Upon watching as the baby bison began to fly, he stated that everyone was growing up.[33]. Jinora gave Korra advice on how to approach Mako based on a historical saga she had read, namely how the heroine, while riding a dragon, burned down the entire country and jumped into a volcano. [46] Additionally, criticism was leveled at the show's creators for not having enough Tenzin appearances in Book Four, despite him being a major protagonist. Erd-Imperatorin (früher)

Soon, they all found their way above ground, and began to make their escape. She promptly gathered everyone to stand in a circle and follow her lead, creating a powerful tornado that trapped Zaheer in it, enabling Korra to grab a hold of him and slam him down on the rocks. This was evident when Korra earthbent Jinora and Ikki into the air and she used airbending to glide down, and later when she defeated the Lieutenant when Air Temple Island came under attack. Rising a third time, he blasted Zaheer and Ghazan away with airbending and managed to defend against Ming-Hua, but was blasted to a wall by P'Li. After Ikki's advice involving a love potion, the Avatar was more inclined to take Jinora's suggestion, believing that it made more sense. The most damning evidence that these estimations aren't accurate is the heights given for Mako and Korra on this wiki, 6'2 and 5'7 respectively. [19] Tenzin along with Korra, Asami Sato, Mako, Bolin and Bumi would go on a quest to recruit the new airbenders to rebuild the Air Nation. Being told by him that he was too rough on her, she asked if she could get her tattoos; she was promised he would think about it. She laughed at Bumi's mocking of the classes with Bum-Ju, earning her a glare from her father and prompting her to stop. Six months after the Anti-bending Revolution, Tenzin traveled with Korra and his family to the Southern Water Tribe for the Glacier Spirits Festival. After she secured the big bag of food on the bison's saddle, Jinora jumped down to hug her father goodbye.

Tenzin began to employ military-style training on his new recruits as well as Bumi, who was the one who suggested that Tenzin needed to employ harsher training methods if he was to become a successful teacher. Their conversation was cut short, however, when Tenzin was called away by an Air Acolyte who informed him that Korra was calling on the temple's radio. Once Republic City was safe again, Jinora returned to Air Temple Island with her family. He tried another air blast at Zaheer, but it was dodged; he was instead hit by Zaheer in return. However, Jinora and the rest of her family were captured by Amon, who intended to publicly remove their bending and destroy the last airbenders at a rally in the Pro-bending Arena. [47], CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (. Suyin lehnte dies jedoch ab. In ihrer darauf folgenden Rede erläuterte sie, dass der Verfall des Erdkönigreichs ins Chaos allein der veralteten Staatsform der Monarchie zu verschulden sei und dass sie es nie wieder zu so etwas kommen lassen würde. He succeeded an Air Acolyte in being the representative of the Air Nation on the United Republic Council. I am taller than zuko... and so all my female friends, this could be wrong or in the avatar universe everyone y short. They soon found themselves captured by bison rustlers and taken to their camp. Sie ist überzeugt davon, dass Ordnung und Frieden nur gesichert sein können, wenn jeder einzelne zum Gemeinwohl beiträgt, sein bestmögliches gibt und dabei immer im Interesse der Allgemeinheit handelt. As they approached a fork in the water, Jinora was pushed in another direction as Korra and ended up on another grassy location. Die Loyalität ihren eigenen Überzeugungen gegenüber überwiegt hier ihrer Loyalität zu Suyin. After Korra publicly challenged Amon to a duel, Tenzin tried to dissuade her, to no avail, and afterward offered her comfort when she cried in fear of Amon.[17]. Episode 11 'The Ultimatum' Hints At The Airbenders' Honorable End", "The Legend of Korra "Peacekeepers" Review: Every Which Way But Korra's", "Depth of characters drives strong third Korra season", "The Biggest Problem with the Legend of Korra is the Unlikability of its Characters", "The Legend of Korra "Civil Wars" Part 1 Review: Family Matters", "11 Best Moments So Far From "The Legend of Korra" Book 3: Change", "It's Official: We're In Love With Legend Of Korra's New Antagonist End", "The Legend of Korra Series Finale Review: New Beginnings End", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Tenzin_(The_Legend_of_Korra)&oldid=987033070, Fictional characters with air or wind abilities, Articles using Infobox character with multiple unlabeled fields, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 November 2020, at 13:27. Jinora created a projection to explore the ruins of the Dai Li's fortress underneath Lake Laogai. Back at the Future Industries factory, he stood by as Korra eventually managed to force Baatar Jr. to contact Kuvira to call off her conquest, though Tenzin had to run for his life moments later when Kuvira traced the radio signal back to their location and blew it up with her spirit energy cannon.[46]. Dabei überwarf sie sich mit Suyin. Growing restless, she asked a nearby Knowledge Seeker for help, who instantly brought her a book about the Tree of Time. Sie erkennt die Möglichkeiten, die Suyin hat und schreibt ihr auf Grund dieser eine Verantwortung zu, die von ihr verlangt dem Rest der Nation zu helfen. He complimented her on having transformed the world more in the few years she had been an active Avatar than most of her predecessors did in their lifetimes. First appearance

