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How many loaves of bread have you eaten in your lifetime?". Media KUJI WorldA.jpg|DIO Anniversaries If God exists and is controlling destiny, there's never been a relationship as cultivated as our! DIO appears in the game's opening, during a scene where Giorno Giovanna looks at the picture of his father in his wallet (replicating the action taken in an early chapter from Vento Aureo). DIO will sporadically appear throughout the game to taunt the heroes and comment on what tarot cards have been chosen for them. Bruford est vaincu grâce à un Turquoise Blue Overdrive, (Surcharge Bleu Turquoise) une propagation de l'Onde sous l'eau. The ability is best known for DIO's activation and cancellation phrases THE WORLD, Time, stop! My Stand, as it disintegrates, will absorb the souls of the 36 sinners and will give birth to something utterly new. All of you must die, quickly, utterly. Where it finally ascends, is what I'm talking about. At first, he could only do this for a very short amount of time, but by the end of Part 3, he is able to stop time for a maximum of 9 seconds. Marriage and friendship are also for this purpose. :kissing_heart: :heart: except that this voice litteraly doesnt fit dio at all how could anyone watch such torture but this has nothing to do the list, "useless useless useless" BBBBBBOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIII i cant believe they didnt just let it be muda muda muda and guy sounds like his life is useless saying it, i litteraly just logged in with google just to comment how abominable the dubbed version is , i litteraly felt like commiting seppuku 10 times troughout this post 1. You can't spell idiot without Dio … The bread analogy is brilliant and delivered so well! The ability is best used with normal attacks in mind in order to deal the most damage within the stopped time, as they do not take long to perform and their damage reduction is insubstantial. If Shadow Dio is transformed by Alessi's Stand, he will transform into Wang Chan carrying Dio's severed head in a jar from the final few chapters of Part 1. Manga Debut (Dio Brando, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure / Zephyr, Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin) Dio is a fairly popular character among Japanese game developers, and many of their original characters are inspired at least in part by the deranged vampire. OVA: Andrew Chaikin(English Dub) Marco Balzarotti(Italian Dub) TV anime: Patrick SeitzW (English Dub).