The lawsuit was filed by businesses and [3] Indoor American football leagues historically used a one-minute warning once a minute remained in the half/overtime. If 10 or less seconds remain in the half/overtime/game, the period/game will end by such runoff. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky), Supreme Court allows antitrust suit against NFL to proceed, Panthers visit Chiefs with McCaffrey potentially returning, Titans hosting Bears with each trying to snap 2-game skids, Vikings try to maintain momentum, winning streak vs. Lions, The Latest: Texans close facility after positive test. A coach may only challenge twice per game. Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote that in rejecting the NFL's appeal at this early stage of the lawsuit, the high court was not necessarily endorsing the claims. Under 2 minutes +180. One of the following six fouls is committed by the offense. The two-minute warning is called when the clock reaches exactly 2:00 if the ball is dead at that time. In addition to those practical purposes, gradually, some rules have evolved that are unique to the final two minutes of each half and overtime. During this time, clock management becomes a more important aspect of the game, since by proper manipulation of the game clock, a team can, if trailing, prolong the game long enough to secure a score, or if in the lead, hasten the half's end before the opponent can score. A coach may throw a challenge flag at any point except for after the two-minute warning of either the first or the second half or overtime. [4], Exceptions to the above include if the other team called a timeout immediately after the previous play to save time on the clock; the injury was caused by a foul by an opponent; or the previous play resulted in a change of possession, a successful field goal, or was a conversion attempt.[4]. A number of rules change at the two-minute warning, including several relating to the game clock, and the two-minute warning may be an important factor in a team's clock management strategy. There is no special event at the ends of the first and third quarters, aside from swapping end zones, so there is no two-minute warning then, only at the halves, except as implemented in Pro Bowls from 2014 to 2016, and since 2019. Coach's Challenges Per GameEach coach gets 2 challenges per game, but during the last 2 minutes of each half only the booth may challenge. Illegal forward pass beyond the line of scrimmage, Spiking or throwing the ball away after a down (unless after a touchdown), Any other intentional act that causes the clock to stop. Length of final word 'Brave' during national anthem. A lower court ruled that the NFL's contract with DirecTV may limit competition in violation of federal law. If he fails to challenge before then, the play stands as originally called. However, if both challenges are upheld, he receives a third challenge.

The league's 32 teams pool the rights to telecast their games, negotiating packages with the major networks as well as the DirecTV satellite service.