He was selfish at times because he wanted something to happen that would benefit him, though it did mean hurting someone he cared about to make that happen.

The others covered for him, and Friends didn't make it as big a deal as it should have for the couple. Quiz: "Friends" "TOW The Metaphorical Tunnel", Quiz: "Friends" Season 3: "Friends" Forever.

In season 3, Chandler dated Janice again, only for her to kiss her ex-husband when they were together. But unlike the core group, Janice’s story often went uncelebrated or was broken up based on how her story affected the main group of Friends. Oh-ho, and yes, the guy that enjoyed my name so much he felt the need to make a little noise every time he said it. It was completely unnecessary and painted Chandler in the wrong light. Unlike the other extraneous pals of the Friends, Janice made an appearance or had a story arc in every season.

To boot, girl even got a decent slice of character development. He said he would have been happy or he would've ran through the door out of the apartment. He used Rachel in his attempt to hurt Ross, though he didn't tell him about it until years later, so what exactly was the point? Janice makes the decision to let Chandler live his life in peace, but not without giving him a goodbye kiss.

You do you, girl. Joey is rude to Janice because he can’t get past her loud laugh and chartreuse pantsuit. Here is the unsung timeline of Janice on Friends, from Season 1 to 10.


When Ross struggled with choosing between Rachel and Julie, Chandler was the one to suggest that he be logical. When Monica and Chandler first got together, they kept their relationship a secret from their friends. Where did Chandler tell Janice he was moving in … an error, click through (click to play He took the lie so far that he … Chandler pretended to be Bob and set up a date, planning to step in as himself when "Bob" didn't show up. It was his way of paying Chandler back (without actually paying him back). Chandler runs into a divorced Janice in a nail salon.

The gang runs into Janice while she and Rachel are both giving birth in the same hospital.

He made a scene in Central Perk. However, he should have listened to the tape before giving it to her. It was just a big mess. It was a big deal to Joey, Chandler's best friend. Like the together, animal-print-clad lady she is, Janice takes Chandler’s Valentine’s break-up very well. As she found out when they were engaged, he broke up with his camp girlfriend because she gained weight. It was extremely rude. (Zach was kept in the dark.) The series got away with this at the time because it was all played for laughs and only a minor part of the show, but looking back on it, Chandler really should have treated his father better. Joey only had one extra ticket to his movie premiere in season 8. Ross did not like the idea that Ben had a Barbie but Carol and Susan were okay with it. He told her he was confident she would find herself attracted to him in time. During a ribbon cutting ceremony, Monica told Pete the truth. At the end of the second season, however, Chandler meets an unhappily married woman online, who turns out to be Janice. This Season 3 relationship is pretty stable for a while. She seems to have grown up a little faster than her friends. He acted like he'd never cared that much about her. According to Monica, what was the only thing wrong with Pete? Rather than admitting the truth and apologizing, though, Chandler decided to try to work around his mistake. Rather than thinking about what such a list would mean to Julie and Rachel, Chandler was just happy to use his new computer. It shouldn't have taken a coworker making a pass at him and spending Christmas away from Monica for him to quit and return home. This was all after he'd also lied to Joey about having feelings for Mary Angela.

However, rather than be honest and admit that he just didn't like dogs, Chandler lied about being allergic. Everyone always expected Chandler to panic when it came to commitment. That was such an extreme move, and it was just ridiculous.

When Chandler first saw Kathy in Central Perk, he liked her. Let us know in the comments! Monica wasn't even the first person he was rude to because of her weight. It was a stupid (and somewhat cruel) move. But Janice begins to have feelings for her estranged husband again, and Chandler nobly bows out so they can have another shot at being a family. Because of that, Joey missed an audition and missed out on a role. That’s right, viewers could see Janice grow up right before their eyes from the first season to the last.

Well, Janice, I’m here for you (*four claps*). When Chandler ran into Janice in season 4, she refused to let him get away again. He decided he couldn't go through with it and left her a note saying "I'm sorry" (and that's it).

Chandler: "Well let's see, there was the guy with the ferrets, that's plural. Some of the comments they wrote about each other were obviously ridiculous and had to be jokes.

