The JOs dont need their own lounge, the nubs should be working on quals anyway. Someone on here is even acting like dolphins are some kind of heroic BS nonsense. We take pride in wearing these coveted devices because they signify our achievement of a lofty standard, a standard we set for ourselves: "I earned mine and I will help you earn yours because getting qualified is impossible to do alone." We survive and move on when things happen, then we dissect the event to see how we could have done better. I was curious about its origin, and of course, it's easier to find in the "Google Age". Allowing someone to keep their dolphins when they aren't capable of handling submarine duty WOULD diminish the value of mine. At one point we trusted these guys with our own lives, and because one day it dawned on them that they were dangerously depressed, we do more than just kick them to the curb, we keep kicking. With the MILPERSMAN written the way it is, there isn't much room for going back to boats after admitting to suicidal ideation/attempts..and that's for GOOD REASON because submarines are less capable of handling those problems while on deployment.Nobody, not even his family or shipmates on NEBRASKA, knows what was going through his head when he chose to take those irrevocable steps underway.May his family grieve in peace (hopefully avoiding this blog) and hopefully the crew make it through this trying time for the boat w/ dignity and respect.

I’ve come to realize, through much counseling, that there was nothing that I could have done to prevent his suicide. God also hates the Thresher, Scorpion and all Russian submariners. RIP, shipmate.

During my last sub tour, I had 4 nubs that came to my division. A sailor has died aboard the nuclear-powered Navy submarine USS Nebraska off the island of Oahu, Hawaii. I was on a 637, which I'm sure had less room down in that gear than a T-hull, but I still can't imagine anyone, let alone a qualified auxiliaryman being stupid enough to crawl down there while the ship is underway, with the rams, and the rotating propulsion shaft in near proximity.

My thoughts exactly Bill...someone either didn’t properly run their red tags, or someone seriously (possibly criminally since a death is involved) violated red tag procedures.

How come so many questionable deaths? (He was a glory hound.)

Does anyone on this blog actually know Mark/MM1(SS)? All Hands Magazine highlights the Navy's culture and heritage, while striving to be the number one source of information for Sailors about their Navy today. Of course, some of the attitude we're seeing is just insecurity.

mark/mm1(ss)All that you requested is in previous posting on the topic (Sept 2008), discussed in detail.

He was on his first deployment.I seriously doubt he was a nuke unless he dropped from the program.

At that time, the Corpsman could not pronounce death.

It doesn't take much to read one another while underway. Some of us even have an appreciation for the heritage and history of those insignia.

On 1 October 2004, Nebraska was transferred to Submarine Squadron 17 in Submarine Group 9 at Naval Base Kitsap, Bangor, Washington.

Gentile, a machinist mate, graduated from Lawrence High School in Fairfield, Me., where he was an honor student. I hope they did come in and are going to do some real counceling and a full investigation of this tragedy. Going from any fast boat to a T-hull is a major change in the space category. I'm all for compassion, but the dolphins mean, among other things, that you can hack it. A policy needs to change and right now is a good time to change it. This treatment of "nubs" is usually very alienating, and he may feel like he doesn't have any friends. Were that not true, the boat would not be making plans for an immediate underway, even reported here by civilians.

They came on board and stayed for about 2 days to investigate. USS Nebraska (SSBN-739) USS Nebraska (SSBN-739) at …

Talk about cruel, that dude was devastated and apparently it was a common practice in Kings Bay at the time.

We just have to concentrate on helping his family heal, no matter how he died.

A sailor who died Saturday after he was injured aboard the ballistic-missile submarine Nebraska had become “entangled and pinned” in the rudder ram during a cleaning evolution, according to the Naval Safety Center’s Web site. I am disgusted reading these blogs. Getting a little pissed off may be a good thing. If a Sailor is assigned to transient status for a broken bone, or an irreversible internal ailment, we don't remove his right to wear the Dolphins.

Each of the big Trident “boomers” have two crews, Blue and Gold, that rotate; Gentile was a member of the Blue crew.

Opinions posted on Free Republic are those of the individual let's just hope they find the cause, although, it seems pointless at this time.

The ones that talk about it, leave clues are the ones asking for help. Sorry that you do not approve of the blunt force tactics, but it is what it is.

To any of Will's friends and family who stumble across this, please let me apologize for the coarse and cynical views of some of our brethren. His funeral service will be held this Saturday morning at the church where he grew up. Official notes on issues that are of fleet-wide interest, lists of upcoming dates and deadlines from the Navy Leader Planning Guide with a dedicated section devoted to "This Date in Navy History" notes. In fact, while I was in, nukes detested the ease of qualifying for dolphins so much, that only the very rare lifer would even wear them on their dungarees or poopy suit. Someone is just sick and should have sought help.I think of Petty Officer Scrimiger every day. Your dolphins are a symbol of your ability to hack it, not in a classroom but in the mentally demanding real world of a submarine, and if you can't, then you shouldn't get to wear them. I regret that some of Will's family and friends (including myself) discovered this blog and read the remarks made by people who did not even know Will. NONE of their websites mentions murder, and in fact, none have even updated their articles since April 23rd, "Source of reports - ABC, CBS and NBC news station in Chattanooga, TN.I call BS.

As you say ...who knows.NNCS2. (2) Inability to requalify (SS) members only. Yet we do not take their dolphins away, because they earned them, fair and square, just like you, me, and the theoretical guy who suffers from mental illness or psychological trauma. At least that's how I see it; I can't speak for everyone.That being said, what kind of worthless assbag taunts a dead sailor's family? A mental illness is not something to take lightly.

(If you don't like something on this blog, please E-mail me.

She transited more than 16,800 miles, crossing the Atlantic Ocean, and navigating the Mediterranean Sea to her mid-patrol destination of the Greek island of Crete. There is an extra rack in MC2L bcause this guy was weak. True, qualifying boats is not much of a challenge to someone who's finished power school and prototype, but serving on them most definitely is. but a date has not yet been set.

Who would be dumb enough to open up to one of them?

As we all know, the abusive pricks all just get promoted to flag. I know where the area where that accident occurred and it is so large an access that one could get the mindset that it must be safe.

The Sailor's inclination is to NOT get help when it is exactly the FIRST thing someone suffering should be doing.

If a few of the commenters on Will's blog would have had the balls to call him on the self-pitying, instead of acting like suicide club fanboys, things may have taken a better course. We had many nubs like this one way or another.We used to say, if the crew members picked on you as a nub, they liked you. !There is an extra rack in MC2L bcause this guy was weak. You have my condolences. enhances online obituaries with Guest Books, funeral home information, and florist links.

Yesterday there were 73,594 new confirmed cases, 18,101 recoveries, 401 deaths. (promoting team work) As long as we were making a concerted effort, there wasn't a problem. But if just one you go dink because you decided to fuck off during study time, you and your fellow NUB bitches will all suffer together.

Dave Benham, a spokesman for Submarine Force Pacific, said Monday evening. Smart kids who knew more crap than I did when I was that age.

My condolences to his wife and the crew of the boat.This is the reason why the Doctors are so quick to yank anyone who claims to be sad - this is a nightmare for the boat and an absolute tragedy for the Sailor's family and loved ones. Hell, we don't even take the dolphins away from people who are relieved for cause!Your logic is flawed, and incredibly closed-minded.