Following Erinys' defeat, Kratos returned to Sparta, killing the Piraeus Lion and a Dissenter before entering the Temple of Ares (then in the process of being converted into the Temple of Kratos), where he would find the key to saving his brother. Kratos agreed, and after finishing she was angry that Kratos wanted to have his revenge over having sex with her but kept her end of the deal and showed Kratos a portal that lead straight to Hephaestus. Soon after battle between the Titans and the Olympians began in 2010’s God of War 3, Kratos almost immediately found himself betrayed once more, this time by Gaia, who dismissed him as nothing more than a useful tool and cast him into the River Styx for the third time. She informed him that the Sisters had the power to travel back in time, which he could use to reclaim the Blade of Olympus and take his revenge on Zeus. Gaia is also known as Mother Earth.

Kratos then stabbed his grandfather in the forehead with a completely charged Blade of Olympus, killing him. Mimir asks Atreus if he's ready to see Jötunheim, Atreus adds that while he's excited, he's sad that the journey is almost over. Like all Spartan youth, Kratos was monitored and trained for combat by the Spartan authorities; those who were deemed fit were to stay and be trained as Spartan warriors, while those who were deemed unfit would be sent to the mountains (probably Mount Taygetos) to fend for themselves. Kratos and Atreus are thrown out of the serpent as the serpent falls back unconscious. Occupation Looking upon Alrik's corpse, memories of Kratos' past came back to haunt him, but he pressed on anyway.

Kratos urged Gaia to help him as he too was losing his grip, but the Titan refused, claiming that doing so would cause both of them to fall off the mountain. Hercules was Kratos' half brother. Zeus was Kratos' father but Kratos would not know this until after he waged war against the gods of Olympus. Current status Stone Talos | Kratos returned to the Labyrinth and met an imprisoned Daedalus, who was the Labyrinth's main architect. Helios refused to tell him and tried to use the power of the sun to kill Kratos, but Kratos was able to withstand his attack and stepped on Helios. She also wished that Kratos would take her place in raising their son, although he did not believe he could do it without her. After Zeus made his appearance, the battle resumed, until Kratos stabbed Zeus with the Blade of Olympus and ran him through Gaia's heart, she screamed in terrible agony and pain as her heart exploded, killing her as her body collapsed onto Olympus possibly killing all of the remaining survivors while dissolving into dust.

His last test was for Kratos to kill his own family, as Ares believed they were holding him back.

Kratos served Athena just like he served all the other gods of Olympus.

Arms of Hades | Kratos began to isolate himself from the other Gods and spent most of his time assisting Sparta in its conquest of Greece. But yeah, she didn't have much of a choice. The dwarf offers improvements to the axe as well as other weapons, armor, and equipment the two carry. Soon afterwards, he encountered the last remaining Spartan warrior, only this time shrouded in darkness.

Hades Cerberus Breeder | Modi | Along the way, Hermes childishly mocked and belittled Kratos for his lack of speed and his perceived stupidity. As he continued his journey, he questioned Gaia over her reason for aiding him. Gaia created Ouranos but later Ouranos (Roman: Caelus) and Gaia created the starry sky. Kratos retrieved the Amulet of Uroboros by killing Megaera and the Hecatonchires, only for Tisiphone to create an illusion of him being honored by the King of Sparta.

On the island of Delos, he is merciful enough to push an innocent man out of the way of an incoming spear, whereas he would have most likely just let him die in later games. Atreus, threatens him to back off, or he'll pick up where his father left off. Hades aided Kratos when he was attempting to acquire Pandora's Box by giving him the magic army of Hades. Gaia aided Kratos in in killing Poseidon by trapping him in between her hand and Mt. An enraged Aphrodite told Kratos that it had been long since a real man came to see her- the bridges leading to her chambers have been nearly destroyed and Zeus refused to allow Daedalus to repair so he could continue working on the labyrinth to imprison Pandora. Once Kratos killed Ares, Athena replaced them with a nearly identical pair of blades called the Blades of Athena, and then replaces them again in God of War III with the very similar Blades of Exile. Armed with this knowledge, Kratos continued his quest and soon encountered Theseus, who guarded the Steeds of Time.

He managed to achieve this if only in an unfortunate way as he killed Baldur, her son, in order to save her. Crimes But, if he did, then he would surely kill Kratos if he ever saw him again. Freya, Creatures in God of War She told Kratos that the Titans wanted him to lead them into battle before empowering him with the Rage of the Titans.

