Take the skin down when it is almost dry. My family always raised rabbits for food. leave the 2nd on for 8-10 hours, and the last (extra thick, 4 nickles) for a full 24 hours. I'm really excited to find your method! Don't tug too hard and do it very softly and slowly. You are here: Blog » Diet » Making Winter Forage. You think it will work if the animal was frozen for a week? Any suggestions? So I’m going to be drying a lot more leaves to provide tasty, home grown, rabbit food full of vitamins and completely free! Do not worry if you do not know what this is, next in oneHOWTO we explain how to dry bath your rabbit. 3-4 rabbits would easily feed a family of 4 or so. Well, maybe there is. There are several ways to dry out leaves for storage: This entry was posted Squeeze the excess water from the pelt. Immerse the rabbit skin in the water. Does it need airtight or not. This helps remove the alcohol smell, and make the fur softer. However, always remember: If you’re in doubt about any health-related issue with your rabbit, call your vet to confirm what your next best step is! Reply At times when your rabbit is particularly dirty or smelly, it may be necessary to use a little bit of water to help groom them. Do not try to blowdry it or put it on the clothes line. If you think about it, hay is just grass that has been cut, left spread out in a field to dry out and turned occasionally to let the air circulate! Be absolutely sure to use the lowest heat and airflow settings, and keep the blow dryer well away from your rabbit’s face. If the mess is really wet and smelly, a wet bath is necessary. When brushing you will be removing dead hair, which is also an area or fur that will have accumulated dirt. After this, you're done! But what happens if your rabbit does not like the bathing? Why is this? Im dont want to try to give them as i am new with rabbit.. Im afraid if they might sick or something…, Alfalfa in my country quite expensive so i would like to make another forage for them…. Plastic tin or paper storage?? if you have any suggestions, feel free to comment. Question

I just skinned my first 2 rabbits, & I've been looking for a way to tan/cure the pelts. Reply Support your rabbit gently but firmly, so it can't hop away or injure itself, and lower it into … Add 1 cup of noniodized salt and 1 cup of alum to the water, and allow them to dissolve. Use this method for cleansing dried urine (urine scald) as well. The layer of salt should be about 3-4 mm thick. Watch some famous dry comedians, like David Letterman, Bill Murray, and Jerry Seinfeld, for inspiration.

I occasionally give mine a alfalfa cube, but they usually don’t eat much of it. Hang the skin in a shaded place for a few hours. I’ve been picking leaves again and Scamp’s been enjoying them, but I know shortly autumn will turn them all pretty colours and that will be it for tasty leaves until next spring. This will allow the fur and skin to get thoroughly saturated with the water. Scamp looks like a wild rabbit.

suits their digestive system better, but it is far more difficult to forage in the winter due to the lack of … Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was some way to store them up so Scamp could eat them all year around? This tanning solution can be reused over and over again. Drying rabbit skin is a straightforward process, but it does take time. A Dry bath; A Wet bath. Put the mixture in a large pickle jar or another 1 gallon glass or plastic container. To do this, when you sprinkle the powder on it, carefully cover its head with your hand so the powder doe snot irritate it.