Ventriloquist and Scarface cameo in this show as Arkham inmates. While Wesker didn't appear in that game either, he did appear in the tie-comics. Detective Comics #583

He appears to be killed early on in season 5, however will reappear later in the season in which he has taken on the Ventriloquist identity and has his puppet Scarface in tow. As an adult, Wesker suffered a psychotic break and killed a man during a bar-fight (by Wesker's own account, the murder was completely accidental). "slot_uuid":"ec36c547-d79f-40ab-b41d-d4cae0bfc13e" The Dummy is an upcoming DC Comics minifigure who will appear in LEGO DC: Shazam!

The Sheriff if I remember well ! After the events of Flashpoint, the DC Universe was drastically changed. ©2008-2020 The LEGO Group. There, he encountered the ventriloquist dummy Scarface and promptly murdered the man who'd carved the dummy. Wesker later appears as one of the members of the Secret Society of Super Villains that faces the Jade Canary, who pitches Scarface off the top of a roof. Batman fought through the Ventriloquist's armed men and apprehended the drug lord and his puppet master. One of Scarface's closest enforcers, Bruno, betrayed his former employer and threw his lot in with the Demonz. ScarfaceThe SocietyJustice League of Arkham The Brothers Brick, circle logo, and wordmark are trademarks of The Brothers Brick, LLC. A Tommy Gun was mounted which solved a riddle that was related to the Ventriloquist. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! George Dzundza (voice)Dan Castellaneta (voice)Larry Brisbowitz (voice)Andrew SellonDave B. Mitchell (voice) The tunnel led to the shoreline of the island near the prison boathouse.

And a terrifying one to boot. Batman Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. When Donnegan discovered them, he punched Wesker in the face, shouting that nobody touches his puppet. Daniel Matthews The one on the left was constructed from LEGO bricks while the one on the right (I’m 95% sure) was devised by more natural means. The shock of witnessing his parents' death forced Arnold to repress all emotion.

For example, Scarface often calls Batman "Gatman.". ©2020 LEGO … Wesker was originally a timid orphan whose deep repression erupted into a barroom brawl, resulting in him being sent to Blackgate Prison. is the dummy head legit? The puppet, unsatisfied with the name that Donnegan had given him, decided to provide himself with a new name, one more befitting an angry criminal mind with high ambitions – Scarface. Even as a child, Wesker was a meek and timid human being. Check out that stage. The two are now inseparable, directing a series of criminal activities.