Titans With only Alecto left, Kratos drew his blades. Helios refused to provide a straight answer, instead warning him of the futility of his quest, to which Kratos responds "of all the lives you should worry about Helios, mine is not one of them". She explained to Kratos that the reason she helped Kratos was to get revenge on Zeus for his betrayal against all the Titans. Atlas | When reaching the Garden of the Gods, Athena possessed a statue and warned Kratos not to trust Gaia or the Titans stating they are using him but he disregarded her warning by destroying the statue. They seemed to know each other before Kratos waged war on the gods, and addressed each other as brothers.

Loyalties The Spartan proceeded to hunt Helios down and finish him off. Gaia then tells him the story of the Titanomachy and how the Olympians betrayed her and overthrew the Titans. Kratos eventually encountered Poseidon's champion, Herodius, and killed him as the Spartans conquered his army and stole their ship. Hermes | Arriving to congratulate Kratos, Athena asked him to turn over the power he claimed from Pandora's Box, stating that mankind was now ready to hear her message.

From that day forward, Kratos became known as The Ghost of Sparta; his skin now 'pale as the moon' from the ashes that coated him. Kratos begged Gaia for aid but Gaia refused to help Kratos, for if she did, they would both fall. Kratos passes the head to Sindri, who passed to his brother and father and son make their way into the realm, with Mimir telling them to hurry back.

An enraged Kratos succeeded in killing Persephone and chaining Atlas to the ground above the Pillar of the World, thus completing his task.

Hermes, instead of fighting Kratos, tried to avoid him by running at fast speeds. Location Kratos aided Perses in his fight. When they reached Jötunheim, Mimir wanted to stay behind because their business was between Atreus and Kratos, but Kratos objected at first because he didn't want any affliates of Odin finding Mimir. He then left the island, knowing that the disciples of Ares would hunt him down for destroying the last hope they had at reviving their fallen God. Once Zeus was killed and the Greek world was cleansed, Athena decided that mankind was ready to hear her message.

Kratos then made his way to the Island of Creation, where the Pegasus was attacked by a pack of Griffins. However, Kratos survived and moved to Midgard. It is revealed that the chaos caused by Kratos only destroyed the Greek World instead of the entire planet, and different mythologies are separated both location, and dimension. Poseidon | Plague | Kratos told him he was seeking the labyrinth. Gaia's deceptive nature and future betrayal are alluded to in God of War II in two instances. Kratos upon his throne bearing the God Armor. After a lengthy battle, Kratos killed both the Persian King and the Basilisk, before asking the gods if they wished him to do more in his servitude. With Poseidon's death, the seas unleashed a cataclysmic flood that engulfed all of Greece, drowning almost all of the Greeks, save for those on Olympia and other mountaintop locations.

He is exceptionally tall, standing at a height between 6 and 7 feet, in which, due to his status a warrior, he is at his peak physical condition with an athletic yet heavily muscular build. The Hippocampus wrapped around her hand and slowed down her progress. Entering Euryale's temple, he obtained the Golden Fleece from a wounded soldier (whom he then sacrificed by throwing his body under a cog, jamming it), which could deflect enemy attacks. Kratos encountered Persephone while in the Underworld. Cronos begged the Spartan to leave, as he now had what he came for. Family Member/s Both father and son fell into Gaia and found their way back to her heart, where Kratos shattered its defenses, and drew energy from the Titan, causing her immense pain. Kratos then realized that Zeus was now so weak that he no longer needed the Blades to kill him. Kratos first traveled to Typhon's lair, where he met with Prometheus, who begged him to release him from his torment in the Fires of Olympus. Kratos tells his son to cross the bridge, but Atreus ignores his father's orders and shoots Baldur several times before being knocked aside. After tricking Zeus with a plea for paternal affection, Kratos seemed poised to finally kill his father once and for all, only for Athena herself to manifest herself and beg for his mercy. How do you move the fallen tree in your path five minutes into the game? By throwing his aunts and uncles into Tartarus, he betrayed all Titans just because of the sins of one. Despite their annoyance, Kratos has shown his respect to pirate captain spirit reminding Kratos of his leadership to his fellow Spartans. Around this time, Zeus began to hear prophecies foretelling his demise at the hands of one of his sons, a "marked warrior".

Contemplating his life as he lurched through the River Styx and its caverns, he resolved to escape Hades and destroy Zeus once and for all. The giant realizes he'd been double-crossed, but he did not care, as his plan was complete.

After besting the Furies and reluctantly killing the innocent oathkeeper Orkos, Kratos finally found himself free of his vow. Kratos admitted that Ares succeeded in turning Kratos into a great warrior. They enter the tower and insert the stone into a pedestal where it absorbs all the stone's energy. As Kratos attacked a village which worshiped the goddess Athena at the behest of his lord at the time, Ares, the Oracle who resided in the village warned the Spartan to not enter the Temple of Athena.