I've never been busted in Online or single player. If the police officer or other member of law enforcement who arrests Carl dies for any reason during the BUSTED scene, the player will regain control of CJ for a few moments. will still appear on the screen and the player will still be healed at the nearest hospital.

Messages received upon being busted for the first time in, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (during a regular mission), The cutscene shown when the player gets busted in, The alternate cutscene shown when the player gets busted in.

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Shoot first, ask questions later seems to be the attitude of everyone in GTAO.

[citation/verification needed] If the player was busted during a mission, the Mission Failed message will appear in the middle, with Busted still appearing on the bottom right. In the PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS versions of GTA Chinatown Wars, cheating wanted stars away with a cop on foot will result in the cop opening a door on a random vehicle and walking away.

When on foot in the Game Boy Color version, police officers will only need to collide with the Protagonist in order to "Bust" them. You cannot be arrested online. The player can't normally get busted in Grand Theft Auto Online since this game lacks a busted mechanic. All Rights Reserved.

5.From this archive, move the "offmission_wasted" folder into the "new" folder No running just stop and let them bust you. I think either GTA 1, 2, London and V has the best Wasted/Busted sequence.

If CJ is busted when doing a bunny hop on a bike the busted screen will appear in mid-air. You cant get busted online. 3.Extract the "offmission_wasted.awc" file to the "old" folder (Should extract a "offmission_wasted" folder and a "offmission_wasted.oac" file) At higher wanted levels law enforcement is more likely to attempt to kill the player rather than arrest them, though if given the chance they will still try to pull the player out of their vehicle. A small amount of money will also be taken by the police as a bribe, though in GTA San Andreas, if the player is dating Barbara Schternvart Carl will get to keep his weapons.

The player can be busted as a result of having and failure to escape from a wanted level. Contact Us If the player takes explosion damage while "BUSTED", the player can regain control for a few moments before the screen fades to black and they are transported to the nearest police station. Getting pulled out of a car/helicopter/plane or getting removed from a bike. The player is then knocked on to the ground and "BUSTED" appears.