In my first Height Chart, I put Wan at about 2 inches taller than Korra. 3 in. Jinora countered the order by recalling the rule that whoever offered some new knowledge for the library's collection, was permitted to enter. Tenzin has a longstanding friendship with Lin Beifong, who is the daughter of Toph Beifong, and at one point the two characters were romantically involved. When Korra emphasized her urgency to get to the Spirit World, Jinora was pushed by Kya to reveal her secret, namely that she had been conversing with spirits and as such had required the knowledge where Korra needed to go in order to enter the Spirit World. Tenzin prepared the attic of the tower on the island to serve as President Raiko's base of operations. She is able to see spirits that hide their presence from others, detach her spirit from her body to move about freely in the material world, and guide people into the Spirit World. Freunde Lin Beifong thanked Jinora and her siblings for their help. Jinora planned to accompany Korra and Opal at dawn to try to reason with Kuvira, though when her siblings wanted to help as well, she told them to stay behind where they would be safe. Tenzin led his children to find Pema and Rohan while Korra and Mako defeated Amon.

Concerned about Kuvira's declaration of usurping power in the Earth Kingdom, Tenzin shared a worried glance with Raiko.

Ahraham Lincoln was unconsidered ridiculously tall, but today he'd be just above average, and that was only a hundred and fifty years ago. I made an Excel spread sheet (oh yeah, I went there) to calculate their heights based on the premise of Aang’s height. This "science" of him is soo low that my little brother can find the formula for this. Korra nimmt die Herausforderung an. Tenzin stood by as Korra eventually managed to force Baatar Jr. to contact Kuvira to call off her attack. She is the first child and eldest daughter of Tenzin and Pema and granddaughter of Katara and the late Avatar Aang. She stormed away and told him to lead his own class. "Welcome to Republic City" The airbending master was left frustrated, realizing that the Dai Li could be holding the airbenders anywhere in the city. Shortly thereafter, the other members of the team, including Kai, launched to the flying bison with Bolin's earthbending, enabling a full escape of the city. [9] At the time of these series initial production in 2011 the reigning Dalai Lama's name was Tenzin Gyatso. Jinora and her siblings agreed with each other that they had only found Korra due to working together as a team. Meeting up with his family, he asked his wife and sister how things were in the city and was informed by the former about Zaheer's infiltration of Air Temple Island. After they discovered an Equalist hideout and rescued several captured Republic City Police officers, Tenzin realized that Tarrlok was the one who was holding Korra captive. When the island was attacked by Equalists, Jinora, along with Ikki and Meelo, battled the Equalists and successfully took them down after Lin Beifong was briefly incapacitated by the Lieutenant, all three showing impressive bending skills. If you have a guess at Aang's height or any suggestions, please comment! As the airbender among Aang's three children during his lifetime, Tenzin has been trained extensively in all of his father's airbending knowledge and prowess. Jinora was protected by Kya until Korra used Unalaq's purification technique to calm the spirits down. He hugged Jinora, expressing their luck that no one was hurt. Nachdem die Gruppe geflohen war, suchten Kuvira und die anderen Wachen in der Stadt nach ihnen, jedoch waren sie nicht dazu in der Lage eine Spur der vier Bändiger zu finden. I got these heights off the premise that Aang is 4 ft. 6 in. [7] A calm and serious man, he represented the Air Nation on the United Republic Council in Republic City prior to its dissolution and was responsible for educating Avatar Korra in the art of airbending and spirituality.[4]. Tenzin later allowed Varrick and Zhu Li to host their wedding on Air Temple Island and attended the wedding ceremony, where he sat between his wife and Lin. Bevor sie sich in das Gespräch einbringt entschuldigt sie sich im Voraus dafür bei Suyin, was ein eindeutiges Zeichen von Respekt gegenüber Suyin ist. Probably 6 feet. When Tenzin finally decided to step out of his father's shadow, the reflection transformed into one of himself. Even when tied down, Tenzin is able to create a tornado powerful enough to lift himself and two additional adults into the air. Once Tenzin approached them, she hugged her dad and apologized for running off. First of all (I'm a science geek) how the fuck is a pixel representing a fucking centimetre. Ultimately, their diversion worked and while Korra, Mako, Bolin, Lin, and Suyin managed to infiltrate the enormous suit, Tenzin was supported by Jinora, while he and his children made their way through the streets of the city.