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This is the beginning of the end, y'all. As End Time Prophecy Unfolds – Is The church Asleep? Closest Asteroid in a Centrury to Buzz Earth This ... Kim Jong-un cackles like a maniac as he oversees l... Earthquake strikes Guam hours after Kim Jong-un pr... Australian Psychologists Push Teaching Gay Marriag... School Defends Sending First Grader to Principal's... Vladimir Putin orders 1,500 Russians to move away ... Harvey Makes Second Landfall In Louisiana After Le... Google Earth STRANGENESS & Unknowns - Part Two. The Great Falling Away – Subtle or Sudden? GET OUT NOW! Preparedness! Prayer and Warfare: Unleashing God’s Mighty Power, Prayer, Not Fear – Our Greatest Weapon In The End Times, Silence – When God shakes Everything and Turns Your World Upside Down, Taking Up Our Cross – Dying to Self and Putting Others First. Prophetic Dream – A Faceoff of Three Presidents; Is Civil War on the Horizon? This evil that we see is us without Christ. We're there. That's my pep talk. 195 – John Fenn – Prophetic Warning – What’s Coming to the US will affect the World! Episode 195 of the A Minute To Midnite Show. This Happened on Our Earth August 26-28th 2017, Landslide in Guizhou, China August 28th 2017. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I heard that five states now have full term abortion. – Censorship and Secret Societies. Christian Yoga – Exercise or Religious Deception? John Fenn 3 positive things to break sin, change habits, and transform your life 8/31/17. The War of Flesh Within the Church – What Weapon Are You Fighting With? HolySpiritWind: Show Love to Those who Thought that the Rapture wo... : Received 9-21 through 9-22-17 I asked the Lord if He had... Jesus said to him, 'I am the way, the truth, and the life. Has Google Become A Major Threat To Democracy In A... Bill Blain: "I’ve Got October 12th As The Day The ... FIRE AND Fury! Thursday, August 24, 2017. Or Hell’s Army? Earthquakes – Super Volcanoes & Antichrist ( With Stan Deyo), He Shall Confirm A Covenant – Study Of Daniel 9:27, Kingdom Living – A Directive Operation into Acts Chapter Two, Noah – The Ark, The Flood, Fallen Angels & Nephilim, The Condition of Today’s American Church – Explosive Prophetic Dream, The Mandela Effect – Deception Or Distraction Part III. Keeping you up to date with World Events as biblical prophecy unfolds. The Heart of the King: Your Redemption Draws Nigh. Is it possible they have a dream or vision, sure it is possible. Important but Sobering Warning for America and the World. No one comes to the Father except through Me. He also offers some timely encouragement, and outlines some positive steps to take ahead of time. 'Catastrophic' hailstorm and a month's worth of rain in an hour slams Queensland, Australia: Earth Keeps Pulsating Every 26 Seconds. My Will Be Done. The Mandela Effect Exposed – Deception or Distraction Part II, Trespassing Spirits – Exposing the Intruder, Warning! Casting Your Cares Upon Jesus: Why Are You Still Carrying Them? The Prophetic Significance of the Rev 12 Sign Sept... Russia Moves Military into Defensive Posture. What does the bible say about being prepared? Prophetic Dream – America’s Coming Destruction, Word from the Lord – I Have Heard Your Voice, Emergency Cooking Or Boil Water – Thermette – Kelly Kettle & Hobo Stove, Hobo Stove – Emergency Tin Can Cooker – Easily Done, Old Skills for Modern Times – Axes, Saw, Knife, Fire Steel, and a Billy. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. Vegas Shooting – Follow the Money Trail ! No one comes to the Father except through Me.' A PAIR OF 70 YEAR OLD DAMS OVERFLOW I... Hurricane Harvey – May Not Be What You Think! Powerful Dreams And Visions – Sleeping Church Receives Them Not!

(Excludes Forum -register separately for Forum). Unprecedented Show of Force: US Sends B-1Bs, F-35s... Health Alert! 8/29/17, Just Praise Him: Different Dreams - Glynda Lomax, A Watchman on the Wall - Ali Winters - 8-29-17. Very Strange Phenomenon in the Sky above China. Follow The WordPress.com Blog on WordPress.com. If anything is happening we will have it here! What will The Nationality Of The Antichrist Be? Does God have a Plan for us to get through the End Days? "We're Back In The '60s Again" - Bomb-Shelter Sale... WHAT Came Out Of Hurricane Harvey? The Judgement Sentence Passed Upon the Entire Earth, Three Prophetic Dreams – Satan to Unleash the Powers of Hell like Never Before, Two Prophetic Dreams – Great Losses Returned; Freedom and Joy in the Millennial Reign, URGENT! Prophetic Dream – A Satanic Tangible Darkness & the Power of the Enemy on Earth, Prophetic Dream – A Second Dream Given of The New Jerusalem, Prophetic Dream – Abraham, Aliens, and A Trumpet Blast, Prophetic Dream – EMP Attack and War : The Beginning of Sorrows, Prophetic Dream – Israel’s New National Flag; The Sound of the Last Trump is Upon Us, Prophetic Dream – Rising Above the Storm; A Glimpse of New Jerusalem, Prophetic Dream – Rituals, Sacrifice, and the Rise of Evil; Those Hidden in Christ Shall Fear Not, Prophetic Dream – The Mark of the Beast … A Celebrated Choice, Prophetic Dream – The Removal of the National Symbols off the Quarter, Prophetic Dream – The Sign of the Final End, Prophetic Dream – Time is Short: A Charge to Rise Alone, Prophetic Dream – U.S. Land Invasion by the Chinese; Citizens Forced Out Home and State, Prophetic Dream Soon A Reality? Brilliant fireball explodes over the eastern U.S.: Mike, it sure seems that way, but... God is in CONTROL! The Mandela Effect – Deception or Distraction? 8/28/17. The New Apostolic Reformation, What is it? I read that Sodom's primary crime was that the authorities accepted and encouraged their sin. Board Rules & Announcements. Researchers Announce Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough.

