Before he filed, we agreed to go to counseling then the following weekend he told his family all kinds of trash about me and said he’s divorcing me. They see how depressed, angry and fragmented you are whilst the narcissist appears cool, calm and concerned. The Narcissist will spread vicious lies and rumors, all the while playing the “woe is me” card and playing the victim. It always ends in me crying myself to sleep and feeling like the worst wife ever. It was unreal and, frankly, some of the stories were so mind-boggling that I felt that if they were included in a novel, an editor would demand they’d be taken out because they were unrealistic—except, of course, that they happened. To the narcissist, the purpose of a smear campaign is to bring you down while simultaneously lifting their ego. Of all the things I learned during the writing of my book, Daughter Detox, nothing was as surprising as the lengths some mothers who consider themselves spurned by their adult daughters will go to in order to eke out revenge, get the upper hand, maintain power or control, or hold on to their social standing by maligning their children. I read this article last night because my boyfriend posted it on Facebook. He lied about everything to anyone who would listen, especially his attorney and the judge. Just as the narcissist is silently using his or her smear campaign against you, you can also reply back by using the same trick. I was always worried he would try to attack me, too!”. Much more like 100/10 rather than just a 10 on the scale. Sure I have anexity. I need people opinion.

Night. They are the keepers, the joy-bringers in your life. It requires quite a bit who enjoys writing, and if I can overcome my fears and do it anyway, so can you. And you still love your (narcissist) partner.

When he does come home, we may see him for a total 1 or 2 days out of a 10 day visit. I love what a dear friend of mine, who works in Domestic Violence told me recently, that police are starting to be educated regarding sociopaths when they are on domestic callouts. They did. Germain, M.-L. (2017). willing to believe every story they hear. And, here is the BIG thing, if it hadn’t been for the narcissist bringing me to my knees regarding my terrors of what people thought about me thus bringing up my persecution programs, I would never have healed this which already existed within me. Work, they will make snide comments about your co-workers, your boss to you, to create a hostile environment at work for you, as you begin to doubt those people you work with. yet, i cheated. In other words, don’t engage. Use invisible armour. Once you remove all emotion out of any correspondance, it does become easier to swallow. I hope that someday they'll come to understand that it was all a lie. You can use your silence as a weapon against your narcissist partner. Those of you who have also experienced this, know how devastating it is to have ‘eyes for one person’ and nothing you can do will ever make them feel secure. (Sorry, but I need to lighten this up a bit. My sisters still behave like they are programmed from her grave. Their family and friends cutting us off, our friends and family cutting us off as narcissist will go all out to isolate us from any form of support. With your neighbours, we all know what a narcissist can be like inside the home. It could save their life emotionally and literally. A favourite smear tactic game of a narcissist is further Emotional and financial abuse through the court system. Kay, I am sorry but an adult child can make decisions regarding social and cultural pressure, as well as faith. They might say you have a gambling issue, going to the bookies. There were times he get so angry and yell at me in the most visceral, condemning ways. ( my brother in law told the family I came on to him.....another narcissist)! I married my high school sweetheart who I dated 3 years. Does this inner dialogue sound familiar? I’m not a victim. She makes up stories about childhood experiences that neither myself, my husband nor my son recall - and we are usually in the story. Elizabeth, Thank you for writing this article. You may feel an immense urge to share your side of the story. The narcissist may do everything they can to try to convince you otherwise. I could not say anything he agreed with me about. Therapy provides a safe and nonjudgmental space for you to discuss your relationship and learn appropriate coping skills for recovering from your pain. Period. Went through 6 months of hell to get myself back so the sooner you realise the better but sometimes it’s very hard to see what’s happening in front of you. As it the first and foremost quality of a narcissist. In ‘reaction’ to that, my Beingness was emotionally vibrating very loudly with trauma, injustice and victimhood. Likewise, if you’re no longer together, you may not be aware of the smearing. The justice I wanted came, not because of anything I did, but because of my Beingness! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I want to raise as much awareness as possible about the Narcissist Personality Disorder, to give people more understanding of what they've been through, more awareness so hopefully, people know the signs so don’t get involved in the first place, ways to get out safely, help with all the counter-parenting the narcissist throws in, help with whoever the narcissist is in your life, and most importantly recovery from narcissistic abuse, so you can move past it and have an incredible life, that you deserve. This is my mother. Or if the narcissist is lying about things you or someone else has said, if possible ask the narcissist about this, in a safe environment with all parties involved in the triangulation present, but let people make their own minds up. Next!

we are drug back into their grasp, with nothing to say about it. They made it up intentionally just so they could kill time talking about how pathetic you were. Anything you were lucky enough to buy the narcissist will claim they did. Finally, another soldier helped get a call through to him and he flew to get me. The problems in my narcissistic marriage were numerous, with the most obvious being his intense jealousy and possessiveness. My husband feels that we should tell her to find a place of her own - tough love - but I know that she cannot afford it right now. Whatever you call his condition it is damaging and dangerous to you and will continuously traumatize your child. I asked one sister why she was doing this to me, and she said it was because mother was mad at me. New York: Harper Perennial, 2016. That’s how much it loves and responds to us, unconditionally without any judgement at all. And the more you try to expose the truth, the more people don’t believe you. I very kindly and patiently “talked him down” from situations. i know I did not cheat so instantly onew where this was going. Clothing! Let’s get into what you need to know and how to deal with the Narcissist’s smear campaign. Luckily, someone drove her home (in her car) otherwise she would have driven home drunk. I lost every friend I'd made in the town I'd lived in for 25 years except for 2 that saw through him from the beginning. I have a photographic Memory (not like on TV) my memory contains photos only no numbers no lists there is video with sound smell and taste and I recall every thing clear back to circumcision and pree birth.

Yes, re-read that sentence and let it sink in. Therefore, smearing tends to be far more insidious.