WTB Crust Evasion/Medium or Small. This aside, it fits the criteria of an overland explorer perfectly. Offline, his passion for cycling kicked off when he was introduced to randonneuring back in 2010. I’m super bummed that the fork is not a 15x100mm spacing All my old awesome mountain wheelsets are loosing options and that makes me sad. Which I feel is a disgusting term, can we bring back the term bicycle touring, it sounds so much more fun and adventurous. For those plus-tires, the prospector has a custom eccentric Bottom Bracket allowing a half an inch of bottom bracket height adjustability (12mm), in turn making it equally as suitable for 29+ and 27.5+ tires. When we tested the rigid-specific Jones Plus (now rebranded LWB), we were blown away by its trail manners; we never expected a bike that was so upright and comfortable to ride could also be so capable on technical singletrack. Is the yellow color gonna be a frameset or complete build? Are there fender mounts on the fork and frame, and is there attachment points for a rear rack? Components, Wheels.

We should point out that the bike featured in our review isn’t quite current; new frames no longer feature canti studs, making the bike disc-specific and more plus-size friendly, as it’s easier to install and remove wheels. Surly introduced this supersized tire width in 2012 with the wagon wheel, 29+ Krampus. There are two sizes to choose from and a number of colors. Required fields are marked *. Budget only allows for one bike – are we allowed to ask about Romanceurs yet or will this be the light touring bike of choice? 27.5 x 2.5″ minions will tuck right up to 413 mm if you run gears and slam it. The Evasion lite is a stripped backed version of the original Evasion and the differences include the following. Since then, Salsa has refined it to be a versatile machine. 3: Fixed 142mm X 12mm rear dropouts.

Bike Tips Ep1: Spacers.

But, what makes it most interesting is its non-suspension corrected fork. Components, Stems. They’re also better in mud, thanks to the larger clearances afforded by your frame and fork, and the fact that they have less of a tendency to plane over surfaces. These look great! You can also purchase a frameset for $1100 with a Steel Diamond frame with unicrown fork (most economical build) or with a steel truss fork for £1350.

The Fargo is the bike that started it all. 11. $1,300 also gets you WTB 35 rims and 2.8” tires, making for a very capable all-round bike, which will run a 100-120mm suspension fork if you so choose. La Roca also has fender mounts and low rider rack mounts. Read more here. Thoughts on evasion lite + cargo fork + dog? The second is your own stature.

Its got rack mounts and water bottle bosses just were you would expect them and a nice long head tube, to get you in a comfy spot, for long days in the saddle, without a Fugly tower of spacers. Click each list item to expand the details and see a larger photo. And, should you want to run front suspension, a 120mm fork with 25% sag keeps the geometry the same. Which particular model works best for you will likely depend on what you intend to do with it. After growing tired of living in a 29-foot trailer with three cats and a dog, they recently set up a homestead in the Appalachian Mountains near Asheville, North Carolina. If you’re in the UK, this one is hard to beat on price.

All sizes are heat treated CR-MO Worth noting too is that bikes with plus-size clearances often overlap with ‘wide trail’ clearances in the next wheel size up. It’s also less prone to fatigue and easy to repair, making it a perfect material for backcountry exploits. This combo put the BB at 285mm. When it was released, the Crust Bikes Evasion was a true to form game changer for production bikes but even then, some games should be changed up a bit. Both mounted to Velocity SS blunts. Happy either way. 11 comments. Here is the take-away: - Straight 1,1/8th Crust carbon fork with internal dynamo routing … There are pros and cons to each wheel size.

When it was released, the Crust Bikes Evasion was a true to form game changer for production bikes but even then, some games should be changed up a bit. Evasion. Showing all 13 results. Posted by 1 month ago. Unfortunately, there’s a lack of water bottle mounts on the stock rigid fork, but at least there’s plenty to be found elsewhere.

THEY WILL NOT MAKE THE BIKE 142mm. The Evasion geometry has been updated for 2018 and there are some important changes to be aware of. When it comes to backcountry touring, we’re big fans of fully rigid, steel, plus-tired mountain bikes with flat bars. Are you tall in stature, or on the shorter end? 1: Straight 1,1/8th Crust carbon fork with internal dynamo routing and brake cable routing.

Note that the BB drop is offset by the ability to rotate the eccentric bottom bracket by as much as 12mm, and the fact that all Jones bikes are specced with cranks 5mm shorter than usual.

