and irrationally stupid things (see first example). Do you think they were being punished, or do you think their tragedies were random and unplanned?

With Orpheus constantly strumming his lyre, this myth has more songs than an episode of Glee.

Master of the Black Art of Necromancy. Each time, the couple's extreme happiness is only temporary.

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Lyre music was very popular with the Greeks.

For a myth about escaping death, death sure feels pretty inescapable here. That's some pretty powerful stuff, don't you think? Mark Williams, By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / arr. The lesson here might be that although love is powerful, it's ultimately not as powerful as death, which (as Orpheus told Hades) eventually conquers everything. Yeah, Dr. Byron Orpheus is pretty much the father you always wanted.SUBSCRIBE: The Venture Bros.:The Venture Bros. is Adult Swim's fan-favorite parody of the great action/adventure cartoons of yesteryear. Some say that he got excited and forgot his instructions. How do you think the other spirits felt about Eurydice being freed? He plays the blues when Eurydice dies (both times), and he uses music to charm the beasts and spirits of the Underworld. But then, as they make their way to the upper world, he turns around to look at her. What do you think of his choice to remain sad? The music of Jacques Offenbach has been popular for years, and these selections from his Orpheus in the Underworld are skillfully presented in this arrangement by Mark Williams. Some versions of the myth say that the gods were punishing Orpheus and Eurydice for being too happy.

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Why do you think Hades made a rule that Orpheus was not allowed to look at Eurydice until they reached the upper world?

Why do you think Orpheus looked back? Todd Stalter, Largo and Finale from the New World Symphony. Had he been able to hold out, and simply trust that Eurydice was behind him, they might have made it back to Earth and lived happily ever after. Different versions of the myth give different reasons for Orpheus turning around. Caring. If we didn't have sadness in our lives, do you think we would appreciate the happy times? Previous Next . Orpheus can hear his wife's footsteps, but he's never quite sure that she's there.

He plays the blues when Eurydice dies (both times), and he uses music to charm the beasts and spirits of the Underworld. Included is the famous "Can-Can", always a crowd-pleaser!

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Why do Orpheus and Eurydice die in unexpected, violent ways? He is headstrong, tends to be unaware of the perils of most situations, and is quite melodramatic even in everyday situations. Music by Jacques Offenbach / arr. Well that's kind of a downer.

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Hey, we didn't say this would be uplifting.

In highlighting how quickly Orpheus and Eurydice lose their joy, the myth reminds us of the fleeting nature of happiness. Orpheus and Eurydice Themes.

With Orpheus constantly strumming his lyre, this myth has more songs than an episode of Glee.

The story begins with Eurydice's fatal snake bite, continues with Orpheus' journey into the Underworld, and ends with Orpheus' murder at the hands of the Maenads. Would you be willing to travel to the Underworld to rescue someone you love? Would you rather be mildly happy for a long time or very happy for a short time? Does it make the story more interesting?

Is sad music more powerful than happy music? After Eurydice's second death, should Orpheus have eventually moved on? First, it disappears after Eurydice dies on their wedding night. In fact, just by listening to his music, the Underworld creatures do all sorts of things that they've never done before: Cerberus the three-headed dog quits barking, Sisyphus stops rolling his rock, and the Furies weep for the first time in… well, ever. Twice in this myth, incredible happiness slips away from Orpheus and Eurydice. Death totally haunts this myth (pun intended). Which ending is more powerful? Why. Watch some playlists.

Orph… Joining them is a massive pantheon of incredible characters like Brock Samson, Dr. Orpheus, The Monarch, Sgt. Some endings of the story imply that Orpheus and Eurydice never see each other again, while others say that they are reunited in the Underworld after Orpheus dies (specifically, in the beautiful Elysian Fields). Scott Watson, Russian Sailor's Dance (from "The Red Poppy"), By Ludwig van Beethoven / arr. It can make people do irrationally amazing things ("look, honey, I baked a giant cake in the shape of your face!") By continuing to use this site, you agree to our Cookies Policy, Privacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions. Others say he was plagued with doubt, and needed to make sure that Eurydice was still there. Can you think of any modern music that has been able to affect how large groups of people think and feel?