Stacking plates is alright in that at does allow for easy height [...] {23 comments} Space Saving DIY Barbell Rack / Bar Storage. Medicine Ball Rack 109089 . 5" Wheels- 3 Swivel and 1 Swivel with brake. The concept is simple: you need a place to store plates and butts. Instead of spend money on expensive plate racks (most of which aren't that great anyway) that could be put to better use buying... plates... we threw together some simple racks that can store both a full set of bumper plates and the metal change. There, I said it. 5 Bar Storage 109082. 2 years ago. Article from So here we go. Great job and thank you. Custom Wall-Mounted 10 Bar Rack 109081-LOGO. I built a vertical plate storage rack that rolls around on wheels. This weight plate & bumper plate storage rack pegs hold up to 120 lbs! Using a support, the plates are much easier to lift out of the rack. Are your measurements for these bumpers? I will add small wheels on it and our logo, Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches, USA Weightlifting National Champion team Catalyst Athletics, (2) 35" lengths of 2x6" (make sure to measure what you'll need for your own plates), Drill, bits, Tape Measure, Square, Pencil. Overview on the steps required for adding a rear-mounted bumper storage box to your travel trailer using angle iron. The exact measurements are of course to fit the plates we have, which are the old Werksan economy plates, so make sure you measure your own plates before you commit to your final assembly (only the spacing of the inner supports will be affected—all plates are the same diameter). I just came back to this article for reference and damn, those bumpers have changed. A-Frame Plate Storage 109107. Good luck on your future projects and hope this helped. 6' Storage … VIEWS. If you have the wall space for a gun rack, I strongly suggest just buying one.It’s obviously much simpler than building your own DIY barbell rack. Shipping. Two of these pieces make up the sides and the last supports the plates from underneath. Lastly, I added a Pre-Stain then a Stain to protect the wood and leave a nice finish. Did you custom make this size board? The following is a simple guide to doing the same yourself. Specs 2-45's, 2-35's, 2-25's, 2-10's each roughly 17 3/4" in diameter. Thanks for the article Greg! Depending on how level your surface is, you may want all of your wheels to feature a brake. So from front edge to second to last 17" slat. Hey what kind of paint did you use to paint the plate rack? Rolling Bumper Post 109084A. DIY Chuckbox .. 9-16 1/2"-   These are the cross-members and while this length should work for most plates, it'd be worth checking the difference between yours and the Rogue HG Set. Plate racks are a rip-off. 7650. They require minimal, relatively low-quality steel, and aren't exactly remarkable feats of engineering. I will do this to store all those plates.. Very inexpensive, doesn't take much time, and the results are definitely worth the effort.