We all hope and pray for a biological mother (in addition to Rachel) who will protect and nurture us. As the Tanakh says "You (Hashem) have been my confidence since my youth" and "the joy of Hashem is my strenght so since the world did not give it they can NEVER take it away. Dear Rabbi Jacobson,I enjoyed your article "A Mother's Tears" and would like to know if you can give me a practical example or two, in the life of - the story of - Rachel, where "dignity" is realized. When there is a lack of nurturing, dignity is not annihilated; it goes undercover. I need a down-to-earth way to talk to the youngsters about this trait.Thank you! Chapter 1 verse 2, Book of Niggalations . Everyone deserves as much.

Children are a gift; and all such gifts are cherished in the heart of the mother forever eternal.

And ultimately Rachel’s tears prevail: “Your work will be rewarded, and they will return from the land of the enemy. as a mother it has reassured me about how i am raising my child, as a daughter it has addressed the pain i have carried all my life because I too never had a nurturing mother. This compassion (of Jacob) empowers Rachel to stand strong with her exiled children. I am grateful for them every day. Thank u for this article! I never saw my mother get old.

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I wonder if Rachel weeps for her children that are sacrificed to abortion for the sake of convenience? Your compassion—on yourself and on others—helps our mother Rachel within each of us to do her work. She goes out into the streets of Jerusalem at night to search for her lover—bold and unusual behavior for an unmarried woman (3:1–4; 5:6–7). I love my children!

23. And he said, Behold, in the tent. Reply, Dear Tired and Forlorn, B. How wonderful to be able to know, love and prayer are ageless. Then Rachel will come out upon her grave and weep and plead for mercy for them, as it is written (Jeremiah 31:14–16): ‘A voice is heard in Ramah, lamentation and bitter weeping: Rachel is weeping for her children and refuses to be comforted for her children, because they are away. Many Blessings! For she had given a friendly welcome to the spies. And i say unto you, she is for the streets. Reply, Too many speculations on the issue.Just be happy Until then, you can write me. Is it too much to ask for? Reply, Thank you And i say unto you, she is for the streets. Adam and eve Naked In Origin Relationship Troubles. I find now that I have adopted children to raise (6 in fact) that my mother who never cared to be much of a parent suddenly has become mother of the year. Click on the topic picture in a joke or video for more on that topic. Because he foresaw that Rachel would not be buried at his side (Rashi); so that she could cry and plead for her suffering children (Shaloh). Genesis 18:9 And they said unto him, Where is Sarah thy wife? How sad it is to see a gentle soul descend from its loftiest heights to the nethermost depths of selfish existence. They are the tears of a loving mother, tears that water the seeds of our parched souls, allowing them to bear fruit: “Their souls will be like a watered garden, and they will sorrow no more” (Jeremiah 31:11). I get angry and I get jealous because of the love she shows them yet not me, but then I have to stop myself and ask who am I to begrudge these children any ounce of love and care the universe can give them. Reply. Your children will return to their own borders.”, How I have missed this beautiful explanation of Rachel, over the past few years I do not know? thank you so much for this interesting and heartfelt teaching, it has shown me the sin in my behavior and G-D has lifted my soul to his sweet healing again. Nudity Garden Of Eden, The Innocence, Examples Of.

Aramaic Bible in Plain English But she wanders outside from time to time in the streets, and she lies in wait on the corners. The antithesis to dignity is a sense of worthlessness, shame, insecurity, low self-esteem, sometimes to the point of self-loathing.

And what is Jacob’s role in this process? Close. The busier we are with outer stimulation and the acquisition of wealth, the more we neglect our children. More accurately, she doesn’t instill it; a healthy mother cultivates and nourishes the dignity that is the birthright of every soul. The answer can be found in the book of Tanya (chapter 45), where he presents a powerful meditation on achieving spiritual awareness based on the psycho-spiritual application of Rachel and Jacob: Rachel is the supernal attribute of malchut—the power of dignity—the source of all souls. And I understand why I am continually nudged towards the care of my children above all things. If you enjoyed this article, we encourage you to distribute it further, provided that you comply with Chabad.org's. I am a mother of 3 amazing boys, and wanted as well to put the red string on their wrists, for protection, but they refused, so I just took their left arm and prayed. Reply, On the road It talks to me directly for, I wear on my left wrist a red string blessed at her tomb, in Israel....when I read the article I felt very familiar and could relate well to everything, learning and understanding even more! Call me a coward, call me immature. A lot o us never had that growing up. This, continues Tanya, is the meaning of the verse, “And Jacob kissed Rachel and lifted up his voice and wept”: “Jacob—with his supernal attribute of Divine mercy (of Atzilut)—arouses great compassion for Rachel, the source of all souls. This is exactly what I needed to hear. I've wondered about it, as I age. Every soul on earth, Tanya explains, begins its journey in the spiritual realms, and from there it is thrust into “exile” in a physical body and universe that conceals the soul’s presence and all things spiritual. Simnply return this time the right way. by the way, i am the one who needs to think about rachel as my mother, who wants to help me develop my dignity and self-esteem (because unfortunately my earthly mother did not, and i am so easily on self-pity and depression). I cried so many times to the Lord because I was told I could not have children...and then I was Blessed! This website is so helpfull for me and I thank Hashem for it and you guys. Pro Pr) Christian Bible Study Resources, Dictionary, Concordance and Search Tools. Reply, age There is selflessness, self sacrifice, prayer, but how can I emphasize "dignity" specifically?

I cherished each moment and as they grew older;I did whatever I could to ensure they could live adequately on this planet no matter the adversity they encountered. Reply, a name that is precious In this article Ican now understand my mother as she cares for my drug addict brother who is 63 (my mother is 87). © Copyright, all rights reserved. How much more so is the spiritual exile when we become enmeshed in our narcissistic behavior and unrefined thoughts, speech or deeds, which further displace the divine soul, and by extension the soul’s Divine source, causing what is called the esoteric doctrine of the “Exile of the Shechinah.”. As i struggle to first find a way to get some surguries as I am uninsured this article helps me remember the dignity I once felt and connects to what was said about teshuvah.