IF there were extra steel added to the framing this could also make for a better weight set up for hauling two sleds. I have the green and the good news is we are not in a hurry. The money raised will go towards our film budget, music rights, editing and producing the documentary for the public by fall 2015. I just think automobiles/trucks from down south seem almost preserved compared to the rust buckets I find up here for sale. These customized 4X4 school buses comfortably Can You Still Go RVing Without Camping Reservation... Will The Hummer EV Be The New Favorite For RVers? Not everyone is looking for cute – some are looking for a safe place to stay while exploring the outdoors. Commercial Enterprises all over the world know that when you need to move people through challenging terrain a 4×4 bus or other specialty vehicle with a 4×4 conversion is the way to go. Please check your email and confirm your newsletter subscription. Being a subscriber to Tiny House Newsletter it is an honor to be able to share my project of converting a 4×4 short school bus into a Tiny Home on the move. Is Your RV Water Tank In Danger Of Falling Out? If this wasn't already sold I would have paid top dollar: Bearbus, that bus is SWEET! Because, drivers of mining company equipment aren’t exactly noted for their loving care of machinery! Bus Life Adventure. … Its only money and you cant take it with you, right??

Because we always use industry standard parts and components, you’ll be able to enjoy hassle free maintenance and repair for the life of your van. Oh, and storage for your Red Ryder BB Gun... Portable shower allows use inside or outside. I been living in (slept on the floor day 1)/working on converting (from bare box to yay the sink works! var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Hi Everyone! See details. Things like a leaking exhaust manifold, alternator, vacuum pump, etc. With one driver you can take a large or small group, in a controlled environment, over hill and dale, to the action.

Allan Whiting was trained by Volvo Trucks in the 1970s as a military vehicle demonstration driver and for many years was a qualified 4WD instructor. The nook in the front of the bus has a removable passenger seat for when traveling and is one of my favorite designs of the interior.

This 4×4 School Bus Tiny House Conversion is a guest post by Brock Butterfield of Bus Life Adventure.

Just as a regular school bus conversion seems like an obvious choice, so does … We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. He is respected as one of Australia’s foremost 4×4 reviewer. These cookies do not store any personal information. Looks like it’s made from steel, with two snowmobiles, firewood,propane and generator, it’s has to be heavy. Certainly can’t leave home without that. Hey cowlitzcoach, thanks for the reply.

Our 4×4 conversions are designed with hassle free maintenance in mind. I am surprised that it’s even street legal with that huge overhang off the back. ft. living quarter. Standard equipment on 4×4 buses and commercial vehicles can vary drastically based on your underlying chassis and engine configuration. This vehicle is totally unsafe. If you transport groups anywhere, consider a 4X4 bus from RLS Enterprises. What a great layout this has.

Contact us today talk about your van, or. Bus 4×4 Group is an Australian owned 4×4 conversion company and bus body builder based in Brisbane, Australia. We offer both monobeam and  independent front suspension conversions, but availability will be determined by your underlying chassis.

Every share helps inspire people towards simple living, including yours. In most cases, we reuse as many of the OEM parts as possible, including steering and brakes, so that regular maintenance is a simple as possible. is no simple task or one to venture into lightly; it requires planning, patience, time and funds if you want it done (and it’s never really “done”) right.

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You could easily take off part of the body and have a deck on what is left of the original frame rails. Under the deck is lots of storage for wood, tools, snowboards, ladder, backup generator, propane, etc. The buses and vehicles here in Fl rust just as easily as any other state. I know that I did and now I have very fond memories to look back on. I started this project for two reasons. I look forward to seeing your films this fall. Cushions for the bed are memory foam that I took from a bed top, cut into sections and had an upholsterer finish.

Bus 4×4 offers an AWD Conversion Kit to suit Australia’s most popular people mover, the Toyota Coaster.

Tulsa Truck told me the 4x4 conversion adds $32,000.00 to the cost of the vehicle. LOL!!

