But you are right, it got a big push along in the groovy '70s . To shave or not to shave, is this still a question? I recall 2HD and 7LA were also "good music" for a time; any others that were "beautiful music"? Where is the rudeness? (Conversely, I recall the 1970s, when the Melbourne pop station 3AK ran a promotion ‘3AK Where No Wrinklies Fly’, which featured a naked and hirsute youthful Adam and Eve artwork – which we loved because our elders found it shocking. )

© Sound Media Group. When Dad was in the car the radio was tuned into the horse races but when I was sitting there by myself I could listen to 3XY or to 3AK “where no wrinklies fly”. Rings a bell as being one of them. Started Sunday at 02:09 AM, By I think I wrote it around 1994, and it appeared in the collection, ‘Girl With Green Hair’ (Papyrus, 2000). Shop for Posters > 3AK's Summer. Our local lemonade was Joe's from South Gippsland. × One of my few unfulffilled music cravings is the DCC issue of Bob Seger " NIGHT MOVES". Started October 29, By Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Nothing new Dave.   Your link has been automatically embedded. (both of which preceded 3AK's radio station's "where no wrinklies fly" gem). I view it as another subtle hint that the world has lost its bearings. Why should anyone scan something for nothing to give away because "they had a real interest in the hobby" ? And of course the "noo UW" from the 1960s with signs plastered on double decker buses. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. This has to be a new low in opportunistic exploitation of vulnerable fanboys. I'm going to go back years in creating a motto for RR but one that comes to mind is an old 3 AK promo from the early 70's when it was Melbourne's top rock music station. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. I think 5KA was "Konstant Music" at one stage. Our publication is supported by its audience. People buy and sell OBIs, which are nothing more than a piece of cardboard with the relevant words, for more than that. I was 25 l think ! I love Bob Seger! Powered by Invision Community. or was it Tarax's "hi-bubble, hi-bubble, hi-bubble, hi-bubble lemonade, get a lift with Tarax, hi-bubble lemonade!"

Country towns had their own soft drinks as I recall. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk. JavaScript is disabled. Passiona has been an Aussie soft drink icon since the 1920s. I fail to see anything wrong with that practice. And, many of these cards offer generous signup bonuses! Count on the odd fool with money huh? Not sure how many left though.

In fact, one of their most famous magazine covers involved a cute dog, with a handgun pointed at the dog's head. 3AK's Summer. Could only be made more sad if posted here as a Sold ad. (Conversely, I recall the 1970s, when the Melbourne pop station 3AK ran a promotion ‘3AK Where No Wrinklies Fly’, which featured a naked and hirsute youthful Adam and Eve artwork – which we loved because our elders found it shocking. It makes sense though, the spindle hole is very small... My post was an attempt to add to the conversation, but you single it out for ridicule. "3AK- where no wrinklies fly." The point of this gormless reminisce? Night Moves reminds me of my wife back in the day when we hitched around Europe.

Digital Man Edit: the world is full of opportunists, always been so and always will. I posted a piece on the subject, with the following observation.

Janjuc Concerts that ruled, Concerts that sucked. ( Log Out /  Tarax due to bottle cap competition and tv shows. × Change ). joe9oneone One of my few unfulffilled music cravings is the DCC issue of Bob Seger NIGHT MOVES. Back seat of XY falcon at the drive-in with a Mt Waverley High schoolgurly(I was Syndal Tech boy(awful awful farking school)). Australian Business Number 79 662 719 408. TONYCH31 AK5231 Flight Tracker - Track the real-time flight status of AK 5231 live using the FlightStats Global Flight Tracker. MM86 mm.pulp What a bizarre post. Rare as hens teeth. Oh, and bring back the Bush! Add to Cart. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Why should anyone do it gratis? I thought yours was a bizarre post. Korumburra Joe's Cola was the best! tim_tam87 Paste as plain text instead, × Started 8 hours ago, Sound Media Group If they had a real interest in the hobby then they would scan and share freely. ( Log Out /  If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Writer, Performer, Musician, Conservationist, Feminist, Proud Cripple, and Parrot Lover. ????? Where No Wrinkyls Fly. But I do have a flyer that features Qantus and 3AK with the "Where No Wrinklies Fly", gotta be worth ...umm, $500 or  double? So the radio was my friend and that afternoon Abbey Road was on high rotation and that meant that the top 5 songs on the chart were played every couple of hours or so. Actually, the world lost its bearing quite a long time ago. (directed to the Victorians out there of senior vintage) - Armstrong steps on the moon - which lemonade were you drinking at the time?

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We used to return the bottes for 5c and buy firecrackers! Might seem like trivial nostalgia, but the choice made may well reveal personality trait development in later life. Seger gives me good memories of when I worked in a bar in the Red light District in Amsterdam. Most unpleasant. Puck's audio

3AK - Where no wrinklies fly Beautiful music 3AK Good music 2CH 87 2GB (the ill fated music experiment from the mid 1970s?) Unquestionably Marchants solely because of that screw top they used. Started August 30, By What on earth is wrong with people cutting adverts out of old magazines and trying to sell them to other people who want to mount them as posters? The album I mean, not her Knickers . Started Tuesday at 05:04 AM, By ‘Really wanted to share this 20+ year old poem on the subject. For $40 !!!!!!! Nothing you have said adds to this conversation, it only detracts. They were still around into the 80s and early 90s. No point really, just saw Evil's post and the poor bugger having to endure Seger but at least it was worth it apparently. You can post now and register later. As a feminist, it’s frustrating to be continually told that I ‘hate men’, so this poem attempts to model some healthy sexuality into the discussion. ( Log Out /  Where No Wrinkyls Fly. Also have a mediocre pressing of Newcastle's The Marshall Brothers Band. If you have a real interest in the hobby then you would scan and share freely. Started Sunday at 07:24 AM, By needlerunner

By Item Number ZZZ009203-PO; SIZE 18 5/8" x 29" Condition Fair; $122. Bill125812 Could be wrong, but didn't it appear in the 70's?

Photo of author by S Curtis, Collingwood, 1986.