This is a bike you could get rowdy on, too; it’s suspension corrected for a 120mm fork, set up with 25% sage, or you can even push it to 130mm, with 30%. Start Here, Broadly speaking, there are three bikepacking genres to choose from – Multi-day Mountain Biking, Ultralight Race & Gravel, and Expedition & Dirt Touring. Setting them up without inner tubes eliminates the risk of a pinch flat – but watch out for rim strike. It also has triple bottle mounts on both the top and bottom of the down tube, as well as a pair on the seat tube. We will always stop for a photo, or to hit a jump. I'm sure it's a long-shot, but hit me up.

Almost all these bikes use chromoly frames and forks, and feature the kind of mounting points you’d expect from an off-road touring bike, like eyelets on the fork and downtube, or provision for front and rear racks. save hide report. While we haven’t reviewed the Fargo directly, we’ve spent plenty of time on the 29+ Deadwood, which is essentially the same bike with a color and graphics change. In your opinion, in what ways does it ride differently than the original evasion?

Do you favour the ability to roll over all manner of terrain, or do you prefer a bike that’s lighter and handles more quickly? Stay tuned for the full review. If you want more tire clearance go with this one, if you want to run a road crank, go with the bombora.If you don’t care about any of that, go with the one that will get you the most psyched about riding. – Flat mount front and rear. This highlighter green Crust Evasion frame – lovingly nicknamed “Gravedigger” – came into John’s life a couple years ago when he was invited to Vermont to ride the XVT (Cross Vermont Bikepacking Route) with friends, including Matt from Crust Bikes. Featuring a made-in-the-USA steel frame, sliding dropouts, and plenty of mounts, its a great option to consider when eying bikes such as the Krampus, ECR, and the Tumbleweed Prospector. 100mm X 12mm. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Translation? Each bike is built to spec, from a choice of high end components. No rocker dropouts on this one, in efforts to shave weight. However by doing this it slightly minimizes the max tire clearance. The Crust Evasion is designed around 26+ (up to 26 x 3″) tires on 45mm rims, but it’s just as happy on a 650B tire (27.5″) up to x 2.4″ wide.

5: All sizes up to the Large have 28.6 D.T and TT, the Large and Xtra-Large have a 28.6 TT and a 31.8 DT. The Unit X is a pretty sweet deal if you’re looking to get into bikepacking. Apparel, Hats. Bottom bracket height, standover clearance, and trail are all calculated with a 356mm (14″) radius tire. The fourth issue of The Bikepacking Journal hit mailboxes this spring. The frame handles bikepacking loads quite well and it should also take a classic 4-pannier, loaded-to-the-gills setup without issue. Preferably in raw.

Note then that Short Wheel Base is a relative term – the stays are still some 449mm in length. The Speedball is a 29+ bike featuring a Klunkpacker bi-plane fork with triple cage mounts. In addition, the bike is loaded with mounts. Yard Sale; The Parts Bin; FAQ; Login × Recently added. Still, there’s eyelets on the downtube and the fork, as well as rack eyelets, so it’s definitely a frameset that has bikepacking potential. BIKEPACKING.com is dedicated to exploration by bicycle. Yep it is a 73mm threaded BB MTB crank is needed. It’s a trail bike at heart. Generally speaking, the larger the wheel, the smoother the ride. 0 comments. ps- this new rig looks sick af. Read our full release with specs here and stay tuned for a full review. Also, read the pre-launch QA with founder Daniel Malloy. Do you know if there is any toe overlap on a size medium/170mm cranks/27.5×2.4? Pretty much the same.

Just remember that you’ll want to build up a set of wheels with wider rims, as the standard ones are rather narrow.

Unlike many fat bikes out there (although its not just a fat bike), the Scapegoat sports a 73mm Bottom Bracket shell, which allows a comfortable 170mm Q-Factor. 26 x 3.0 fits in the front and 26 x 2.8 is the max for the rear. That makes sense, thanks. Having had some time with this bike in the French Alps, we can vouch for its singletrack prowess and its build quality. It’s simple, classic, and sensibly specced. It comes specced with 2.4s on 29mm rims.

*By clicking submit, you're also subscribing to our email list. 40mm LD Stem. If you buy replacement Paragon inserts and they don’t for some reason fit, please contact us and not Paragon to resolve the issue. Whilst these routes may be perfectly rideable on tires with less volume, plus-size tires add undoubted confidence and comfort to your off-road riding. The stock build looks good, with a SRAM NX Eagle Boost drivetrain and a choice between a 29er wheelset or 27.5+, both tubeless ready. Hailing from Germany, Tout Terrain’s frames are made in Taiwan but painted and assembled in Germany. This combo also put the BB at 295mm in height. Components, Stems. Yeah I really look up to Ritchey, they for sure walk their own path. Outside of bikes, music has always been a driving force in John’s life, and the audiophiles among us might be interested in checking out his work as a mastering engineer at panicStudios.