We offer AWD Conversions on Toyota Hiace and Toyota Coaster or complete build of Iveco Daily and Torsus Praetorian which can later be fitted as a campervan or motorhome. For all we know this is what the builder did. Read Allan Whiting’s review on the Bus 4×4 AWD Conversion of 300 Series Toyota Hiace, Read Allan Whiting’s review on Bus 4×4 Mine Vehicles, Read Allan Whiting’s review on Bus 4×4 Motorhome Conversion of Toyota Coaster. I would not have shortened an already short bus tho, I’d have opted for a trailer. Our 4×4 Motorhomes are built on the Bus 4×4 AWD Conversion Kits as true off-road systems with High and Low Range 4×4 and raised suspension to improve clearance. I live in a bus just this size that is a tiny house! My summer and fall has been consumed with removing all the bus seats, chopping the back four feet off and reattaching, welding a deck on the back for two snowmobiles and converting the inside to a cozy 76 sq. Bus 4×4 is one of the leading companies in Australia offering professionally engineered AWD Conversion Kits to suit Toyota Hiaces and Toyota Coasters under Second Stage Compliance. With independent front suspension for increased manoeuvrability, increased ground clearance to ride over obstacles, and super single tyres for improved road grip, this is your ideal vehicle for mining operations, remote schools, tour operators and motorhome conversions. In addition to being durable, the parts we use are always common enough that they’ll be easy to locate when performing repairs which will ensure minimal down time. That is what I did, plus some writing and reading.

Solar: Two 100w Grape Solar panels, MPPT 320w charge controller, 2000w Xantrex inverterLights and Outlets: LED lights and ten 120v outlets throughout the bus.Fridge: Grape Solar 12v/120v FridgeWashing machine: Basecamp single tub washing machineStove: Basecamp 2 Burner Angle IronWood Stove: Kni-Co TrekkerShower: Basecamp BOSS Portable Propane ShowerBackup Generator: Honda EU2000i (with eco throttle)Storage: Yakima Skybox carbon fiberBed: Memory foam topper with outdoor patio furniture fabric for repelling water and longer wear and tear.Curtains: Felt backed custom curtains for holding in heat during winter or keeping out sun in summer.

1. I’ll also be living with three other guys during the winter months to film six web episodes of us living in 76 sq. I agree, I’m not so sure about a wood burning stove. I don’t know about the US where this was built and it seems Is being used but in the UK where I live I think it would require at least single vehicle type approval and with the overhang it’s not likely it would get it, and for the reasons I stated above it would most likely fail basic motorhome approval I find it strange the difference in relative laws and acts surrounding the same thing state by state of likewise country by country and remain fascinated if not saddened at what some view as “safe”

A lot less to worry about balance wise and being on a large chassis weight is not much of a concern. Support this Bus Tiny House Project on Kickstarter and you can get some awesome goodies (including the documentary) in return! Steering, ride and handling felt no different from standard Toyota Coaster behaviour, despite the higher stance of the modified vehicle. That you tube video helps to see how they made brackets for the carrier bearings, etc. So I don’t think there is a huge amount of weight back there from the sleds.

Also prevents pipes from freezing in winter as there are no pipes. Most of them have what looks like an insane over hang behind those rear axles—it is possible–I haven’t seen the build video—that this is what he refered to when he said he took out seats and re-worked the rear end—there may have been about the same amount of overhang but with the bus cab on top as there is now. Whether you need a commercial fleet with a single 4×4 bus, or an entire fleet of 4×4 specialty vehicles, we understand how much your organization depends on them. => Support this Bus Tiny House Project on Kickstarter and you can get some awesome goodies (including the documentary) in return! Our vehicles are designed to pass commercial passenger vehicle inspections in any Australian State or Territory.

For anyone considering something similar I have seen buses on a commercial chassis like a full length one but only about half as long. 4×4 Bus and Commercial Vehicle Standard Equipment. Drive safe, ride safe, and best of luck to you. I am going to have to have me someone to share my little home with and help to build it for us both…I am very single and looking for someone with itchy feet and , I worked on carnivals for 32 plus years… I am planning on going back out and if you are single and want to live the lifestyle with me…get in touch with me and we can talk…. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.