La récente Saison 11 s'accompagne d'ailleurs elle aussi de nouveautés incontournables ! New Super Mario Bros U Secret Exits Location. Prenez-le puis dirigez-vous vers un autre mini-tuyau qui lui se situe juste à côté de la porte finale menant au boss.

Cette sortie vous débloque un passage vers le niveau "Tour tournevis" en passant par le niveau "Wagon frisson".

Don't forget to grab the third Star Coin while you're here! Instead of taking the pipe at the top to leave the underwater ruins, wait for a statue to move over to the left. Please make sure to check out the related articles to Super Mario Bros U Deluxe to read more of our guides.

Activez-le pour transformer les pièces en blocs pendant un court laps de temps. Votre mission sera de glisser en position accroupie au bas de cette plate-forme pour découvrir un passage caché avec un tuyau. Now's your chance to step inside the Mushroom Kingdom and explore new worlds, new power-ups and new ways to play. Monde 4-Château : Château Thwomp de Wendy, Monde 6-Château : Château Chenille de Roy, Monde 7-Château : Château Rouage de Ludwig. Tous droits réservés. New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Secret Exit 8 – Peach’s Castle You can find this secret exit in “Magma Moat” level, which is the first level in this world. It may be harder, but right before the end of the level you will spot another mini pipe on the top right. Use fireballs to break the bricks and then hope up to find a hidden wall that has a warp pipe.

After you pass the Red Ring, collect all the coins. Head to the last one and do a ground pound on it to make it solid.

Before leaving the ship, look for an opening in the ceiling, a boo will probably be up there, lure him away before doing a wall jump up to the ceiling, where you'll find a door to the secret exit. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. As you go right, there is a platform that moves up and down. Prenez cette fois-ci la porte se situant en haut au milieu grâce à un ressort caché au milieu de cette pièce, puis poursuivez votre chemin jusqu'à vous retrouver une troisième fois dans cette pièce. Special Xbox Series X Unlocked Livestream + AMA, Bridge over Poisoned Waters > Seesaw Bridge, Which-Way Labyrinth > Flight of the Para-Beetles, Daily Deals: Preorder Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC and Save 17% Off, The Best Anime Fanfiction Where the Hero Is a Villain, The Most Messed Up Moments in the Comic Book Version of ‘The Boys’, Acorn Plains-5 Rise of the Piranha Plants, Acorn Plains-Castle Lemmy's Swingback Castle, Layer-Cake Desert-4 Spike's Spouting Sands, Layer-Cake Desert-Castle Morton's Compactor Castle, Layer-Cake Desert-A Piranha Plants on Ice, Sparkling Waters-Tower Giant Skewer Tower, Sparkling Waters-Ghost House Haunted Shipwreck, Sparkling Waters-3 Above the Cheep Cheep Seas, Sparkling Waters-5 Dragoneel's Undersea Grotto, Sparkling Waters-Castle Larry's Torpedo Castle, Frosted Glacier-Tower Freezing Rain Tower, Frosted Glacier-4 Scaling the Mountainside, Frosted Glacier-Ghost House Swinging Ghost House, Frosted Glacier-Castle Wendy's Shifting Castle, Soda Jungle-Airship The Mighty Cannonship, Soda Jungle-Ghost House Which-Way Labyrinth, Soda Jungle-Castle Iggy's Volcanic Castle, Rock Candy Mines-Tower Grinding-Stone Tower, Rock Candy Mines-4 Light Blocks, Dark Tower.

It is found just after the area leading to the 2nd coin and right before a mini pipe. Celle-ci vous fera monter quand vous vous positionnerez dessus. Avoid all the grinding stones and enter the pipe. As with other Ghost Houses, finding the last Star Coin will lead you right to the Secret Exit.

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Pour effectuer cette manœuvre, il vous faut un mini-champi.

Après avoir basculé, cette cabroche vous délivrera un petit passage à droite où vous pourrez trouver au fond un tuyau vert vous emmenant directement au drapeau secret. Monde 4-2 : Pinglisse, roi de la glisse ! Jump on to the pipe and move left to find a hidden area with a block holding a mini mushroom. The Path to the Secret Exit will also lead you to the third Star Coin. Every area in the game boasts at least one Secret Exit, which can lead you to Hidden Levels, shortcuts, and even to different worlds. When it gets to the top - do not take the door, instead wait for it to reach the ceiling and stay to the left to find a secret area with another door.

La partie gauche de ce plafond est en réalité un passage caché qu'il vous faudra bien entendu traverser à l'aide d'un saut mural pour accéder ensuite à une porte qui vous emmènera directement au drapeau secret. Drop down in the next area (but be sure to grab a Star Coin on the right after two sets of floors) and leave through the door at the bottom. Now's your chance to step inside the Mushroom Kingdom and explore new worlds, new power-ups and new ways to play. A portion of the sale from items purchased through the Amazon and other 3rd party retailer links on this page directly support TwistedVoxel.

We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. This page collects the Secret Exit locations along with a walkthrough and video for how to find each one.

Call of Duty Mobile : retour sur un an de contenus riches et variés ! In the room with the long platform the moves upward when you jump - all the way to the door at the top tothe regular exit, there is a secret. Land on the slanted pipe and walk under the platform to find a hidden area that will lead you to a pipe. Rock Candy Mines-6 Thrilling Spine Coaster, Rock Candy Mines-Castle Roy's Conveyor Castle, Meringue Clouds-Ghost House Spinning Spirit House, Meringue Clouds-4 Bouncy Cloud Boomerangs, Meringue Clouds-6 Snaking above Mist Valley, Meringue Clouds-Castle Ludwig's Clockwork Tower, Meringue Clouds-Airship Boarding the Airship, Peach's Castle-Castle Red Hot Elevator Ride, Superstar Road-1 Spine Tingling Spine Coaster, Superstar Road-5 Spinning Platforms of Doom, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You.