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Rhonda’s Cockapoo is a breeder who specializes in breeding F1 Cockapoo puppies in Southern California. P in Arizona - Either**10. The highest quality F1 Cockapoo puppies available----from AKC champion lines on both sides, all parents health tested, family raised, and registered with the ACC----from our farm to your family! R in Colorado - Female20. I am the Golden Girl I Can See you too … I am the Black Beauty I woke up to see you … My name is Ralph Hello I can See you … I am the Golden Boy I was Very Tired and fell to… Read More, We are Growing Fast We have been drinking a lot of  Mummys Milk We are Growing Fast Eating, Drinking, Sleeping Has made us Double our Birth Weight Posted with Love Just for You Cockapoo 4 u x, Meet our … Five Little Stars Meet the …  Girls Beautiful Golden Girl Gorgeous Black Girl  Now meet the … Boys Scout – Stunning Apricot Boy Ralph – Gorgeous Fox Red Boy  Handsome Fox Red Boy white spot on his chest Very Happy Two Week Old …Stunning Cockapoo Babies Just for You Posted with Love Cockapoo 4 u x… Read More, We are One Week Old We have nearly doubled our Birth weight Look how ‘Big’ we are  Look at our lovely ‘Fat Tummies’ Happy, Contented, Gorgeous Cockapoo Puppies Posted With Love Just for you Cockapoo 4 u, Our First Weigh-in … We are 4 Days Old Growing Fast We Love Our Mummy Jaffa Mummy’s milk is delicious Look a how we have grown We Are Gorgeous Posted With Love Just for you Cockapoo 4 u, The Greatest Gift of All … Is The One of Love xxx Welcoming Five Beautiful Shining Stars x A Wonderful Easter Gift Born into Love x Two Gorgeous Little Girls  (left)Three Stunning Little Boys (right) x Our Precious Babies Safely Born in the early hours of … Easter Sunday – 21-04-2019 Mummy Jaffa and Babies… Read More, We are 4 weeks old Time for our First Photo Shoot Golden Girl Roxey Elmo Elvis Rudi Posted with Love Just For You Cockapoo 4 u, Our Cockapoo Babies  1st Year they are now Grown-up … All have Wonderful Homes Oh what a Fantastic year Look how we have grown … The Beautiful Girls Now the Handsome Boys … We have been having … Lot’s Of Fun Love and Laughter Wishing Everyone  Many, Many More Years of … Exciting Adventures Friendship […], New Born Puppies New born puppies are totally reliant on their mother for all their needs. Boo tried to eat the Flowers. Keep in mind as you look at current and expected litters, just like people, although pregnancy, delivery, and newborn periods often go perfectly—the early stages of life are very fragile! Most recent price increase implemented September 18, 2020.***. However, F1 Cockapoo genetics aren’t considered highly desired. We are excited to work with you and will be in touch! They will be registered with American Cockapoo Club. pick up date(s): 10/23/20 & 10/24/20 afternoons. It Makes us … Grow Strong Look how   …     ‘We Have Grown’ Sticky Porridge and Mummys Milk  … Yummy x Posted with… Read More, We are Two Weeks Old I Can See you …. Address: 7320 Wofford Blvd. As you look at the current list, please note the families that have a date by their names. Ralph looking for Bees in the Flowers. Tracy, CA 95377, Address:8252 Del Rosa Rd, Victorville, CA 92392. Location: Wofford Heights, California.

***Your Name Here!! S in California - Either13. A in Illinois - Either18. C in Virginia - Either12. J in Washington - Either28. M in California - Male - after 2/1/2021**7. Near central California. The Cockapoo has grown in popularity here in the UK.