However, she liked him. When Chandler considers his own mortality after the death of Mr. Heckles, he calls Janice. OK, she kind of cackles and is obnoxious, but she seems like a good person. Janice and Sid Goralnik are a match made in heaven, because he's partially deaf. He grew a lot over the years, but that didn't erase some of his previous actions or flaws. To make it worse, they just glossed over it once Joey realized he didn't want to pay Chandler back all the money he gave him. After he was with Jade, she called his phone, thinking she was calling Bob, and complained about Chandler. Janice might have been annoying at times, but Chandler was the one in the wrong here. Chandler tried to cover by writing the message down while Joey was on the phone. She loves Chandler and considers his feelings, despite the fact that he is lying to her. That didn't excuse the mistake he made, though. However, at the premiere, Chandler fell asleep and then pretended he'd seen the movie. So he only enjoys Janice’s better qualities without having to endure her nasally cackle. It wasn't until right before Chandler and Monica's wedding that he even invited his father to the event.

In Season 2, Chandler is disappointed to discover that she is married and pregnant. I also hate to think of the state of mind Janice is in after her own divorce, compounded with Chandler leaving. Nothing's wrong with that. However, when Eddie wouldn't go after Chandler told him to move out, Chandler and Joey went the extreme route. Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross… and Janice? (OK, I concede, sometimes Janice can be a little Janice.) He suggested that they move in together and proposed when she worried that he'd be bothered by her putting their names down for a wedding venue. What is the name of the girl whom Ross sleeps with when him and Rachel are on a break? 'It would be illegal for him to drink at his own bachelor party.'. FunTrivia is a collaborative community effort, where we are constantly updating questions to keep them accurate. However, instead of framing it like he'd moved on from her, Friends acted like Chandler and Janice's relationship was never important. Things still don’t seem to be looking up for Janice in Season 7. But the spotlight has yet to really shine on the big-haired, nasally former Mattress Queen, who was famous for taking the lord’s name in vain. Sure, Chandler realized what they did was wrong and told the apartment manager lies so he'd reject Ross' application, but the damage was done — and Ross knew his friends didn't want him to live with them. When Joey briefly moved out, Chandler got a new roommate. Chandler played along.

In doing so, he answered a call for Joey, and when Monica distracted him, he forgot to write down the message. That included the jokes they played on each other on their college alumni website. Because of that, he accidentally agreed to move to Tulsa and couldn't get out of it. Then he had the nerve to declare that either the dog had to go or he did.

He thought she was Ursula, her twin sister. He asked Zach at work if a pregnant coworker was keeping her baby. However, after their relationship ended, he couldn't stand her. OH. Once again, the Friends are sort of mean girls. Hooray for Janice! And I don't know about all Friends fans, but it certainly left me asking, "What about Janice?". Janice thinks she is helping (like she did when she put Chandler on a plane to Yemen), but it’s too much. This was a dog Phoebe was watching for a friend. Chandler, on the other hand, found a mixtape lying around and decided to give it to Monica without listening to it first. During one instance where it seemed like the two of them were finally going to get together, Chandler couldn't think of a way to truly break it off for good. Chandler suggested they make a pros and cons list. At the start of Season 3, Janice and Chandler are going strong.

I would feel bad for Rachel, but she and the group make lots of jokes about Janice’s baby being ugly.

Chandler again uses the “I still have feelings for you” line to keep her away.

He even encouraged Joey to date another woman, and he kissed Kathy while she was with Joey. He took the lie so far that he went to the airport and bought a ticket to Yemen. Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy (5); TypicalTuesdayNight,FFFriends/Tumblr. What followed was a very personal interrogation session over dinner.

So, when he accidentally kissed her goodbye before leaving for work, he covered by kissing Phoebe and Rachel, too. Jeez, Chandler, she isn’t just sitting around waiting for your next crisis or … She runs into Monica at Monica’s restaurant when she is sending food back. However, younger Chandler had the decency to not tell his girlfriend at the time that this was why (though he did when he apologized later on).

Here are the 25 Things Wrong With Chandler On Friends Everyone Chooses to Ignore. How old was Frank Jr. when he announced that he was getting married to Alice? In an attempt to make a big gesture, make things right, and apologize, he proposed.