus increases by ~10-20% every quarter on average (has been as low as 0% and as high as 100+% depending on personal and company performance) and started out as 25k bonus a quarter as a new grad. which recruiter sees your application, who your interviewer is, and many other possibilities out of your control. SAP STAR.

Thanks! Exploratory/Insight Events: Jane Street. AT&T Emerging Technologies. Think of it this way. I don't really have much in my portfolio at all.

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A lot of places will hire freshmen/sophomores, but these are specific to underclassmen. What is your educational background? Attend the on-site and do well enough there too.

If you have a good GPA and a good resume then getting an interview won't be too difficult. Contrast that with Uber where their interviewer missed the interview and they never rescheduled me. Like when my dumb-ass missed the interview and they let me reschedule. how exactly do the exploratory/insight events work?

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are they worth it? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'm trying to figure out the most efficient way to prepare since I have less then a week and other schoolwork to do.

Twitter University. But if you set your mind to it, it's not impossible, especially if you're already at a top school like Stanford.