As the Grim Reaper, ideal to reduce the fear of death: D I watched him again on Strangers From Hell two years later. His acting is so credible, that I believe in every emotion he shows. I’d like to see him in action to see if can do the thriller roles. i hope you can play in the same kdrama again ... Am nt saying this as a fan am just being frank.

Love Lee Dong Wook! Not forget to mention he is a great actor!! Wish you the best! Every scene shows your effort in which it conveys you want the audience to enjoy you on the screen.


My most favourite character the grim reaper, excellent actor, it has been a joy to watch him on screen. it makes you a real man for being so honest and cute with all your expression. laila Oct 22 2014 5:14 am Len Sep 21 2013 8:01 am

Oppa saranghae!!!! GodblessYou :)) Take care :P Luckygirl Nov 24 2014 4:09 am koreandrama. Your Kdrama really touched my heart!❤️ I’m looking forward for more projects for you and Yoo In Na soon. Oppa!!! He looks so younger in bubblegum.. Diane loise b. Estanislao Oct 14 2015 10:58 am He looks different when he's serious or even if he looks shy. carla perez Apr 19 2019 10:17 pm Also although a lot of girls would be sad, I really hope that you would find the right "GIRL" for you someday. And she just cares. He can act all serious and his expressions are amazing but he's also so CUTE! and know after watching goblin Im falling in love again with both, lee dong Wook and gong yoo. please change his current picture. I just wanna pet him, but he might threaten me to the dark place... it's worth it! Jagruti Sep 25 2014 5:59 am annarhey Mar 06 2017 4:41 am pogi talaga hehehe. Plays a vampire or Dorian Gray very well. SSK just brings this character to life. I guess that's how he always feel, that's why he always feel that he haven't given his best shot yet. CH4Ssy Mar 26 2013 4:31 am Though I only watched a few of his works he deserves recognition from the industry. I love u, I think you are the most talented actor in Korea.i hope that u always be successful in your life.

I Love you Lee Dong Wook. I look forward to see more of your excellent work. she's only belong to Song Seung Hun! For me you are the best actor. Ron Apr 01 2018 11:09 pm i hope to see you..take care n success to you. Such a great actor! or the role of a bad bad guy or a godfather. I watch you whether it good or bad story line. Ahjussi.. Saranghaeyo.. cha Feb 10 2017 4:32 pm I'm sooo excited for GOBLIN (airs starting in December after The K2 finishes)... Lee Dong Wook will be alongside Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun! so kissable. because u have such beutiful eyes and red lips and very good skin. Currently he is cast in roommate and Hotel King. Ree Oct 04 2020 2:10 am thrixie may Aug 11 2014 5:08 am thess tayco Apr 29 2012 2:31 am moreover when you smile, I just wanna see it again and again. I love your acting in Hotel King! anyway, i'd like to see him in much more projects. Lee dong wook gets so incredibly handsome and charming! reveal track list for 2nd single album 'Qurious', Natty is pretty in pink in 'Teddy Bear' teaser images, Jung Hyung Don's past comments about anxiety come to light, HaHa apologizes for cursing at the news of comedian Park Ji Sun's death, Jung Hyung Don to take hiatus due to anxiety disorder.

During your rage scenes I thought instantly to Public Enemies. All your fans in the Philippines really misses you a lot!

Cherie Oct 14 2018 2:42 pm "A lot of viewers say they want a love line between you two for real," a …