Serious Food Supply Chain Difficulties Accelerating (From an Inside Source). The Darkness is Coming: The Last 3 Days to Repent?

– Uncontrollable Muslims In America, Prophetic Dream- Children Caught in the Cross fire; The Day of Reckoning Nears, Prophetic Dream- Major Outpouring of God’s Spirit to Sweep the Earth, Prophetic Dream- Obama: The Spirit of Antichrist and Demon Possession, Prophetic Dream: The End of the Church Age and Jewish Believers Taking up the Torch, Prophetic Dreams -The Fall Of America and Europe, Prophetic Dreams – Poisoned Food Causing Famine & Preparing the Gardens of Your Heart.

138 United Nations countries approved a draft resolution on Thursday that spoke of the Temple Mount solely as an Islamic holy site: Israeli minister warns of war if Biden returns to Iran Deal: So Oregon made heroin legal. I know I hoped to be raptured before this day, but it is fascinating to see our country descend into depravity under the guise of social justice. The False Doctrine of the Essene Humane Gospel of Jesus Christ. ), The influence of the Hegelian Dialectic in the Christian Community. What is the Enneagram, and why are Churches using it? Heaven on Earth! Donald Trump And The Double-Headed Phoenix, Donald Trump – ‘God’ Guy or Bad Guy? Please Login or Register. From an Insider Source (Transcript), Israel and the amazing convergence of End Time Prophetic Signs, Las Vegas Shooting – An Illuminati Master-minded Agenda – (Extended article), Mainstream Propaganda – The Controlled Narrative Now Unravelling, Meddling In The Middle East. America, Say Good bye and Welcome Chi-merica, An Abomination Before God – The Hidden Truths Behind R-Evolution. You Are Being Programmed To Accept a Trans-humanist Lie and luciferian Saviour, A 16 Year Old Boy’s Vision Of The Great Tribulation, A Narrow Path through the Wilderness and a Heavenly Mansion, A New Global Currency and Church Oblivious to Approaching Storm – Prophetic Dream, A Word from the Lord; It Will Come Suddenly – Are You Prepared?

The New Apostolic Reformation, What is it? Huge Wave Burst Anomaly Caught On MIMIC Over Pacif... Signal From ALIEN SATELLITE Discovered? Mandela Effect – Deception Or Distraction (Part II), Mandela Effect-Deception Or Distraction (Part III), Mandela Effect-Deception Or Distraction (Part 1), Misleading the Masses: Revelation 12 Sign Exposed – September 23, 2017. (2 Cor 5:17), John Fenn Prophetic Hurricanes, earthquakes, ...God demonstrates his own love for us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Shocking Drone Footage Shows Harvey's "Unprecedent... Hurricane Harvey Will Render Some Parts Of Texas ‘... Just Praise Him: The Door will be Shut - Glynda Lomax.

A Look into the Past and Present, Donald Trump, The Presidency And Christine Lagarde’s Occult IMF Speech, Global Government And The Man Of Lawlessness, Hamilton Gardens – Stunningly Beautiful and full of Occult Symbolism. With Viral Empowerment, the Beast System is Rising Rapidly! US Conducts Successful Field Test Of New Nuclear Bomb, Israel Threatens To Bomb Assad's Presidential Palace. Transparency, An Apology And Going Forward Into 2017. How Did Northern California Become Like this? Prophetic Dream - John Fenn As we walked He got quite serious, almost business like in His matter-of-fact manner. New World Order Global Dictatorship – A Final Warning! John Fenn offers a pertinent prophetic warning of what is soon to come America, and will affect the World. Old things have passed away. The Emergent Church (or the “emerging Church”, just what is it? "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The Fisherman without a Net; The Harvest is Now…Are You Equipped? Recommended Resources. Prophetic Dream – Mark of the Beast Nears. John Fenn Prophetic Hurricanes, earthquakes.