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A young groundhog in profile as it sits motionless at the entrance to its den, Mama groundhog with babies. I’ve been assuming this is more of a late summer or autumn thing, but it occurs to me that perhaps I haven’t listened to that many dens while summer still burns strong. Also known as a Woodchuck, Marmot with her baby near the burrow - Saas Fee - landmark attraction in Switzerland. Young Groundhog Marmota Monax standing with carrot in grass, Groundhog sitting in grass with carrot portrait. Adorable small funny young groundhog Marmota Monax closeup faces front with mouth open, Baby marmot.

Check out Groundhog by Numbered_sounds on Amazon Music. I've never used this sound, just heard it for the first time and thought it was great. I think they are beautiful creatures. What a great and atmospheric story about your recording it! Let these cute baby groundhogs warm your heart instead. Young groundhog Marmota monax near shed in springtime. And I like your new avatar! I love this. Do you think the higher pitched sounds are from a young beaver and the lower pitched from an adult? Infestations of opossums trash yards, scatter trash outside and inside homes, and dirty basements and attics when they use these spaces for nesting and birthing. I’m just guessing these are young, but maybe some beaver expert will tell me otherwise. of her own. I hope you can hear them. Canada, Groundhog. Very glad you took the time (all night?) Good job. Aside from water trickling over the dam and occasional chewing sounds, things were surprisingly quiet until around 3am, at which time I was treated to quite a display of talkings. An adult groundhog or woodchuck with a cute baby groundhog pup, kit, or cub in green grass with blue sky copy space, Low Angle Baby Groundhog. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A curious young groundhog. The groundhog is a lowland creature of North America; it is found through much of the eastern United States, across Canada and into Alaska. What a great catch, and still my all-time favorite beaver recording! You too were quite brave to risk your audio equipment with all those big gnawing teeth around. Clicking and "choo choo" sounds coming from roofs and attics often mean that mothers and their babies have made their dens there. If so, it sounds like there might be two youngsters there. It was first scientifically described by Carl Linnaeus in 1758. My cat is fascinated by the sounds too! I have both the adult and baby groundhog distress sounds. Canada, Groundhog juvenile. Baby marmot stands on the ground in alpine meadow, Trentino, Italy, Mother and child groundhogs. Small Young Groundhog Out Forging For Food, Baby prairie dog feeding at its lair. I could listen to these darling murmurings all day! The new pups grow very rapidly, and are weaned at about 5 weeks.

Baby groundhog, climbing a tree, Baby groundhog in the green grass. African Animals facts photos and videos..Africa is a wonderland for animal lovers, and a schoolroom for anyone who wants to learn about nature, beauty and the rhythm of life.

Let these cute baby groundhogs warm your heart instead. Hisses and clicks in basements, garages, or under porches could be mating calls or attempts to frighten off predators like coyotes, foxes, or large dogs. Ottawa, Ontario. Their mother will bring soft foods like flowers and grass into the burrow for the youngsters to sample. Wildlife, nature, animals, Young groundhog in grass facing front in springtime. Now Noisia are ready to present the next installment of Division. Could be that these are actually two very old guys telling dirty jokes! Diane: Good observation. Never handle wild opossums. I just had a moment of panic when I was closing extra tabs in my browser and the beginning of this recording started emanating quietly from my computer–I thought that scraping sound was my hard drive at first! make expressive moans from within the den, especially in the autumn of the year? Walking around near his hole, Baby Groundhog. A cute and fluffy baby groundhog or woodchuck kit, pup, or cub, Baby groundhog in the grass. Adorable baby groundhog, Marmota Monax, Groundhog with Baby Groundhog Kit. All rights reserved. All of the sounds in our library are studio-grade quality. Adorable baby groundhog, Marmota Monax, Baby groundhog side profile. Sounded like babies. Let these cute baby groundhogs warm your heart instead. I’ll never see a beaver or a beaver damn again without recalling these sweet tender sounds. They are hairless, with closed eyes and ears, and are completely helpless. I didn’t move, and after about a few minutes it came so close to me that I could hear it breathing.