You are required to be Defender of the Faith when the provinces are converted. As a country that does not start with a female heir, have a female heir while having a Castle in your capital (more advanced fort buildings do not count). I completed it in 1495, although quicker is certainly possible. Unfinished colonies also don't count. Austrian players already start as the emperor so they won't get the achievement. You can drop Crete, Corfu and Dalmacija and pick up Milan and Ragusa, Release Croatia to help control the Ragusa trade node to ensure your wealth. Have three unions at the same time as Austria. Eventually, one will get a 3-star general via a rare event. Focus solely on accumulating diplomatic points to develop them.

Own or have a subject own the entire world. The required provinces are the geographical region of the Caribbean, not the colonial region. One possible and relatively easy way to do this is with. Home » Guides » Europa Universalis IV: The Navigator Achievement Guide. The requirements do not match the actual Centers of Trade. As Hamburg, trade in both Gems and Livestock. Shadowdemon112 May 13, 2018 @ 3:03pm if you think I add too much achievements to the comment section. Starting as Burgundy, form Lotharingia and have a female ruler named Marie. This completes our second age objective, since we already have land in two continents, and greatly boosts our splendour point generation. As Defender of a Muslim Faith, propagate your religion in The Moluccas through trade to convert 5 provinces. It is also good option to start as Korea, form Japan, then conquer Philippines, Indonesia to achieve this achievement.

As a Somali nation, fully own the Horn of Africa region and have a monthly gold income of at least 10 ducats. Can be done without Cradle of Civilization by editing the player's Steam name to match the name of a general or by creating monarch in Custom Setup with exact name as player's Steam name and assign as general. As Fezzan, control at least 90% of the trade power in Tunis, Katsina, Safi and Timbuktu. It’s important to set Granada as a rival. Forming other nations will prevent this achievement. As an Italian culture nation, make sure entire Tunis Area is at 100 devastation. Hopefully my guide aids in getting you achievements. Poland is the easiest nation to play for this achievement due to the cavalry combat ability in their national ideas. Starting as a Duchy, have 1000 development without upgrading your government rank. Starting as an Orthodox Nation, Consecrate Metropolitan in Roma. Your main objective should bet to get the provinces of Kocaeli and Hüdavendigar, so that in next war you can build up your galley navy and block the straits. The column denotes achievements which can't be completed without the use of DLC mechanics (currently 91 out of 310). The achievement won't be given if the player full-annexes a country due to a bug. Don't bother your diplomatic relation slots. Due to, The Indian sub-continent already has the highest concentration of cotton-producing provinces in the game, so this achievement is best partnered with. You Get A New Home, And You Get A New Home. If the fleet stops to repair, ships can also be sent to augment it while it is in port. As Garhwal own and maintain 52 forts without going into debt.

Avoid the event at the start of the game that attempts to free Sirhind by using the 'place relative on throne' subject interaction right away. Starting as a custom nation in the Caribbean with the Bahamas as a core, and privateering in the Carribean will allow you to spawn New Providence extremely quickly, giving you time to expand and colonize much of the Caribbean before the European colonial powers arive. Instead take something far more important in the peace deal. As Saxony, own or have a subject own all Chinaware provinces in the world. Start as Bengal and own Samarkand as a core province. As Ryazan, own Saratov, Crimea and Kazan while being independent. As Poland, become an absolutist monarchy, abolishing the Sejm. Estates are reguarly used for monarch point generation and when we colonise we also want to use the abilities “Grant New World Charter” and “Establish New World Mission” on cooldown in order to maximise our colonial growth. As a dutchie, I would be bad to not include this: All help is much apprieciated, you can't post too much! Own the provinces of Lolland (1983), Haha (2470), and Hehe (4073). Alternatively be on the first two to convert to Protestantism, and when you have a new monarch and Reformed has spawned, convert to Reformed.

