Ricketts Schoolhouse No. Samuel Bush House – Also known as the Herbert M. Turner Residence and Spook Hollow, this house is located at 1934 Cold Spring Drive, just north of Old Columbus Road.

Shorty afterwards, travelers on Route 22 began seeing the ghostly figure of the man pacing the highway. The search party did report finding a dead yearling calf in a back room and the smell of sulfur was strong. ... TRI-C GHOST HUNTERS IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH TRI-C (CUYAHOGA COMMUNITY COLLEGE) COLLEGE . It was not uncommon for those carrying large sums of money to come up missing after a visit to the inn.

She has often been seen carrying her head under her arm while walking through the woods at night. A marker remained at his grave site until it was destroyed by vandals sometime in the 1960s. It is unknown who she is, but there are two legends in regards to her death.

Many people who have worked in the building have encountered the sound of people talking late at night, when no one was supposed to be in the building. Will you be brave enough to investigate the Morgue? Echo Spirits Distilling is reviving a pre-prohibition favorite. Welcome to Fairfield County Infirmary – where some of the residents of this former poorhouse may still linger, waiting to make contact with you! A man who wears a brown suit has been seen, as well as the nanny of the little girl who appeared as a skull and bony hands. Madison Avenue Home – A home near the corner of Madison and Sixth Avenue is reportedly haunted. The women’s restroom on the second floor is also avoided due to the same feeling. Crawfis Institute – Built in 1899, this former school and teacher’s college is often misidentified as an old mental institution or hospital. Ramar Acres – Residents of this suburban neighborhood have reported hearing mysterious footsteps on the streets when no one else is around.

Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Ticket cost is $109. One is a little girl who plays with children living in the home. Workers have reported the scent of lavender and the sound of classical music playing (one of the home’s former occupants was a famous concert violinist). Rushcreek Headless Woman – A headless woman is said to haunt the area near Rushcreek and Berne Union High School. The ghosts of the family are supposed to haunt the place. The boy has approached several witnesses only to disappear. People have reported seeing a ghostly little girl in the cemetery. There were many residents who spent most of their lives at the infirmary and who died there as well. What can we do to bolster the culture and the practice of working together to meet the formidable challenges of our day despite our differences? Related: Contribution. Children on recess at the current school reported seeing small children dart past the condemned school’s windows and sometimes heard strange noises coming from within. In fact, it is said that county officials would occasionally visit and enjoy a meal with residents of the infirmary. Go to cbusfdn.org/community to see the full list. Beyond the Veil goes Live at Fairfield County Infirmary. Her father, a blacksmith, hired a young man named Johnny Kelly to assist him in the smithy. This hospital once housed thousands of mentally ill patients, many of whom died due to poor conditions. As organizations built on enduring missions to serve you, we are committed to working with you towards a better tomorrow, for all. Do you dare? It was never known of the boy somehow shot himself despite the fact the weapon was unloaded or if some more sinister act was committed. Date/Time Also known as the Fairfield County Infirmary, and later the Clarence E. Miller Building, this large brick structure served the residents of Fairfield County in some capacity for over 170 years. Witnesses have reported disembodied voices and dark shadows there. It is said the slaves dug their way out one night, went into his house and murdered his entire family. Come and investigate the unusual going ons, come find out for yourself, are the residents … Founded in 2001, our forward-thinking, editorial news platform grants readers 24/7 online access to current events and happenings in their ever-changing city. Witnesses have claimed to see the apparition of a young boy in and around the school. UPDATE 2016: Sadly, Mudhouse Mansion has been demolished. This one of a kind paranormal investigation is perfect for the beginner and experienced investigators. New posting      EVP Recording      Video      360º Panoramic Photo      Visitor Contribution/Story.