Further on in the statement, Zech alleged that Morley had an affair for six months during their relationship. What would South Africa be like if apartheid never happened? |  RWBY: Pronounced Ruby. She also voices the character Dr. Emily Grey in the longest running web-based series, Red vs. Blue, created by the Austin-based production company, Rooster Teeth.Arryn was born in Rota, Spain, but was raised in the city of New Braunfels, Texas. As of July 6th, neither Bob Morley, Eliza Taylor, or any representative has come forward to make a statement regarding this accusation. Log In Sign Up. The COVID-19 lockdown made me forget how to talk to people, The COVID-19 lockdown made me forget how…, I went on a 12-hour first date and it was absolutely perfect, How Bedhead, Blush and Stilettos rose to fame as “sex symbols”, How Bedhead, Blush and Stilettos rose to…, These are the trending, political debates ending relationships everywhere, These are the trending, political debates ending…, The ‘Blue Wall’ Crumbled in 2016; Here’s How it’s Holding in 2020, The ‘Blue Wall’ Crumbled in 2016; Here’s…, Here’s how Maine’s election results could be impacted by its new ranked choice voting technique, Here’s how Maine’s election results could be…, actress spoke of her abuse on a Twitch stream with fans and the surprise and shock from her accusations have sent shockwaves through both the, Morley and Zech were together for at least three and a half years before their break up on Valentine’s Day 2019. Despite this, Zech had been mostly silent about it until now, aside a couple of remarks made here and there about being betrayed by two close people recently. She is no longer with the guy, and she is happy. I was a victim. Even though people like Bob Morley, Eliza Taylor, and Arryn Zech are in the media, they also have a private life that the general public is not privy to. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Voice actress Arryn Zech took to Twitter on Friday to share a lengthy statement accusing her ex-boyfriend Bob Morley of verbally and emotionally abusing her throughout their three-year relationship. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Sometimes, it is only the people who are closest to them that are able to see that side of a person and may not always be able to realize it or bring it to life when it is happening. With over 10 years of training in theatre, various acting methods, and classical voice, Arryn is based in Los Angeles pursing her career in voice over, film, and television. However, Zech noted that because her stream was mostly filled with fans of RWBY — a show where she voices main character Blake Belladonna — a “game of telephone” had started leading to false information being carried to The 100 fandom and causing many people to attack her with false accusations.

While she did not name Taylor, fans noted that the timeline matched up as Morley and Taylor announced they had gotten married four months after he supposedly ended things with Zech in February 2019. Morley is the male lead character on The 100 since its conception and has had a strong and loyal following from the show’s creation in 2014.