Possible to achieve in Custom Setup and Random Setup nation modes. Have your dynasty on 8 thrones at the same time. Start as a Japanese Daimyo, convert yourself and all of Japan to Christianity.

Exploit all provinces within 10-20 development, boost development of all provinces below 10. Requires all the territory of. Has to be Protestant and lead the League. Start as England, own and have a core on Paris (do not form another country unless it's Great Britain). Some achievements will require that you play as a released nation. From now on our troops belong in Africa and we should do whatever we can to avoid having to send them back to Europe. Starting as Mzab, Touggourt or Djerid, reform Al-Andalus. Note that since Thatta is in a, The new manufactories (Ramparts, Soldier's Households, Impressment Offices, State House) are also necessary. Your email address will not be published.

Yemen is reformable via culture shift, so this is very attainable playing as any country.

Own and have cores on all of India as a European nation. Humiliate Granada. Form Arabia and be the nation producing the most coffee in the world. Select “Native repression” as our colonial policy for maximum colonial growth. Your heavy ships and …

Have a Siege Specialist general win a siege in a province with a fort. Starting as Odoyev, own one of every manufactory. Either stack multiple policy bonuses, or become Emperor of China, which has a +20% durability decree. A trade company must control at least 51% of the trade power in its node for it to be a "strong" company and give you an extra merchant. Can be done by culture shifting and forming. Starting as a Custom Nation of up to 400 points in the British Region, own New York, San Francisco, Suez, Bombay, Calcutta, Hong Kong and Yokohama by 1524.11.11. Wastelands are not needed.

The third rival should be set after advancing the game a month and should typically be whoever Granada has allied. Easiest to do as Aragon by allying Austria in 1444, abandoning your Personal Union with Naples, and returning 1-2 provinces in Sicily to get just below 200 development.

Since patch 1.30 limited country forming (aka endgame tags) must also be active. Forming Andalusia will not prevent the achievement. As the shogun, keep going to war to release annexed daimyos (alternatively ensure there are no wars by ensuring remaining daimyos do not border each other). When we have the first idea (Mission to the New World) an exploration fleet should be sent to the Carribean. Might be quicker and more fun to create a custom nation with harmonizing ideas. One intermediate tag that may be useful is Jerusalem, since it gives claims on most of the Egyptian culture lands. It really helps me improve the guide. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. However ours lasts a few months longer.

As Manipur, unite the Bengal region and convert it to Animism. All of this is noted in the table. You could also wait for the last age and use Unrestricted Conquest. Use estates to generate monarch points, Maximum monarch points (150) are available if an estate has more than 75 influence, so feel free to use abilities such as recruiting ministers (but not actually hiring them) in order to increase the influence of estates. Although the achievement specifically says "maximum manpower" you actually need to have more than a million saved up. Alternatively, annexing Bitlis with 3 additional provinces will reduce the amount of developing needed (note that annexation can start as early as 1445 in this case).

It is only visible to you. As France, hold 100 European core provinces before 1500. Have 10 different War Reparations being paid to you at the same time. Bohemia, the nations in the British Isles and those in Scandinavia start in a great position for this achievement. Make sure to attack Muscovy ASAP to remove a future potential threat. You should also build 2 light ships (barques) and add them to your trade fleet. Focus on expanding south and northwest to begin the game. Colonizing Taiwan counts for the achievement; no need to wait for a Mingplosion. Secure a Royal Marriage with another country. As Wales, hold Cardiff, Dublin, Edinburgh, Rome, Paris and London.

You may want to stay out of the league wars and rent out your troops to the losing side so you can keep the war going. As Kotte or Kandy, own all of India and convert it to Theravada Buddhism. Have at least 21 different subjects with 5 cities each and without any subject having 50% or more Liberty Desire. You start with 5 wool-producing provinces. As Hungary, own all of Austria as core provinces. As soon as we declare war, move the troops to Jabar Tariq.

Establish a colony on any province of the Australian coastline (no need to finish the colony).