Each semester we attempt to offer unique and meaningful programming to reflect the diverse interests of our group, from hangouts, off-campus excursions, watch parties, and discussion forums on current issues. Home to approximately 350 sophomore, junior, and senior students, Crowell offers six kitchens, several study rooms, laundry room, vending, and e-print. Keohane said that prior to her two presidential tenures, she had never wanted to become an administrator, let alone a university president. We shall discuss the history of the prison system in the United States and unravel the complicated themes of race and power that surround the topic. She said that some were more supportive on the phone than others, but they all appreciated that she spoke with them beforehand.

Montauk House is one of our gender-neutral houses.

2/3/2010 More, new dorm for Keohane Quad K4 ... Duke just about breaks even -- using the numbers it provides for auxiliary services like housing in the annual financial report. But she didn’t particularly worry if she was loved,” said Burness. Keohane disagreed, Burness said.

Home to approximately 430 sophomore, junior, and senior students, Few offers seven kitchens, study rooms, laundry, and e-print. But amidst the noise and controversy, she said that it came down to an “institutional question.”, “Is this chapel a chapel of the Methodist church or the chapel of a pluralistic institution with people of lots of faiths? Listed to the right →. “But she believed that leaders lead.”. It's a Duke tradition that residential quads be named only after presidents, but no president since Hollis Edens has been so honored. Surviving COVID-19: A Duke Employee's Journey. There's a new member of the list of campus quads named after university presidents. Residence Coordinator, Keohane Quad Duke University. "Naming a residential quad after President Keohane makes perfect sense because she taught us that scholarship is not just a four-year deal done in a classroom but a steadfast way of life," said senior Katie Mitchell. In her second-to-last year as president, Keohane founded the Women’s Initiative.

This summer marks a decade and a half since Nannerl Overholser Keohane finished her tenure as the eighth president of Duke, making history as the first and only woman to hold the University’s highest office and second to lead a major American research university. There are eight houses (seven SLGs and one independent) within 300 Swift. All Rights Reserved. It is home for nearly 400 students who live there. While we spend a lot of time hanging out with each other either in section or out, we also host a variety of open and closed events.

In an announcement that was several months in the work, the university on Tuesday dedicated the quad in front of the West-Edens Link (WEL) residence halls after Nannerl O. Keohane.