2019 sees the rebirth of the classic Hawk push-button automatic knife. So I had my Microtech utx-70 apart because I felt like it, and I lost the dang spring in the process!

The discreet profile is perfect for concealed carry and can be carried in any sized pocket or bag, as well as easily attached to keychains or hidden in purses. Microtech Socom Elite S/E Folder Knife (4in Stonewashed Plain M390) 160-10 NEW. If you want to get your hands on one of the best knives in the business, contact us today at (423) 525-9477 to find out more about our range of Microtech knife models. Microtech Hawk.

With a blade length of 2.9-inches and an overall length just under 6-inches, the Microtech UTX-70 finds the perfect balance between a hard-wearing functional cutting blade and a discreet self-defense knife. Marfione Custom HALO 5 OTF Auto Stainless Steel Two-Tone Stonewash Compound Ground / Carbon Fiber Inlays 003. We WILL continue to be one of the World’s finest in pioneering creative and inventive designs.

“The difference between involvement and commitment is like ham and eggs. Last year we saw the Dirac™,

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and features a 3.42-inch blade. An ergonomic, contoured handle and a variety of blade shapes and sizes make the Troodon an excellent tactical OTF automatic. Microtech® is known for it's bold Out-The-Front knives starting with the legendary H.A.L.O.® in 1995 and the Ultratech® in 1999. After the individual components have been machined, every knife is carefully assembled by hand to produce high-performance knives that demonstrate an attention to detail that is unrivaled in the industry. The Microtech SOCOM series was another of Marifone’s earliest designs and has been reproduced in several variations over the years. Microtech HALO 5 OTF Auto S/E Orange Handle Black DLC blade.

Push Button Switchblade Knife KITS .

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The handle is constructed from 6061 T6 anodized aluminum with milled grooves to give the knife an aggressive design that complements the rugged, hard-wearing Carpenter CTS-204P steel blade. It's not that bad but I like the extra force needed to open my OTF's. Anyway, the first one had a really heavy spring that required two hands to open.

the Microtech HALO 6 is the largest of Microtech’s production knives.

We deliver personalized service with exceptional attention to detail. The 5-inch blade is made from M390 steel and is deployed via a powerful single-action mechanism. Microtech has definitely stepped up their game as far as repairs are concerned . The massive blade and hefty size make this an impressive-looking knife. The automatic folder features a 4-inch CTP-204P steel Tanto chisel grind blade that has been polished to a gleaming mirror finish.

by OleRod » Mon May 28, 2012 6:58 pm, Post The KnifeCenter offers the best Microtech knives for sale. by OleRod » Sun May 27, 2012 3:56 pm, Post Founder, Anthony Marfione’s objective is to ensure that everyday, each customer would receive the highest quality knife that money could buy. Microtech's first OTF Auto with a side cover firing slider, the Dirac is a stylish knife with great opening and closing action. Call us today at 828-684-4355.

MICROTECH Halo V Tanto Knife (4.6" Satin) 150-5 single action auto Tactical knife Survival gear knives with kydex sheath.