Notable Songs: “Visions” and “We Out Here”. A vivid storyteller, Quincey can kick game and reveal raw emotion over any track that he’s on. His June album, Stay Sunny, revolves around the idea of staying positive despite life’s everyday trials and tribulations. The rapper also showcases his versatility on his latest single, The Game-assisted “See You Fail,” flipping the bird at snakes over a haunting beat. Quincey White is vying to become the people’s champ of his city. His animated flow earned him play in car speakers all across L.A., while his quick-witted and comedic lyricism in songs like “Acro” (“Jumped out the bed just to jump in yo’ bitch DM,” he raps) have brought him viral attention. XXL highlights 11 up-and-coming rappers from Los Angeles that you should have on your radar. ScHoolboy Q . Jump to navigation Jump to search. Look out for his highly anticipated second album, Victory Lap, this year. Now, after years of relative silence, a brand new West Coast scene is emerging around him. Sounds Like: A street-tested storyteller.

His last album, Doris, was met with universal acclaim and his dense, reference-filled verses are pretty much poetry. Here are the nine rappers bringing California love back to hip-hop and redefining what it means to be a Californian in 2014. Until now. Notable Songs: “Lonely” and “In the Making”. His music is classic Cali, but his business sense is straight-up East Coast: He sailed into the Billboard charts without a record deal and manages his own label, The Other People's Money Company. He still may be a businessman (as opposed to a "business, man"), but expect Kennedy to make big moves in the coming years. A hero of the L.A. underground scene, Kennedy has been very vocal about his West Coast allegiance and influences: "I'm trying to do it like DJ Quik did it, or Ice Cube did it," he said in 2010. His music is perfect for introspection, as he raps about sticking true to core principles and character values, staying loyal, understanding the value of life and remaining 10 toes down through any storm.

earlier this year, is fresh off a high-energy Rolling Loud performance and entering a joint Los Angeles-based tour with 1TakeJay. His music depicts his reality with vivid imagery, whether BH is addressing life-threatening gunshot wounds or recounting past times with Neighborhood Nip.

A former gang member and drug dealer, ScHoolboy Q takes after East Coast lynchpin Jay-Z in many ways, but he also vividly depicts the specifics of life in South Central. With legends and Sacramento rappers of the past like Brotha Lynch Hung, C-Bo, T-Nutty, Hollow Tip and a few more, Sacramento should not be slept on. Sounds Like: A disciple of Nipsey Hussle. Why You Need To Know Him: With a distinct West Coast bounce and contagious energy, 1TakeJay creates records that are perfect for turning up in the club. I dare you to find a better list These top female rappers are changing the game for good! Other crews like AzCult, 1Take and boom-bap brigade Villain Park are also making noise in their L.A. hometown. He's ridden the throbbing, club-ready, minimalist beats of DJ Mustard to the top of the charts, rave reviews from the New York Times and guest spots from Drake. His single “The Marathon Continues” is a beautiful tribute to his All Money In brother and fallen soldier Nipsey Hussle that paints a portrait of the grief experienced after his passing. He perfectly captures the creepiness of growing up in L.A. Get ready for a long, storied career — the man isn't even 21 yet. Sure, the art form was born across the country in the Bronx, but the Westside helped walk it through adolescence. Right now these rap women are lit for hot success. The late Nipsey Hussle did the same—he’s survived by his All Money In label, which is full of fresh talent sharing street tales in music. Rappers from Sacramento YouTube Channels. Sounds Like: Summertime block party music.

Why You Need To Know Him: Pacman Da Gunman seeks to grab the baton from his slain mentor Nipsey Hussle. Since the Beach Boys in the 1960s, musicians have been trying to explain what exactly is going on with the West Coast. In 1984, his family moved to Baltimore, Maryland where he became good friends with Jada Pinkett Smith. The emphasis is on the word HOT, because this list only have female rappers who have made sexy music videos.

Up and coming Rapper HighClass Cali speaks on upcoming tape and about his views on the Charlotte music scene His new tape drops memorial day !!!!! 1. He can deftly switch up his flows and drop witty punchlines with the tact of a rap veteran. With mansions that are all about opulence, similar to the properties owned by Russian oligarchs, these luxurious homes offer probably all the amenities one could think of.

His gruff vocals are a vibe of their own—they irresistibly contrast the music on the Big Pun-sampling “Playin’” and narrative-driven “105 West, 110 North.”, Notable Songs: “Fucc You Niggaz” and “Never Gon Change”. Amid all the ratchetry and new-age synth beats, the 21-year-old represents a throwback to a G-funk era, when silky, laid-back keyboard production reigned supreme. Here we have the best and the hottest female rappers list in the world.

Why You Need To Know Him: Holland’s playful cadence perfectly juxtaposes his complex subject matter. Below is a list of some, and not all, of the top artists of the Sacramento music scene providing an example of the talent that Sacramento hip hop has to offer. "Everybody serenade the new faith of Kendrick Lamar / This is King Kendrick Lamar," proclaimed Lamar on "Compton. Top 10 SacTown Rappers . His lyrics are equal parts motivation and hope for the youth. *If any artists are missing from the list or should be added email His beats sound like updated versions of those on The Chronic, his flow just as lazy and stylish. Why You Need To Know Him: It’s rare to find an artist thriving off pure talent in 2019. One of Kendrick's main homies in his Black Hippy collective (a group of Cali rappers at the core of the new scene), ScHoolboy Q made a name for himself this year with his excellent chart-topping album Oxymoron. But when the '90s ended, West Coast hip-hop faded from the public eye. No social media stunts. 100s may come from the Bay Area as well, but you can bet he's not spending his time yiking. Sounds Like: Pro Era’s California counterparts. J-Stone is that rare artist. Notable Songs: “The Marathon Continues” and “See You Fail”. Notable Songs: “Do Wit It,” “Playa,” “Penny Proud” and “Two Tone Drip”. It's this inventive combination that landed him a deal with Def Jam and a nomination for the XXL Freshman class of 2014. Why You Need To Know Him: AzSwaye has been going up in 2019. Why You Need To Know Him: Quincey White is one of the most dynamic rising rappers in L.A.—check his Sway In The Morning freestyle for proof. Sounds Like: Hustler music with a shot of helium. No internet gimmicks. It wasn't so long ago that the young Santa Monica-based Earl Sweatshirt was more rallying cry than rapper: "Free Earl" was chanted at every Odd Future concert in 2011 and even on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, during the long period when Earl disappeared from the rap collective.