I admit I bought a fake Minnesota Vikings jersey, it's all they were worth until they find a real QB. I contacted ebay and they told me to send them the invoice. It's taken a long time to write this but I wanted to be honest and real. A Hackintosh Mac is a bit more work, but it's well worth the trouble and a very fun project. Credits will be issued in the form of a refund to the Credit Card used for the original purchase. What happened?

Your best bet may be to upcycle them into a giant art sculpture, or individual kids toys, dog toys, iTunes gift card cases, etc. It very clearly states on the box and website that your phone should be able to fall 6.6 ft with no damages. LifeProof agrees to use reasonable efforts and reasonable methods to resolve any disputes or discrepancies that arise regarding you and LifeProof. Fastlane Insiders: No Ads, Premium Content, Low Noise. This device fails and there are plenty of posts to prove it. Although a bit of work, turning your Pogoplug into a web server is completely worth the effort. I see others on eBay with 0 feedback selling the same thing and they say its fake in the description so I thought I was good . They didn’t ask for any supporting evidence that I registered the case.

If you're using a consumer grade point-and-shoot Canon digital camera, you've got hardware in…. I tested and watched videos now I have a damaged I pad Oh but they will replace my case!

About LifeProof. When I called life proof all i wanted them to do was pay the 200 dollar replacement cost on my phone and they were completely unreasonable about it. That way you can keep your laptop's existing hard drive around for mass storage and use your new SSD as the boot disk. After going through the registration process and seeing what the warranty actually covers, I'm leaning toward returning the case. I tried craigslist but i got 2 replys in one week (seemingly from foreigners who wanted to send me cashiers checks) and they all eventually dropped out. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You will be asked to provide your original order number, so please have this information readily available. That's we offer a 1 year warranty against defects in material or workmanship.

You can pick up one of these devices for about $50 nowadays, and it makes for a really excellent web server. Rights Reserved, You Are About to Contact PissedConsumer.com. I bought 50 "fake" lifeproof cases wholesale. Success is never final and failure never fatal. This is not the way to learn. I did (they were amazed... they likely sent this to the original factory brand holder for followup action) and they did not approve (obviosly becuase its fake --- we all know it's fake.)

When you place your order using a credit card, LifeProof authorizes your purchase by verifying that your card has the available funds.

I bought 50 "fake" rolex watches wholesale from a company that creates unauthorized imitations. By putting aside money for the inevitable problem, not only can you use that money to fix issues yourself (rather than dealing with customer support) but you're free to hack as you please while knowing you're covered in case of a problem. Jailbreaking….

nowhere on the packaging does it say limited warranty or read manual for warranty information.

I am not willing to give them my credit card and five dollars... Lifeproof iphone6 cover failed. Pre-orders will be shipped when the affected LifeProof Product become available. I lost the little screw thingy on the bottom of my case that covers up the headphone jack, I filed a warranty thingy just to see, and guess what? Anything you can get out of them at this point is a win. Will never buy again! Having just a 45 minute conversation with him has... @Kak Thanks for the reply. No orders are processed or shipped on Sundays. So I'm tempted to do this. Send a voice message to MindYourBusiness, $1.5M In Counterfeit Goods Found At Md. I'll never nuy another one of thier products.Verizon needs to quit pushing this product and remove it from their shelves. I the sales person there... Let other customers know so they don't have to waste time with this company. I am so m ad I trusted them! If you're rocking a brand new Wii (or you updated your old Wii to the new 4.3 Wii OS) and you want…. "In this country, you gotta make the money first.

They are willing to replace the case - I certainly do not trust or use their products again EVER. Don't build a business—build a life. Apparently the case is covered under a one year warranty without need of TWPP Registration. Since my case was a gift, I did not have the receipt.

SSDs get very expensive as their spacial allotments grow larger, so one solution is ditching your optical drive to install an SSD in its place. If you bought your tools at Home Depot and they’re still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, Home Depot’s expert technicians will repair them and file a claim at no cost to you. Same packaging and logo. This could result in peoples phones breaking. Bought the IPhone 6plus in May of this year along with the Lifeproof case for the phone. And life proof basically told me to go “f” myself!! What's the worst that could happen ? You may provide us the claim number so we can follow up on the claim status - this may take up to several weeks. Complete and utter ridiculousness!! The cases are placed on devices and submerged to make sure no leaks pop up. This is really up setting .

I pad a lot for a LifePROOF Case for my iPad only to find out that the warranty does not cover the iPad. Life proof case registration. As part of the dispute resolution process, you also acknowledge and agree that you as the Authorized User or the Cardholder will not initiate any chargeback or claim procedure with our Merchant Bank or your creditor without first obtaining a special claim confirmation number from us to verify that you contacted LifeProof and provided us with the opportunity to resolve the claim or dispute, even if we were ultimately unable to provide a resolution. The problem is, hacking your gadgetry often means voiding your warranty. The Fastlane Forum is an entrepreneur discussion forum based on the CENTS Entrepreneurial Framework as outlined in the best-selling books by MJ DeMarco The Millionaire Fastlane and UNSCRIPTED. When you receive the package containing your LifeProof Product, please inspect your parcel carefully. If you've purchased an iOS device, you've also signed up for its many limitations. I say "fake" because the factory told me these are the same as the original but you cant register them for a warranty...in fact, they come with no warranty (which is tough to explain to the customers who buy them thinking they are buying the real deal.) Now i am stuck with the 50 watches. I have a water damaged IPhone that will cost $175.00 for replacement. Well i see a lot of these on ebay so i bought them thinking i could sell them on ebay figuring as long as at least one other person was stealing from the real brand holder successfully, I could too. Lifeproof - Warranty Review from Newport News, Virginia, Lifeproof - Warranty Review from Whitewater, Wisconsin, Lifeproof - Review in Products category from Honolulu, Hawaii, If you wish that your prior post be removed, submit a notarized letter. CHDK, or Canon Hacker's Development Kit, is a firmware enhancement that can turn your Canon point-and-shoot into a super camera. If you know how to sell, what would you learn next? Review #687142 is a subjective opinion of poster. Lifeforce nor Apple (this case was recommended and sold by the Apple store) will stand behind the LifeProof advertising claim. WEALTH EXPO$ED, A Short Story By MJ DeMarco.

Same ripoff of the packaging and logo. That's why we guarantee them from material and workmanship defects for one year from the original date of purchase. Swat does a no knock raid with tear gas and m4s. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. It may not display this or other websites correctly. It's Evil Week so we're taking this one to 11. Dear LifeProof, I must tell you that you have absolutely the MOST professional customer service team I have ever experienced. What happens is you grow your business and after several years of hard work you now have $100K worth of products and then you are caught for copyright infringement by eBay. I would totally recommend Lifeproof if you have any problems with their case!

You can upgrade to a faster processor or add more RAM, but adding an SSD is really the most significant upgrade you can make.