Sasori creates a large make shifting poisonous iron spikes and paralyzes Sakura, who suddenly gets up and punches the Kazekage puppet and smashes it into pieces. As they remember more of their time as children with Yota, Naruto also encounters a Yota who conjures gusts of wind with each whistle he makes. [6][7] Viz also collected the season in three DVD boxes between January 26 and August 3, 2010, also sharing the third volume with the second season. Sakura, realizing that Chiyo has been poisoned tells her to go back to the Hidden Sand for treatment but Chiyo refuses, instead replying that she has yet to complete the most important task. Chiyo and Ebizo try to use all their knowledge and techniques but cannot understand how to heal Kankuro. Gaara, devenu depuis peu Kazekage de son village est menacé par l'Akatsuki. Before he dies, Sasori praises Sakura and tells her, as a reward, that he has a spy (. The group meets Sakura, Ino, and Choji on the island, and Sakura explains that Tsunade sent them there to gather medicinal herbs in preparation for the impending war. When Shū is able to re-enter his body, he asks who Shikamaru is and Shikamaru explains the mission to him. even Tsunade to ask about getting involved in the war, but to no success. Can she use what Tsunade taught her in order to save Kankuro's life? Will this old woman help or hinder the mission? Torune uses his Poison Cloud Justu to attack them from a distance, but it is blocked by Shino's insects. island where he and Bee once trained. Sakura goes in for the attack realizing that she has only three minutes of immunity against his poison. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. The third ending theme, "Yume o Idaite ~Hajimari no Crissroads~" (夢を抱いて~はじまりのクリスロード~, "Embrace Your Dreams ~Crissroads of the Beginning~"), by Rake, is used for episode 320. The morning after the fight, Lee didn't remember a thing, so Guy determined to give Lee some "special training" based on the bar's menu in order to keep it that way. The fights against Itachi and Kisame finally come to an end, but are these the real Itachi and Kisame? About to attack Naruto, Yota acts out and strikes the ANBU with his lightning. Later, as the Akatsuki members pull out, Yamato watches from a distance noting that overall the mission went well. Sasori uses strong chakra threads to trap Sakura in the toxic gas but she uses an explosive tag to escape. As Akatsuki members Deidara and Sasori bicker while nearing their destination, the real Shū gets the opportunity to relax and enjoy things he was previously not able to.