His Young Adult fiction will have murders and casual swearing. [from his novel Scorpia Rising] All statements, activities, stunts, descriptions, information and material of any other kind contained herein are included for entertainment purposes only and should not be relied on for accuracy or replicated as they may result in injury. He has written many children's novels, including The Power of Five, Alex Rider and The Diamond Brothers series. Asked by Wiki User. He enjoyed reading books from his father's library. This page was last modified on 21 October 2020, at 21:17. He has written over fifty books. [9], Horowitz's father was associated with some of the politicians in the "circle" of prime minister Harold Wilson, including Eric Miller. Rather than suing, Horowitz plotted a literary revenge. Jump to: Overview (1) | Mini Bio (1) | Spouse (1) | Trade Mark (2) | Trivia (24) | Personal Quotes (17) Overview (1) Born: April 5, 1955 in London, England, UK: Mini Bio (1) Born in North London, he attended Orley Farm Prep School. Horowitz writes this series for ITV. It's always amazing how many people are willing to help me, give up their time and opening doors that might otherwise stay closed.

Finally, thanks to my wife, Jill Green, who had to live through the writing of this. He and Jill have two sons, Nicholas and Cassian. In 2008 also he got into a joke dispute with Darren Shan over his use of the name Antoine Horwitzer for an objectionable character. In 1985, he released Myths and Legends, a collection of retold tales from around the world.

[21] Having previously spoken about the book in 2005, Horowitz expected to finish it in late 2015,[22] and it was published in October 2016.[23]. In 2001, he created a drama anthology series of his own for the BBC, Murder in Mind, an occasional series which deals with a different set of characters and a different murder every one-hour episode.

His association with murder mysteries began with the adaptation of several Hercule Poirot stories for ITV's popular Agatha Christie's Poirot series during the 1990s.

[31] A follow-up novel, Moriarty, was published in 2014. Two of his novels, Oblivion and Crocodile Tears have teen characters that gamble away money from the villain of the story. She also gave him a human skull for his 13th birthday.

Horowitz said in an interview that it reminds him to get to the end of each story since he will soon look like the skull. At the age of eight, Horowitz was sent to a boarding school. He has written over fifty books.He has also written many things for television.He has adapted many of Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot novels for the ITV series. Many of these stories were repackaged in twos or threes as the Pocket Horowitz series. The school was called Orley Farm. This book went on to win the 1989 Lancashire Children's Book of the Year Award. In 2002, the detective series Foyle's War launched, set during the Second World War. In his novel Oblivion, he mentions James Bond, an obvious in-joke because this is an influence on his teen spy Alex Rider series, but he remarks that things are never that simple; Horowitz also includes Bond's famous car, the Aston Martin which debuted in. He has enjoyed huge success as a writer for both children and adults. In 1999, The Unholy Grail was published as a sequel to Groosham Grange.

[acknowledging his wife and son in his novel Crocodile Tears] My son Cass was once again the first to read the manuscript and as usual gave me excellent advice. The Groosham Grange books are aimed at a slightly younger audience than Horowitz's previous books. View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro, Male Officers of the Order of the British Empire Recipients, Officers (Officers of the British Empire) or OBE's, (1988 - Not only is he a talented screenwriter, he has written over 20 books for children.

Although Horowitz has written several Alex Rider books, the first one Stormbreaker is currently the only one to have been adapted into a blockbuster movie, in 2006. The third was 1997's The Devil and His Boy, which is set in the Elizabethan era and explores the rumour of Elizabeth I's secret son. He is an author and screenwriter in London, England. He wrote the screenplay for Alex Rider's first major motion picture, Stormbreaker. The family have a dog named Lucky, that has been run over 3 times. Horowitz lives in North London with his wife Jill Green. His work for adults includes the play Mindgame (2001); two Sherlock Holmes novels, The House of Silk (2011) and Moriarty (2014); and four novels featuring his own detectives, Magpie Murders (2016), The Word Is Murder (2017),The Sentence is Death (2018) and Moonflower Murders (2020).

She showed him Frankenstein and Dracula. This was because he was an underachiever in school and nor was he physically fit, he wasn't very intelligent either and found his escape in books and telling stories, in an interview Horowitz states " I was quite certain, from my earliest memory, that I would be a professional writer and nothing but. [7][8], In at least one interview, Horowitz claims to believe that H. P. Lovecraft based his fictional Necronomicon on a real text, and to have read some of that text.

Anthony Craig Horowitz (born 5 April 1956) is an English novel writer and screenwriter.He has written many children's novels, including The Power of Five, Alex Rider and The Diamond Brothers series. Then, he attended Rugby School and he graduated from York University. [24] The second book in the series, Evil Star, was released in April 2006.