Nancy is forced to work her debt off by making illegal deals. Till eventually finds Nancy's grow house at the end of the third season. While assigned by Esteban to guard Nancy, he is killed by Captain Till after Nancy orders him to take a shower. Doug Wilson (Kevin Nealon, leading character)—adopting the clandestine alias Ted Newman in season six and nicknamed "Rocket Man" by his college buddy Whit Tillerman—is Nancy's fun-loving but irresponsible friend who is a heavy weed user. She returned for a major role in the seventh season, revealed to be taking care of Nancy's new baby Stevie-Ray for three years while Nancy is imprisoned.

Nancy's maternal instinct kicks in and she refuses. Andy and Maxeen have a sexual fling; however, Andy breaks off the relationship after witnessing Charles suffer a hypoglycemic attack. She forms a team with Doug, Dean, Isabelle, Sanjay, and Ignacio. After the interview, Coleman tells Nancy that she and her family will always be on the run until someone accounts for Pilar's death. Shane has the largest issues regarding Judah's death. Silas teaches Shane a valuable lesson about not trusting people and making sure you are responsible for your actions. After being disconnected from his mother for three years, Stevie views Nancy as his aunt and Jill as his mother. At the end of season three, he learns that he impregnated Clinique during a round of sympathy sex arranged by U-turn. Silas becomes frustrated with Tara because she dates him for her physical needs but dates other Christian fundamentalists to meet her cultural needs. Tasha Davenport (previously: Tasha Dooley) is the mother of Leo Dooley and wife to brilliant inventor,Donald Davenport. Celia sends her to a reform school in Mexico after Quinn tricks Celia into watching a video recording of Dean having sex with Helen Chin. Various people, including counselors at his school, attribute his anti-social behavior to his father's death. His membership in the. This allows him to escape from prison as part of a plot to kill Pilar. Celia's divorce lawyer.

(Tyson Betz is played by Melvin Abston.) He has a deep love of international food. Kat (Zooey Deschanel, special guest character in seasons 2 & 3) – a.k.a. Discover Mateus Ward's Biography, Age, Height, Physical Stats, Dating/Affairs, Family and career updates. Bookmark this page and come back for updates. Their relationship is complicated by Pilar Zuazo, who pushes Esteban to disown his son. He appears at the party in the series finale. They are very romantic and too emotional.

However, Quinn kidnaps Celia and holds her for ransom during the season four cliffhanger. When he fraudulently borrows a large sum of money from an Agrestic financial account, he feels forced to flee Agrestic/Majestic and follow Nancy to Ren Mar to avoid criminal prosecution. As he leaves, Nancy enters cardiac arrest. Doug begins the series as an accountant and city councilman for Agrestic. While in prison, she made fermented yam wine in the toilet of her cell. The season ends with himself, Esteban and Nancy about to be taken into custody. Although his performance art attracts her and wins her love, he switches to study engineering so they can settle into a typical middle-class lifestyle. Jill (Jennifer Jason Leigh, guest character in seasons 5–6, regular character in seasons 7–8) is Nancy's older estranged sister. When that fails, he convinces Tillerman to partner with Nancy's drug dealing operation. Esteban arranges for the body to be destroyed by being dissolved in acid, Pilar Zuazo (Kate del Castillo, regular character in season 5, guest season 6) is a politically powerful woman who is allied with Esteban and requires him to do her bidding. Dana and Doug were high school sweethearts who were married for 25 years.

Alaskan bounty hunter who follows Kat to Agrestic. Tennis instructor who has sex with Dean Hodes early in season one. Ouellette (Michael Harney, recurring character seasons seven and eight) is a member of the NYPD and an adjunct professor at NY City College. At first, he tries to intimidate Nancy to leave the drug business, but he later aligns himself with her to sell Conrad's MILF weed. Cesar de la Cruz (Enrique Castillo, leading character in seasons 4–5, regular character in season 6) is Esteban's lieutenant within the crime cartel. Her first son, Silas, was conceived out of wedlock with Lars Guinard. She is an artist who hires Silas for an underwear modeling gig. After Conrad attacks a college security guard who “jacked” Nancy's weed, Heylia orders him to stay away from Nancy, believing that his feelings for Nancy “brought out the stupid in him” and threaten Heylia's interests. Although she is a Christian fundamentalist, she rationalizes her marijuana uses by concluding that it is God's natural creation. Dean Hodes (Andy Milder, regular character in season 3, guest character in seasons 1–2 and 4–7) is Isabelle and Quinn's father and Celia's husband, as well as Nancy's lawyer and Doug's poker buddy. In season 4, Sanjay and Clinique's baby has been born and Nancy recruits them both to work at a fake maternity store that is later shut down during a D.E.A. When Ouellette realizes that Nancy played him, he confronts Shane and tells Shane that he intends to bring Nancy down. Esteban Reyes (Demián Bichir, leading character in seasons 4–5, guest character in season 6) is the Mayor of Tijuana in Baja California, Mexico. Andy convinces Audra to date him after the birth, but Audra dismisses him as an under-achieving 30-something. Sucio (Ramón Franco, recurring season 4, guest season 5) is one of Esteban's hired goons that digs out the US/Mexico tunnel. He starts the second season by “accidentally” burning down the bakery.

Nancy and he have an affair that Zoya discovers after she is released from prison. The idea of legal marijuana later sparks up in the south and the decision is made legal, leading the corporation and Silas's family to become overly rich.